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Top Crypto Presales of 2024 – Comprehensive and Updated Pre-ICO List for Investors


Crypto presales are one of the most exciting ways to not only achieve spectacular returns but also to be the first to hear about particularly innovative and market-changing projects. Anyone who invests in a coin launch is on board before anyone else and thus has not only an information advantage but also a big return advantage.

But how can you find the best token presales? What criteria are there to distinguish exciting projects from scams? What returns are possible with a coin presale?

This article answers exactly these questions – and also includes a current ICO list of 2024 with the most exciting crypto ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) of the coming months.

Top Crypto Presales 2024 – Current Pre ICO List 2024

If you want to find the best crypto presales in 2024, you may have to do a lot of research. Even if various portals have an ICO list, the mention there does not say anything about the quality of the respective coin launch. For this reason, we put together some of the most interesting token presales that could potentially generate high returns in the future.

1st place: PlayDoge

Feed, care for, and play with your own virtual Memecoin character and get rewards for it. That’s exactly what PlayDoge ($PLAY) makes possible! PlayDoge ($PLAY) is a new Play-2-Earn game that combines a full load of retro fun with an innovative Play-2-Earn mechanism.

The PlayDoge team is developing a mobile 2D game in an 8-bit style that is based on the Tamagotchi concept but significantly improves it. In the game, you can – like with Tamagotchi – raise a virtual character and experience a total of 20 adventures with him.

For activities in the game, you receive rewards in the form of $PLAY tokens. These tokens can be used to purchase in-game items and for staking.

PlayDoge ($PLAY) can score points, especially through the following aspects:

Combination of nostalgia and modernity: PlayDoge combines the iconic Tamagotchi game with a Play-2-Earn concept and takes the gaming experience to a new level
Integration of the $PLAY token: The $PLAY token serves as a reward system and can also be used to activate new functions.
Staking the $PLAY token: By staking the $PLAY tokens you can receive staking rewards and let your tokens work for you
Rankings for exclusive rewards: PlayDoge also works with a leaderboard so that you can compare yourself with other users. The highest-ranking gamers on the leaderboard also get access to special features and rewards

With this concept, PlayDoge ($PLAY) is definitely one of the most interesting coin launches currently. The project is still very young and is currently in the presale phase. You can now secure the $PLAY tokens early on at the entry price via the project’s official homepage.

The presale comprises a total of 30% of the total token supply and will end as soon as all tokens have been sold. Important: The price of the $PLAY tokens increases from phase to phase of the presale!

Anyone who wants to secure their $PLAY tokens can now simply visit the website and purchase the tokens there with BNB, ETH, MATIC, or credit card.

Buy PlayDoge now

2nd place: Sealana

If you like cult memes and are looking for the hottest Solana memecoin of 2024, you should definitely not miss the exciting coin launch of Sealana. With its unique look, the token appeals to a broad target group of potential investors, because as a true hybrid, $SEAL is not only based on the cult character “Gamer Guy” from the famous South Park episode “Make Love, not Warcraft”, but also on the image of a sea lion whose American national pride could not be stronger.

Admittedly, Sealana is not averse to a bit of messy and greasy junk food. However, the iconic sea creature uses his daily time in front of the PC wisely, because he is always on the lookout for the next Solana memecoin that is about to explode in price. From now on, curious investors can feed $SEAL with their own capital and comfortably wait for the massive sea lion to stir up the crypto market with a real tsunami – $SEAL to the moon!

The upside potential of the new token is primarily demonstrated by the convenient “Send to Wallet” pre-sale, which allows meme fans to invest in Sealana quickly and easily. To do so, you send SOL to the project’s wallet address or use the widget on the homepage to automatically receive $SEAL as a credit via airdrop.

Here, Sealana could follow in the footsteps of Slothana – a funny sloth coin that raised over 15 million dollars with a brilliant airdrop launch. Investors are currently benefiting from a particularly low valuation because for 1 SOL you get 6,900 SEAL tokens in the presale phase – it’s worth being quick!

Now for the Sealana Presale

3rd place: WienerDog AI

A hot new coin launch is WienerDog AI ($WAI) – a flashy new memecoin that combines a Doge mascot with AR glasses and AI tech as well as tasty sausages in one. WienerDog.ai is an honest, pure memecoin that not only wants to make memecoin fans all over the world smile but also leads them together to an ultimate 100x pump.

In this respect, it is also thematically fitting that the run on AI coins and AI is combined with a cute Doge dog and a lot of humor. Yes, the ” Vienna Army ” is to be formed and launched for the viral success run towards Memecoin heaven. And we think the chances are very good – because the Memecoin can definitely attract attention!

Here are the most important factors about $ WAI:

ERC20 token: The WAI token is a classic ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, which ensures high compatibility and maximum reach for the funny memecoin – including even more pump potential!
High staking rewards: WienerDog knows that his owners love staking rewards! That’s why the little dachshund brings with him strong rewards – 20% of the token stock is available for this, with over 15% staking APY included.
Deflationary design: WienerDog AI has a maximum issuance of 69 billion $WAI tokens – unlike most memecoins like DOGE or SHIB, which could be diluted in value by community decision.
Rapid growth: Over 10,000 users are already following the project on social media, and the reach of Memecoin posts will soon reach 100,000. At least a first indication that WienerAI’s quirky idea could become a meme-ation.

A roadmap with 3 phases should lead to success – with the following milestones:

Phase 1 – Sausage Army Launch – brings not only the successful completion of pre-sales but also a smart contract audit by a blockchain security team and a first global marketing campaign on social media.
Phase 2 – WeinerDog AI Upgrade – brings an updated smart contract with the establishment of the staking program as well as the first marketing campaigns with crypto influencers and a target of over 100,000 community members.
Phase 3 – Meme Takeover – is designed to drive viral growth to a reach of over 3 million and over 200,000 token holders alongside the first exchange listings on DEXes and CEXes to grow even faster.

Attention: The WienerDog AI Coin presale is now live! Interested investors can still secure their tasty piece of the AI-supported dog sausage via ETH, USDT, or credit card for a short time and take part in one of the weirdest memecoin coin launches of the year.

Buy Wienerdog AI now

4th place: Dogeverse

Memecoins to the moon? With Dogeverse, this dream of many crypto fans may soon come true, because as the ” World’s First Chain Traveling Doge “, the cute dog mascot “Cosmo” is now conquering the crypto space! The new memecoin not only promises massive hype potential due to its visual orientation towards the Doge theme but also a real utility and maximum flexibility, which is achieved through an innovative multichain solution.

Crypto and meme fans couldn’t wish for a better time for the $DOGEVERSE coin launch, because shortly before Doge Day on April 20th and the upcoming Bitcoin Halving, investors can look forward to a massive push for the new cryptocurrency. Overall, the Dogeverse token impresses with numerous advantages:

Exciting multichain solution: In total, $DOGEVERSE will be tradable on six popular blockchains. While the memecoin is already available on Ethereum, Polygon, and the Binance Smart Chain, it will soon be launched on Solana, Avalanche, and Base. This means that Dogeverse will achieve a record-breaking reach, which also gives token holders maximum flexibility.
Valuable staking rewards: Dogeverse is not only a memecoin with strong entertainment value, but also offers its community real utility. Token holders can stake $DOGEVERSE via the Ethereum blockchain and receive valuable staking rewards over a period of two years. For all early bird investors, the APY is currently over 5,000% – this value changes as the number of new staking participants increases.
Limited token supply: Since the developers have limited the supply to 200 billion $DOGEVERSE tokens, investors benefit from a deflationary effect when demand increases, which leads to a rising price. When distributing the tokens, the Dogeverse creators have focused on important core areas such as presales, marketing, liquidity, staking, and reserves for further development.

The coin launch of Dogeverse not only offers curious memecoin fans the chance to invest in an exciting multibridge and wormhole project with added value right from the start but also a particularly good time to get started: $DOGEVERSE is currently in the last phase of presales and is currently available at a special price of 0.00029 USD. Early token holders who have already invested more than 400,000 USD in $DOGEVERSE within a few hours are securing a real return advantage – it’s worth being quick!

Now for the Dogeverse Presale

5th place: Mega Dice Token

More than 50,000 players, over 4,000 available games from more than 50 top providers, and a brilliant coin launch that generated raising capital of more than 300,000 USD in just a few hours:

The Mega Dice Casino Token is launching in presale! The developers of the new cryptocurrency are combining an innovative GambleFi with the potential of the Solana blockchain, which is rightly one of the leading crypto networks currently available.

The Mega Dice Casino has long been an established player in the iGaming scene, as a monthly betting turnover of over 50 million USD clearly speaks for the growth potential that crypto casinos bring with them. In order to attract not only gambling fans and players, but also return-oriented investors to $DICE, the developers are relying on the community, which can look forward to numerous advantages:

Staking Rewards: If you don’t necessarily want to use $DICE for gaming, you can stake your tokens and earn passive income this way. While a total of 10% of the token supply is distributed to staking participants, token holders can flexibly choose between terms of ten days, three months, or six months.
Limited NFTs: In the future, tokenization will give $DICE holders and players access to limited NFTs that contain special rewards and can be collected or traded on an official marketplace.
Gaming Bonus: Holders of the Mega Dice Token receive exclusive access to games, events, and bonus offers in the in-house Crypto Casino, which significantly enhance the gaming experience.
Referral program: $DICE holders who recommend the token to their friends and acquaintances can receive up to 25% as a share of the sales through a modern affiliate program.

While the developers are currently taking care of the Mega Dice presale, another highlight in the new gambling ecosystem is coming soon: Mega Dice tokens worth over 2.2 million USD will be distributed to players and investors in the form of an airdrop over three events. Anyone who wants to secure exclusive early bird benefits now still has the chance to invest in the Mega Dice token at a reduced presale price of 0.069 USD for a short time.

Mega Dice Token Presale now

6th place: 99Bitcoins

99Bitcoins not only provides potential investors with massive potential for appreciation but also with real added value. As a new cryptocurrency, $99BTC represents an entire ecosystem that takes both crypto beginners and experienced blockchain nerds by the hand and introduces them step by step to the world of BTC & Co.

The developers are pursuing a completely new concept called “ Learn to Earn ” and enable token holders to acquire valuable knowledge and earn real rewards.

The 99Bitcoins platform comes with the following advantages:

Interactive learning: With 99Bitcoins, crypto expertise is finally imparted in an entertaining and easy-to-use way. With various gamification approaches, both beginners and professionals can delve deeper into the world of cryptocurrencies and access learning modules, quizzes, and tutorials. The L2E platform currently offers up to 79 hours of learning material.
Staking Rewards: In addition to the learn-to-earn mechanism, $99BTC holders can earn money by staking their tokens. 14% of the token supply is distributed to staking participants over two years. Since only a few participants are active in the network at the beginning, early bird investors benefit from an above-average APY.
Crypto signals: In the 99Bitcoins network, token holders receive exclusive access to the latest trading signals. This gives you an overview of an extremely fast-moving market and benefits from suitable entry and exit times.

While 99Bitcoins will initially be accessible to a wide range of crypto fans as an ERC-20 token, the developers plan to later transition to the innovative BRC20 standard. This means that $99BTC is joining a modern technology that enables the development of dApps in the Bitcoin network. The eagerly awaited Bitcoin halving event is likely to create additional hype around 99Bitcoins, which will draw new investors’ attention to Bitcoin and new cryptocurrencies with potential for increasing value.

Anyone who joins the 99Bitcoins L2E platform early can now look forward to an attractive Bitcoin giveaway: 99 community members will soon be selected to participate in the exciting $99,999 airdrop. In addition, all new investors can currently look forward to an attractive presale price, as $99BTC is being distributed across 14 levels at a reduced price starting at 0.0001 USD.

Invest in 99Bitcoins now

What is a Crypto Presale?

A crypto presale, also called a coin launch, crypto ICO, or crypto IDO (although there are differences between ICO and IDO), is a type of initial public offering for cryptocurrencies. The crypto presale usually takes place after the so-called private sales or seed sales, which are reserved exclusively for the closest (institutional) investors. Anyone can take part in the crypto presale; usually, all that is required is registration with the cryptocurrency or with a crypto broker.

After the token presale has been completed, the coin launch usually takes place within a few weeks. As soon as this has happened, the cryptocurrency can also be traded on various Bitcoin exchanges. A listing on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap or Pancakeswap can often be implemented more quickly before centralized crypto exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance finally accept the coin.

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How does a coin launch work?

When it comes to a coin launch, a distinction is usually made between an ICO, IDO, and IEO. While an ICO is issued directly by the cryptocurrency, a crypto IDO runs via a decentralized crypto exchange. Specialized IDO platforms that only trade IDOs are particularly interesting, for example, DAO Maker, Polkastarter, or the BSCPad.

IEOs, on the other hand, are cryptocurrencies whose crypto presale or coin launch takes place via a centralized exchange, for example, Binance.com or crypto.com. These large crypto exchanges usually have their own Crypto Launchpads XYZ, for example, the Binance Launchpad XYZ or the crypto.com Syndicate.

Regardless of where the coin launch is ultimately realized, it is always offered at a fixed price, which can only change after the crypto presale, as soon as the cryptocurrency is traded on a public exchange. Likewise, the number of tokens in the coin presale is always limited, so such a token sale can also be sold out quickly – especially for cryptocurrencies with particularly high potential.

Step-by-step guide to the Playdoge Presale

Playdoge, the first multichain memecoin of its kind, is currently launching a presale. We show how beginners can invest in $PLAY quickly, safely and easily :

Step 1: Create a crypto wallet

In order to successfully purchase Playdoge, investors need their own crypto wallet for storage. Since $PLAY is a multichain memecoin currently traded via ETH, BNB, and MATIC, almost any wallet can be used for purchase.

If beginners do not yet have a crypto wallet, we recommend using the MetaMask Wallet. The software can be downloaded free of charge from the provider and installed directly as a browser extension.

Step 2: Connect the crypto wallet

Now visit the Playdoge homepage to connect the previously created crypto wallet to the pre-sale platform. To do this, simply click on “Connect Wallet” and follow the further instructions.

Step 3: Buy Playdoge

Using the widget, which can be found directly on the homepage, investors can now specify which blockchain they want to use to invest in Playdoge. Depending on the selection, ETH, BNB, MATIC, USDT, or even credit cards are available as payment methods. After entering the purchase amount, the transaction can be carried out by clicking on “Buy”.

Top tip: We recommend buying new Playdoge tokens via the ETH blockchain. This is the only way token holders can secure an attractive staking APY during the presale.

Buy Playdoge now

Why invest in cryptocurrencies during a pre-sale period?

If you want to invest in a coin launch, you usually need to take 1-2 additional steps compared to the regular purchase of cryptocurrencies. But these can be worthwhile because a crypto presale can be extremely lucrative for both investors and investors.

For example, the average returns on the IDO platform DAO Maker are currently 54%, although this figure has even averaged more than 4000%. For IEOs via Binance, the current average return is even more than 2500% – and that’s for 28 evaluated projects. Similar returns are also possible with ICOs, although meaningful statistics are very difficult due to the huge number of ICOs and unclear data.

Nevertheless, investors can look forward to very high returns on good projects. Nevertheless, you should take a closer look at the white paper and the tender, because the crypto presales do not always have interesting quality.

But it is not only the return that attracts investors at the coin launch; special advantages can also make an investment more attractive even before the official trading starts.

Those who buy some cryptocurrencies as part of the presale crypto can, for example, look forward to airdrops, free extra services, or VIP treatment, especially if the coin is a real utility token.

The benefits of getting into new coins early before the coin launch

The advantages of getting in early at a coin launch are obvious:

The main aim here is to achieve a particularly high return
Furthermore, you can secure special privileges and do not have to worry about the volatility of the first few days.
In addition, you are one of the first supporters and often get access to exclusive information that can help with further investment decisions.

How to recognize fraudulent crypto presales?

A big problem with crypto presales is the risk of scams. After all, theoretically, anyone can launch a cryptocurrency, market it, and collect investor money – and then disappear with that money. There have been numerous cases of this in the past and it can be said with a fair degree of certainty that this will happen again in the future.

But how can you protect yourself from fraudulent crypto presales that later end up in a scam or a so-called rugpull? Examining the following questions can help to distinguish a legitimate ICO from a potentially fraudulent coin launch.

Will a specific problem be solved with this new cryptocurrency?
Is the Crypto ICO in question the first cryptocurrency to solve this problem?
Is there a detailed white paper?
Is there a detailed website?
Are the team members and developers introduced?
Do the social media channels make a serious impression?
Is the project and the function of the Crypto Presale understandable and makes sense?

The important thing about these questions and characteristics is that not a single point necessarily leads to a scam. Rather, the characteristics listed here are considered red flags if the answer to them is no. The more red flags there are, the more likely you should refrain from investing in the specific project on the ICO list.

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How the bear market affects the 2024 coin presale

Especially in the current bear market, one should be particularly cautious with coin launches on the ICO list in 2024. While in 2021 almost every token presale brought returns of several hundred percent, this is not the case this year. What does not look ideal for investors at first glance is, however, more than healthy in the long term.

On the one hand, only projects with substance are marketed as crypto presales, and on the other hand, better returns can probably be achieved in the long term, since it is precisely those cryptocurrencies with substance and potential that can last for several years (or even decades) – in comparison to the ICOs of meme coins, whose half-life is only a few weeks.

However, the current market phase in the area of ​​cryptocurrencies has further effects on a crypto presale. Especially if a coin launch takes place at an unfavorable time shortly before another market-wide crash, a project can – despite a lot of potential – also start with large price losses,  even if it is in and of itself a great idea and there are no red flags. For this reason, it is important that investors can also deal with price losses if they are convinced of a crypto presale in the long term.

The opportunities and risks of investing in Pre ICO tokens


Very high return potential
Exclusive pre-sale rights
Some special extra services or benefits


High risk of total failure
Potential often difficult to assess
More time required
Scam risk


Crypto presales are a particularly interesting way to participate in the developments and technologies of tokens because you can buy the cryptocurrency from the very first moment and thus also take full advantage of the return.

Especially with cryptocurrencies with potential, this can quickly mean a three- or four-digit return, even if you shouldn’t assume that every coin will explode immediately. Rather, you should view a crypto pre-sale as a long-term investment, even if there is nothing wrong with realizing interim profits.

For this reason, it is necessary to do a little research when launching a coin and to find possible red flags in order to rule out an ICO scam. Anyone who has done this and is convinced of a project should only invest a small amount of their investment capital because broad diversification is also important for crypto presales.

To find the best token presales, the above Pre-ICO list 2024, which is updated regularly, is suitable. In the long term, it also makes sense to check the latest crypto news here at Blockonomi, as the latest cryptocurrencies are always reported on. Those who keep up to date with this may soon be able to enjoy high returns from the best crypto presales in 2024.

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