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Polkadot Whale Bets $150K in DTX Exchange: Here’s Why Experts Are Calling It Presale of The Year


After a period of sideways movement around the crucial $7.4 resistance level and the significant 100-day moving average, Polkadot is moving towards a possible continuation of the bearish retracement. Sellers dominate the market, and it is becoming more likely that there will be a bearish retracement towards the $6.5 threshold for DOT.

Following a nearly unanimous vote among the network’s validators, Polkadot’s community members have approved the Join-Accumulate Machine (JAM) upgrade, marking the next step in the platform’s technological evolution.

Despite DOT’s recent developments, the Polkadot whales are fixated on DTX Exchange to expand their profit horizons. The meteoric presale raise of the DTX token has helped it attain $150K from Polkadot whales and gain the title of the best presale of the year.

Polkadot Update: JAM Upgrade Passed Unanimously

Join-Accumulate Machine (JAM) upgrade, is the most important update since the DOT network’s full launch. Recently, this upgrade has been approved by a unanimous vote by the Polkadot community. This upgrade was revealed in Dubai in April at Token2049 by Polkadot founder Gavin Wood.

With this update, developers will be able to create services on top of the Polkadot Relay Chain that work similarly to Ethereum’s smart contracts. This is accomplished by renting the Polkadot network’s processing power monthly.

This implies that developers will have an option other than putting themselves through a rigorous bidding process to secure one of the few available parachain slots.

In a recent interview, Wood stated that JAM could democratize access to the Polkadot ecosystem. In contrast to earlier iterative Polkadot upgrades, all of the major technological changes JAM will bring about will be introduced at once.

Though the upgrade has a promising future, the DOT whales are aware that the upgrade will take a few months to be finished. Therefore, they eye the best presale of the year – DTX Exchange.

The Best Presale Of The Year: DTX Exchange Pulls in DOT Whales

The trading platform DTX Exchange is making waves in the cryptocurrency community because of its distinctive features. DTX Exchange is emerging as the best presale of this bull run thanks to important features like distributed liquidity pools, non-custodial wallets, 1000X leverage, and no KYC requirements.

With a staggering $610K raised in stage 2, the ongoing DTX presale has surpassed all expectations. The overwhelming amount of support is evidence of the great potential of DTX’s DeFi strategy. With its $0.04 price tag, the token has a lot of potential. Experts advise purchasing DTX tokens at the current rate.

Holders save money on trading fees and get access to exclusive features. The VulcanX update has eliminated the gas fees. Potential airdrops are also available to DTX token holders. An additional element attracting investors to DTX is the impending announcement of a giveaway.

Key Takeaways

The massive presale offered by DTX Exchange has drawn Polkadot investors. DOT whales, who consider this to be the best presale of the year, have readily invested $150K in the nascent project.

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