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Utility-Meme Coin SquidGrow Steps into the Ring as the Lead Sponsor of Karate Combat 46 at Consensus 2024


As the crypto market continues to gain acceptance and mainstream recognition, it’s becoming more important than ever to go beyond the crypto borders, which requires strategic tactics and bold maneuvers.

With this goal in mind, SquidGrow is beginning this journey by sponsoring an event at the Consensus 2024, which will be occupied by 6,800+ companies and 850+ investors. With over 15,000 attendees, this gathering of crypto enthusiasts, developers, founders, brands, and policymakers offers a great stepping stone for SquidGrow.

To expand its presence, SquidGrow has chosen Karate Combat, a brand promoting the first professional full-contact karate league that mixes the power of Karate with the magic of computer graphics powered by the Unreal Engine from Epic Games. The Sensei Foundation-owned private company has been holding worldwide events for over half a decade now. It is actually the first sport to be governed by its fans and gamified by its token.

Squid Game will leverage this sponsorship to grow its brand awareness through various strategic placements, including the Karate Combat pit and the KC 46 3D VFX environment. Bitcoin and Shiba Inu whale Shibtoshi, the founder and CEO of SquidGrow, will also make an appearance on the stage during the ceremonial weigh-ins.

With this move, SquidGrow is entering the world of sports promotion. The sports sponsorship market is estimated to be worth over $97bln in 2023 and is projected to grow to almost $190 bln by the end of this decade, as per Statista.

With millions of followers who clock in more than 200 million digital views every month, Karate Combat boasts of a big and growing audience that SquidGrow can leverage to further expand its vision of an ultimate utility-meme token that offers unparalleled security.

The SQUIDGROW token, available on two of the most popular networks, BNB and ETH, has already been making a lot of waves in the crypto industry thanks to its meme coin narrative, which is leading the market while offering utility to provide value to its users.

SquidGrow offers this utility to its users through various products, such as Inkubate, an NFT trading and launchpad platform that allows users to create and sell collections easily in one place; Silent Swap, which allows users to send, bridge, and swap assets between chains privately, and SG Bridge, which allows users to move between BSC and ETH.

All this utility has helped SquidGrow’s presence across socials to grow significantly with the project boosting 35,000 followers on X (Previously Twitter), over 9,700 members on Telegram, nearly 3,500 members on Discord, about 1,000 members on Reddit, and more than 23,000 token holders.

Given SquidGrow’s popular platform and a strong community of supporters, this sponsorship creates a win-win situation for both parties. The technologically advanced platform, which is capturing the meme coin narrative, gets to tap into KC’s audience and enter the world of sports while Karate Champion gets the financial support and brand growth by connecting with a big crypto player.

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