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BlockDAG’s Moon Keynote 2 Spikes 850% Surge Pushing Presale To $41.6M, Towering Over Dogeverse Upcoming Listing


With bated breath, the crypto world watched BlockDAG’s second keynote from the moon, unveiling major updates that set the community abuzz. These include the launch of the beta X1 mobile mining app, recent blockchain breakthroughs, and a detailed roadmap leading up to its mainnet launch.

Amid these releases, the crypto sphere is warily watching Dogeverse’s uncertain future listing, which starkly contrasts with BlockDAG’s flourishing, having raised over $41.6 million from presale and selling more than 7,100 mining rigs, reshaping blockchain tech and digital asset exchanges significantly.

BlockDAG’s Trajectory to Mainnet Launch & Beyond

In its riveting second keynote, BlockDAG charted out its course toward launching its mainnet, marking a pivotal transformation. Progressing through its Devnet phase, it has perfected a cutting-edge peer-to-peer engine and a Block & DAG Algorithm, both touting EVM compatibility, with MetaMask integration on the near horizon.

The testnet, scheduled for mid-August, paves the way for the mainnet’s debut in four months, showcasing the culmination of intense planning and commitment to excellence. The presale is currently generating $500k daily, with expectations to soar to $5m daily as the mainnet launch nears, already having garnered $41.6 million from more than 10.7 billion coins in the market. Plus, Wallet will exclusively partner at the launch, underscoring a strategic collaboration.

Over the next quarter, BlockDAG plans to further connect with its community by unveiling its team through a DOXing video and a documentary exploring BlockDAG’s evolution, highlighting its dedication to transparency and innovation.

Dogeverse’s Imminent Launch and Listing

The presale for Dogeverse wrapped on June 3rd, collecting $15 million with a token launch price of $0.00031—a figure considered low amidst its surrounding buzz.

Scheduled for listing on June 10th across decentralized exchanges like Solana and Ethereum, Dogeverse stands at a critical juncture. This moment will test the token’s resilience and its ability to turn a profit for investors, aiming to capitalize on the rapidly growing meme coin communities on platforms like Solana and Base.

As Dogeverse steels itself for its market debut, the atmosphere is tinged with a blend of excitement and skepticism. Its pioneering multi-chain strategy and presale results have set the stage for a revealing chapter to unfold.

BlockDAG’s Mining Rig Sales Success, Collecting $3.1M

BlockDAG continues to lead the charge with bold advancements, having successfully sold over 7,100 mining rigs, netting more than $3.1 million while earning $41.6 million in presale. The x10 mining rig, renowned for its compact design and efficiency, stands as a testament to BlockDAG’s commitment to equipping both novice and seasoned miners.

The X1 Miner app also achieved a significant development milestone with the completion of its Phase 1, incorporating wireframe and UI design, user onboarding, and presale functions. Now in beta on Android and Apple platforms, the app previews future features like Wallet, Send/Receive modules, and a Community Section, all designed to enhance user engagement before the anticipated mainnet launch.

Moreover, BlockDAG is maximizing its reach by distributing x10 miners to key voices in the crypto community for market testing. The excitement is building for upcoming reviews and unboxing videos. Concurrently, the team is diligently enhancing the Blockchain Explorer, complementing these marketing efforts.

These strides underscore BlockDAG’s technological expertise and solidify its role as a dynamic force in the crypto revolution with 30,000x ROI With a projected coin value of $20 by 2027, BlockDAG is poised to lead in the evolving cryptocurrency landscape, offering innovative solutions and a compelling investment opportunity.


In summary, despite the uncertain outlook for Dogeverse upcoming listing, BlockDAG’s innovative keynote and cloud mining breakthrough has solidly established it as the top cryptocurrency contender for 2024, earning $41.6 million in presale.

With the crypto community abuzz over substantial whale activities on BlockDAG’s platform and the user-friendly X1 Miner app, these advancements are set to transform the potential returns for investors within the cryptocurrency market.

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