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Top 100x Potential Cryptocurrencies to Watch in 2024


Crypto investors are often looking for the next big win. However, choosing the most promising coins can be a challenge. Techopedia has taken on this task and identified the best crypto projects for a 100x increase in value. Learn how to find the best 100x cryptos.

What are 100x Cryptos?

100x cryptos are when a coin has the potential to increase in value up to 100 times. This means that an investment in such a cryptocurrency could theoretically lead to the original investment being multiplied by a hundredfold. The time frame of such an increase in value can vary, from short weeks to months or even years.

It is important to remember, however, that this enormous profit potential also comes with certain risks. The volatility typical of the crypto market means that prices can change quickly. There is no guarantee that a particular cryptocurrency will be successful.

Therefore, before investing in a new cryptocurrency with a 100x potential, it is crucial that you conduct extensive research, understand the project thoroughly, and apply smart risk management strategies. Always invest wisely and keep your individual financial goals in mind.

How forecasts are calculated

Calculating crypto predictions is a complex matter that takes a variety of factors into account. Experts analyze market trends, technology developments, regulatory landscapes, and the mood of the crypto community. In addition, there is a technical analysis based on historical price movements and patterns.

These factors are incorporated into models that evaluate the future potential of cryptocurrencies to provide investors with a sound basis for their investment decisions.

100x Crypto Coins: Techopedia Tips in Analysis

Discover the best crypto insider tips with the potential for 100x profits with us:

1. PlayDoge

A new P2E coin with an iconic game is entering the scene: PlayDoge ($PLAY) has the potential to be listed as a new coin on Coinbase. What makes PlayDoge particularly exciting is the unique combination of meme culture, play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics, and a highly engaged community. But that’s not all – PlayDoge also has the potential to become a 100x crypto.

The innovative P2E game has a gripping storyline: From one day to the next, all beloved Doges disappear without a trace. One day, an old slot machine called “PlayDoge” is discovered in an abandoned arcade. Players can use the PlayDoge app to guide their digital Doge companions through the pixelated world of the 90s to save them and earn $PLAY tokens in the process.

When you buy PlayDoge Tokens, you get access to a game that combines the classic Tamagotchi principle with modern P2E mechanics. Players have to feed, entertain, provide medical care, and put their virtual pets to sleep. In addition, the game offers classic 8-bit side-scrolling adventures.

This combination of retro elements and modern technology appeals to a broad target group and increases the potential for viral growth. The current PlayDoge forecast also looks good. Those who join the project early can purchase $PLAY tokens at a reasonable price and benefit from the attractive staking APYs of over 9,000%.


Purchase method
BNB, USDT, Credit Card

Token price
1 PLAY = 0.00451 $

Total tokens

Buy Playdoge Presale tokens here

2. Sealana

Sealana ($SEAL) is currently one of the most promising meme coins with the potential to achieve a 100-fold increase in value. With a humorous story revolving around a fat sea lion, coupled with solid tokenomics on a token on the Solana blockchain, Sealana has already generated over $120,000 in presale, reflecting the trust of the crypto community.

The presale will be done in “send-to-wallet” style, where SOL can be sent to the wallet address DJ15ZYXqUNMYJ3hL7z4ciSaSFAw5cbos3YjGpdvwmF6c.

The Solana blockchain has proven to be powerful, and projects like Popcat and Solama have seen huge gains. Sealana could join this line of success. Alternatively, $SEAL tokens can be purchased via the presale website.


Purchase method

Token price
1 Sol = 6,900 $SEAL

Max. Invest
Not specified

Buy Sealana Presale tokens here

3. WienerDog AI

WienerDog AI ($WAI) is more than just a new meme coin – it is an up-and-coming dog coin that launched in April and has the potential to become a 1,00x crypto candidate.

As a genuine Web 3.0 coin, WienerAI stands out from other meme coins through its staking rewards, which are offered during the presale and provide additional incentives for investors. The $WAI community affectionately referred to as the “Sausage Army”, is continuously growing and gaining importance both in the Philippines and worldwide.

$WAI’s tokenomics have been carefully crafted, with a large portion dedicated to presale and also significant portions reserved for community rewards, staking, DEX/CEX, and marketing purposes.

100x chance because

With a roadmap that includes the Sausage Army launch, presale, and a comprehensive marketing campaign, $WAI aims to build a strong community and could become one of the biggest success stories of the year.

Presale started
April 2024

Purchase method


Token Type

Token Total
69 billion

Max. Investment

Buy Wiener AI Token now

4. Mega Dice Token

First the simple: The metaverse coin Mega Dice Token is part of the infrastructure of the Mega Dice online casino. Now for the complexity: It connects Solana Chain with the chance of $2.2 million airdrops and limited NFTs. And all this with a stable ecosystem.

Because Mega Dice has an active user base of more than 50,000 players. The rewards for $DICE buyers, which directly link the value of the tokens to the financial performance of the casino, are another important feature. And they also affect the positive Mega Dice token forecast.

100x chance because

Strategic airdrops distributed over the course of three seasons, combined with exclusive access to limited NFTs, are part of the GameFi approach. Added to this is the SOL Chain, which offers low fees and top performance.

Buy Mega Dice Token Presale Here

5. 99Bitcoins

The launch of the 99Bitcoins token indicates an impressive entrant in the list of 100x cryptocurrencies expected for 2024. Current 99Bitcoins predictions underline the project’s potential.

This innovative token was born from the illustrious legacy of the 99Bitcoins platform, which already serves 2 million registered users and over 700,000 YouTube subscribers.

The platform’s smart decision is to integrate a learn-to-earn framework through the BRC-20 on the Bitcoin blockchain. This shows foresight while remaining consistent with its educational principles. That’s why buying 99Bitcoins is also a chance for real profit.

The token distribution has been carefully orchestrated and includes a total supply of 99,000,000,000 tokens. This supply will be distributed methodically, with each component – ​​presale, staking, project funds, community rewards, liquidity, and marketing – deliberately designed to improve the token ecosystem.

100x chance because

By combining education and practical rewards, including access to exclusive content and crypto trading signals, the 99Bitcoins token differentiates itself as perhaps the best new 100x cryptocurrency. So it is by no means a shitcoin without substance.

Presales started
April 2024

Purchase method
ETH, USDT, BNB, Credit Card

Soft Cap

Hard Cap

ETH, later transition to BRC20

Max Investment
No Max Invest

Buy 99Bitcoins Token Presale Here

How we selected the best 100x cryptocurrencies

We looked at the next potential 100x cryptocurrencies and took several factors into account. Here are the criteria we considered:

Real benefits

We looked at what each crypto project actually has to offer. Do they solve a real problem, are they just another version of an existing crypto project or do they offer something completely new? When selecting the top cryptocurrencies, it was important to us to ensure that the coin has a realistic chance of increasing its current value by 100 times.

Potential for future growth

Some tokens have already reached their full potential, while others still have room for further growth and their roadmaps include improvements and additional use cases. If a token or network shows promising prospects for future growth in technical capabilities or utility, this will add value to the token or network.

Social Media Hype and Community

Meme coins and their ecosystem thrive on the hype created by social sentiments in a never-ending cycle of speculation. These cryptos, like the more serious coins, require a certain amount of hype to achieve their desired goals of increasing in value. A “hype-able” cryptocurrency, therefore, has a chance of being a 100x coin. Additionally, we took into account the size and commitment of the community in building, promoting, and defending their coin and network.

Current token price

Tokens that have already reached or are close to all-time highs offer less room for future growth. On the other hand, tokens that are still far from their all-time highs but still offer potential in their utility or functionality could see significant gains if they perform well.

Token history

If a token or network has experienced strong price increases in the past, more investors will believe it can do so again, fueling the uptrend. However, if a token has stagnated in a certain price range for a long time or has experienced a sustained downtrend, its ability to turn around and increase in value could be questioned.

Identify Cryptos with the Potential for 100x Profits – Tips

While other people’s analysis and methods are helpful, how do you find 100x tokens yourself? Here are some methods and platforms you can incorporate into your own strategy to search for cryptocurrencies with 100x potential:

Crypto Tracking Websites

Particularly recommended sources are CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. These platforms not only offer a ranking of coins but also show which cryptocurrencies are trending and list the latest tokens. In addition, they also show data on social activity and have their own communities and comment sections that provide insights into the sentiment surrounding a token.


The DexTools platform is similar to crypto tracking websites but focuses on gathering trading information and token pairs from decentralized exchanges. It provides users with analytics and trading tools to examine token pairs. Its focus is on DEXes and the pairings available there, giving users a different perspective on tokens.

X (Twitter)

As a global marketplace, X is the place for most public discussions about tokens, making it a valuable tool for real-time trend discovery. However, caution is advised as there are many pump-and-dump scams on X.

Crypto specialists on YouTube

YouTube is the platform where influencers and analysts share a lot of their content. Here you will find valuable insights from experts who have been working on the topic for quite some time. One of these experts is Jacob “Crypto” Bury, who is known for always being on the lookout for the next successful cryptocurrency. He has also built an active community on Discord where like-minded people meet and share useful trading tools and tips. Other notable crypto analysts on YouTube include BitBoy Crypto, Michael Wrubel, and Crypto Banter.

Technical Analysis

The tried and tested technical analysis is an important part of the toolbox of every 100x crypto hunter or investor. It allows you to determine which direction a token will take in the near future and identify whether the conditions are in place for a strong uptrend or not.

Corporate reports

Many companies regularly publish quarterly and annual reports on the state of the cryptocurrency industry, as well as on various industries and niches in the blockchain space. Providers of such reports include Messari, DappRadar, CoinGecko and Binance.

Forums (Reddit)

Reddit forums like r/CryptoCurrency and r/CryptoMoonShots can also be real goldmines for sharing crypto trends. Here, crypto enthusiasts share insights, discuss emerging coins, and exchange tips for potential 100x opportunities.

Risks of 100x Crypto Coins

Investing in 100x cryptocurrencies involves certain risks that you should strongly consider to minimize potential losses:

Lack of long-term perspective or fundamentals: Many crypto projects may be based only on short-term speculation, which can result in unstable performance.
High volatility: Crypto projects with low market capitalization can often experience extreme price fluctuations that are unsustainable and can lead to losses.
Pump & Dump: When prices rise sharply, there is a risk of pump & dump schemes, where investors enter too late and end up suffering losses when the price suddenly collapses.
Inexperienced development teams or a crowded market: Unfortunately, there are crypto projects that are developed by inexperienced teams or are in a crowded market segment, which could affect the chances of long-term success. This should be thoroughly checked before investing.
Difficult timing: It is difficult to determine the right time to buy and sell volatile projects. Make sure you lock in your profits early to avoid potential losses. Late purchase: If a coin has already gained considerable value, late entry is risky. Buying the coin at an inflated price can result in heavy losses.
Risk of fraud or scams: It is important to remember that there is a risk of fraud or scams in the crypto community. This can be especially the case with new and little-known projects.

Conclusion – 100x Crypto Coins 2024

Investing in cryptocurrencies with the potential for 100x returns undoubtedly brings significant opportunities, but also risks that should not be underestimated. By carefully analyzing the potential, based on sound information from various sources such as forums, and news channels, and the evaluation of the underlying technology, investors can identify promising projects.

However, choosing the right crypto coins requires patience, research, and an understanding of the volatility of the market. To make your search easier, we have identified 5 coins that could have this potential. Our 100x Coin recommendations can be a good starting point, however, it is important that you do your own research and only invest within your means.

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