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May 2024: Bitgert Coin’s Influence on the Crypto Market


With the current market looking gleam, investors are hoping in anticipation, the next big thing in the crypto space. Top assets are on a bullish run. However with this run comes fluctuation, which can be pretty dicey for new investors to navigate. Even with the fluctuations, one crypto project seeks to proceed innovative solutions and as caught the eye of experts – Bitgert BRISE

This crypto project Bitgert has been able to leave investors gobsmacked with massive returns. Initially there was no anticipation for this project when it first launched as investors didn’t see any positive impact forthcoming. However now in 2024, Bitgert’s growth has been impressive wowing users with functionalities and solutions.

Let’s see the impact Bitgert has had so far.

Building Capabilities through Partnerships 

The Bitgert project was launched in 2021 as “Bitrise” then its name was later changed in December 2021 to “Bitgert”. With the rebranding came this project rising to the top, besting solid crypto assets like Ethereum, Solana and Cardano. It was able to do this with its solid and innovative features. Here’s how it works: a Proof of Authority Model is used (POA) and this allows this project to take over 100,000 transactions per second at zero fees. Providing user friendly functionalities, everyone is able to use the Bitgert exchange.

Bitgert has proven itself in the crypto space with a track record of partnerships. Partnering with various organizations, projects, coins and products, has grown its  credibility and reach. These partnerships have been able to increase its Liquidity and open more doors for Bitgert use cases.

Bitgert has also been able to expand its reach to 600,000 community members and growing followers on social media. This has been able to prove that Bitgert isn’t just another coin in passing but a project that is solving the issues of scalability, slow transactions and ease of computation.

BRISE Coin Long Term Growth Potential 

The Bitgert coin, BRISE, is a token of the exchange. This BRC-20 token came into the market to take it all. Launching a coin especially in a competitive market can prove to be difficult. But the BRISE coin proves naysayers wrong. Just after its launch it brought in over 40,000 returns to early investors. It rose to the top, beating coins such as Polkadot and more. 

What makes the BRISE coin really unique is the tokenomics it employs. This allows sustainability and scarcity. With this model in place, it becomes a win-win for investors looking for long term growth. With these factors in place, the Bitgert coin has become more formidable in the current crypto market.


To learn more, Visit Bitgert.

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