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Meme Coins You Must Know in 2024 – Meme Coin Types and Rankings


Memecoin is gaining great popularity in the cryptocurrency market. These cryptocurrencies have mainly caught the world’s attention with celebrities, while also helping them prolong their fame. There are thousands of different types of meme coins, but if you are a beginner, finding the best meme coins can be a bit difficult.

This guide introduces the best types of meme coins that are expected to explode in popularity and the best exchanges to buy meme coins with low fees.

Ranking of the best memecoins to buy in 2024

Finding the best Meme Coin is not an easy task for beginners. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top 4 meme coin types you can start with right away.

PlayDoge  – P2E training game where you can raise your own meme puppy and receive rewards
Sealana – The new Solana memecoin is expected to resonate widely among coin investors.
Wiener AI – A new AI meme coin with a unique worldview and high staking rewards.
Dogeverse – The world’s first multi-chain memecoin that can be traded anywhere on popular blockchains

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Cryptocurrency is an investment product with no significant volatility and regulation.

Take a look at our ranking of the best memecoins to invest in

Here is a more detailed list of ranked memecoins that are good to add to your investment portfolio.

1. PlayDoge – A P2E training game where you can raise your own meme puppy and receive rewards

Recently, PlayDoge (PLAY) has been receiving a lot of attention as the best project to purchase. This introduces a coin reward system to the Tamagotchi game genre, allowing users to enjoy both fun and profit.

Tamagotchi is a popular game from the 90s in which players raise and nurture their own pets. It was hugely popular around the world. PlayDoge users can care for, train, and spend time with their dogs, just like Tamagotchi. If not properly cared for, your dog may die or run away.

What makes PlayDoge different from Tamagotchi is that it provides players with PLAY tokens as a reward. Players can enjoy various benefits, including $PLAY tokens, depending on their dog training and mini-game performance. For reference, the PLAY token is a cryptocurrency built on Binance Smart Chain, and the contract audit was performed by Solid Proof.

PLAY token holders can also earn high APY rewards through staking. The total supply of tokens is 9.4 billion, of which 6% will be paid out over 3 years. Interestingly, you can participate in staking right now while the presale is ongoing.

The PLAY token presale consists of a total of 40 stages, and the current price is $0.005. Of course, the price will increase as you enter each stage, and in the final stage, it will rise to $0.000539. Once the pre-sale ends, PLAY tokens will be listed on various DEXs and CEXs. The maximum target amount for PLAY presale is $24.4 million.

The latest news about this project can be found on the official Telegram and Twitter (X).


Presale begins
May 2024

total supply
9.4 billion

means of purchase
ETH, USDT, BNB, card

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2. Sealana – The new Solana memecoin is expected to resonate widely among coin investors.

The meme coin we will introduce this time is Sealana (SEAL). This is a meme coin with the motif of South Park’s popular character ‘Gamer Guy’, and is expressed as a fat seal to provide original enjoyment.

This seal character has the characteristic of staying in front of the computer without taking care of his health in order to succeed in coin investment, and this is expected to gain sympathy from coin traders.

What he chose for successful investment was to look for a new Solana memecoin. In fact, the Solana memecoin craze that started early this year is still going on, and PopCat recently rose by a whopping 280% in two weeks. Considering this excitement, it can be said that Sealana also has significant growth potential.

Sealana Coin is currently available for purchase through pre-sale. The price is 6,900 SEAL per SOL coin. Buyers can purchase by transferring SOL coins directly to their Sealana wallet, or they can link their wallet to the official website.

Interestingly, the project does not disclose token quantities, which creates a sense of urgency among interested parties and is expected to lead to rapid participation. The latest news about this project can be found on the official Telegram and Twitter (X).


Presale begins
May 2024


How to purchase

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3. Wiener AI – A new AI meme coin that offers a unique worldview and high staking rewards.

Wiener AI, a new meme coin that recently began pre-sale, is attracting great attention with its unique worldview and generous rewards. It boasts a unique charm that combines dogs, artificial intelligence, and sausages, and provides a unique charm to the coin community.

This project was created by a mad scientist in the distant future. He attempted to create a new creature by researching artificial intelligence and dogs, but the DNA of hot dogs was accidentally mixed, creating Wiener AI. Although this puppy is a bit different from what was expected, it is still the strongest AI puppy in the universe and has an ambitious vision of dominating the coin charts.

The project seeks to gather strong allies for its goal of dominating the charts and to do so, it offers generous daily staking rewards. 20% of all tokens will be allocated as staking rewards, which will be paid out over two years.

The native token of the WinnerAI ecosystem, $WAI, is currently available for purchase through presale. This is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token that can be purchased by linking your wallet to the official website. Interestingly, presale buyers can earn passive income by staking their tokens right away. The token price is $0.0003015, which will increase slightly over time.

A total of 69 billion WinnerAI tokens will be prepared, which will be allocated to pre-sale, staking rewards, exchange liquidity, and marketing. This fair distribution is expected to capture the interest of many investors.

This project ultimately aims to be listed on various exchanges and will pursue active marketing to achieve this goal. To achieve this, we plan to build a huge community and utilize various influencers along with continuous upgrades.

The latest news about Wiener AI can be found on Telegram and Twitter.

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4. Dogeverse – The world’s first multi-chain memecoin that can be traded on all popular blockchains

Recently, multi-chain meme coins that can be accessed on various blockchains have been released and are attracting the attention of investors. This is Dogeverse. It is available on Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, and Avalanche, and will soon be added to Solana and Base.

These multi-chain coins increase accessibility and exposure to diverse coin communities and allow token holders to choose the best fees and processing speeds across multiple networks.

The project began pre-sales in early April and is gaining significant interest, raising more than $350,000 in just one day. The pre-sale consists of several stages, each designed to increase the price as you enter it. The current price is $0.00029.

Additionally, pre-sale participants can directly participate in staking to earn passive income. Currently, the annual rate of return is a whopping 4,000%, and many users are quickly participating. Of course, the rate of return may decrease as more people participate, so if you are interested, it is better to hurry.

The total supply of Dogeverse tokens is 200 billion, and 15% are sold in pre-sale. Additionally, 25% of tokens will be allocated to marketing, and 10% will be paid out as staking rewards. The remainder will be allocated to ongoing development, exchange liquidity, new partnerships, etc.

The latest news about this project can be found on  Twitter (X) and Telegram.


Presale begins
April 2024

total supply
200 billion


Visit Dogeverse

What is a meme coin?

Meme Coin is a humorous digital asset that started with the Dogecoin movement in 2013. These parody coins have become more and more popular over time, basically aiming to join the popularity of some of the top altcoins that started to launch following the popularity of Bitcoin.

This coin, which started out simply as a joke, gradually became a major contributor to the growth of social media platforms, becoming a form of social media phenomenon. These projects are very community-driven compared to other cryptocurrencies, and use cases are rare.

Are meme coins a good investment?

Meme coins have pros and cons. The main drawback is that many meme coins are simply limited to the communities that support them. At the same time, there are many good things about it, such as:

Securing a Broad Community

If the meme coin you discover is based on a large community, it can be considered very stable. In fact, most of the lists introduced in the text belong here. In particular, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have extremely large communities, and several other assets are currently growing their communities.

With the strong support of such a large community, the future of the coin is positive and it is good to invest with confidence.


FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) refers to the fear of missing out on good opportunities and is in fact one of the biggest growth drivers of the coin market. And this also applies to the growth of meme coins.

When Dogecoin exploded in early 2021, tycoons like Elon Musk continued to promote it, resulting in a rise in popularity and the formation of FOMO. Eventually, everyone wanted Dogecoin and invested in it.

As FOMO continues to accumulate for these many meme coins, the value of the coin will also increase significantly.

Rebranding as Meme Coin

Another impressive factor about meme coins is that they can always become more useful than they currently are. In fact, meme coins have the disadvantage of only receiving help from a supportive community. And if the coin itself does not have a clear purpose other than a joke, its value is bound to drop.

On the other hand, to overcome this, some meme coins are already starting to promote change. Currently, Dogecoin has been adopted as a payment method at the Tesla Store, and other companies are likely to accept it as well. Shiba Inu developers also created a decentralized Shiba Inu coin exchange called SibaSwap.

These various activities will eventually give meme coins more utility. So, together with the already large community, we can expect impressive results in the future.

meme coin price

Now let’s take a look at some of the key factors that drive the price of a good meme coin.


In fact, this applies to all cryptocurrencies. This volatility makes us hesitate to invest, but it is also a factor that makes meme coin investments more active. Investors are amazed by the upward trend, which inflates several times in a short period of time, and as they investigate the coin, they see that it has been repeated several times.

social media

As explained earlier, the overall point of meme coins is to have great support from a large community. As for Dogecoin, its popularity exploded as it became associated with Elon Musk and was featured on Crypto Twitter. It eventually grew into the most valuable meme coin today, and the same thing happened to Shiba Inu.

So for most meme coins, it’s important to always look at mentions on social media and what people are saying. Just by identifying these trends, it is possible to predict the value of this coin.

affordable price

Another big factor driving the value of meme coins is their relatively low price. Compared to existing assets like Bitcoin and Solana, meme coins are incredibly cheap. Dogecoin alone is currently trading below $1, and other meme coins are worth even less.


Because of these low prices, investors can invest with relative confidence compared to other cryptocurrencies, and this sentiment turns into confidence.

Where to buy meme coins?

If you want to purchase MEM Coins directly, we recommend using a cryptocurrency exchange. The characteristics of cryptocurrency exchanges include the convenience of accessing the market from home and guaranteed trust and security.

And most meme coins are currently listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, making them easy to trade. Of course, a few meme coins are not listed on exchanges, so you have to use a decentralized exchange like Pancake or Uniswap. There are also self-made Sibai Nu Coin exchanges such as Sivaswap.

If you want effective MEMCOIN trading,  we recommend MEXC, a popular overseas exchange. The MEXC exchange is a large-scale exchange that can be easily used even by domestic users. MEXC’s transaction fees are typically 0.10%, with a further discount depending on whether you own the native token, MX.

When investing, you can invest in a variety of coins rather than focusing on one coin. In particular, MEXC supports over 1,800 coins, making it a platform suitable for portfolio diversity.

In particular, it provides a strong staking function, so you can enjoy additional profits just by holding coins, and it is also a suitable platform for long-term investment due to strong security.

In conclusion

Meme coins are currently extremely popular in the cryptocurrency market. The value of this asset is likely to increase significantly in the future, which will please many investors. However, it is also true that finding good coins has become rather difficult due to the emergence of too many projects.

If you are currently looking for a good coin to invest in, we recommend PlayDoge. It is inspired by the popular video game Tamagotchi and offers users a variety of earning opportunities and fun. As a result, it has established itself as one of the fastest growing memecoins today.

Visit the PlayDoge presale here

You can also visit https://bestcryptotobuynow.io/ for more investment opportunities.

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