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VeChain Big Updates, Attracts Over 3 Million New Holders in April: Price Gains to Follow?


VeChain (VET), the blockchain platform known for its focus on real-world applications and sustainability, has been making significant strides in April, dominating the RWA (real-world assets) and sustainability narratives. Despite the impressive developments and milestones achieved by the project, VET’s price has not fully reflected the momentum, with only a modest 6% gain in April.


VeChain (VET) saw significant developments and adoption in April, focusing on real-world assets (RWA) and sustainability narratives.
The project attracted over 3 million new holders, a milestone in its global adoption initiative.
UFC adopted VET’s technology, integrating blockchain chips into fighter gloves for authentication and tracking.
VeBetterDAO’s X-2-Earn model enhanced developer activity and encouraged sustainability through rewarding earth-saving activities.
Despite the impressive developments, VET’s price has only gained a modest 6% in April, currently trading around $0.04.

One of the most notable achievements for VeChain this month has been the attraction of over 3 million new holders, a crucial milestone in the project’s global adoption initiative. This surge in user base demonstrates the growing interest and confidence in VeChain’s technology and its potential for real-world impact.

VeChain’s ecosystem has also seen significant enhancements, with the VET SDK undergoing improvements to bolster token utility. Additionally, the no-code platform Vorj has undergone crucial upgrades, further facilitating the development and deployment of decentralized applications (dApps) on the VeChain network.

The project’s commitment to driving adoption and fostering a vibrant community was evident through the vivacious community meetings held in France and Italy.

These events served to revitalize VeChain’s web3 developments and engage with the growing community of supporters and developers.

A major breakthrough for VeChain came in the form of a partnership with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

The integration of VeChain’s technology into UFC fighter gloves, through the use of NFC and blockchain chips, enables tamper-proof digital authentication and tracking. This innovative use case showcases the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize various industries, including sports.

Today marks a great step forward in our relationship with the @UFC!#VeChain powered NFC and blockchain technology will be integrated into fighter gloves, providing an immutable record usage, and ensures fans receive genuine products, authenticated by blockchain. pic.twitter.com/XFqdlmWqTU

— vechain (@vechainofficial) April 12, 2024

VeChain’s focus on sustainability was further highlighted through the activities of VeBetterDAO. The organization’s X-2-Earn game model incentivizes dApps and communities to engage in earth-saving activities, promoting environmentally-friendly practices while supporting developers through a new grant program.

In the realm of real-world applications, VeChain continues to make significant strides in the global food industry. The project’s food traceability initiatives have been instrumental in enhancing safety standards and transparency within the global food market, leveraging blockchain technology to track and monitor food products from farm to store.

Another notable development for VeChain has been the launch of its new asset tokenization network, MaaS. The platform has already gained traction, with MotoGP Gresini Racing adopting the technology, showcasing the potential for tokenizing real-world assets and bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

Despite these remarkable milestones and the project’s strong positioning in the RWA and sustainability narratives, VeChain’s price has not fully reflected the momentum.

VET gained a modest 2.10% within the past month, trading at $0.0418 at the time of writing. This disparity between the project’s technical progress and its price performance has not gone unnoticed by the crypto community.

Prominent crypto analyst CryptoBusy took to social media to highlight VeChain’s substantial progress in April, emphasizing the project’s focus on real-world utility and sustainability initiatives. The analyst cited VeChain’s record-breaking wallet holder count, trending metrics on analytics platforms, and the explosion of interest in the RWA narrative as indicators of the project’s rising popularity and mainstream visibility.

#VeChain gains SOLID momentum this April with massive developments! ????

???? @ufc has integrated @vechain powered NFC and blockchain chips into fighter gloves.

???? #VeBetterDAO continues to reward dApps and communities through earth-saving activities using their X-2-Earn model, a… pic.twitter.com/IVdyREB88Z

— CryptoBusy (@CryptoBusy) April 22, 2024

However, CryptoBusy also acknowledged the divergence between VeChain’s development progress and VET’s relatively muted price performance.

The analyst noted that while these updates are making VET stronger, the price has yet to fully reflect the project’s potential and value.

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