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Ethereum Spot ETF FOMO: Global Mega Bank Standard Chartered Predicts Massive $45 Billion Inflow


FOMO, accompanied by high volatility, rocks the crypto industry as global megabank Standard Chartered forecasts a staggering $45 billion inflow to the ETH ecosystem amid speculations of an Ethereum spot ETF approval from the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

With ETH’s future looking good, whales and smart money are notably seen positioning themselves for life-changing gains by investing in ETFSwap (ETFS), a viral token that has raised over $5 million in stage 1 of its ICO presale.

Global Mega Bank Standard Chartered Bets Big On Ethereum Post-Spot ETF Approval

On Tuesday, Geoff Kendrick, Standard Chartered Head of FX and Digital Asset Research, made a bold prediction on Ethereum’s price potential in the event an Ethereum spot ETF is approved by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) in the coming weeks. According to Geoff Kendrick, he expects an Ethereum Spot ETF approval to draw in an estimated 2.93 million to 9.15 million Ether inflow in the first year after debuting and going live. When translated in dollar terms, this would mean a whopping $15 billion to $45 billion inflow in the first year after Ethereum spot ETF approval.

Kendrick, who strongly believes that Ethereum Spot ETFs will get approval this week, also emphasizes the huge impact a $45 billion inflow will have on the ETH price. With such massive inflows, the Standard Chartered analyst predicts an $8,000 price target for Ethereum post-spot ETF approval, which will also act as a growth catalyst for the general crypto markets, mirroring the price impacts notably observed with Bitcoin (BTC) post-spot ETF approval.

While the global crypto community continues to wait in excitement of an impending Ethereum Spot ETF approval by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) by the end of the week, the native token Ether is observed to trade high at $3,700. 8.29% price increase in the last 24 hours of trading.

ETFSwap (ETFS) To Rise By 40,000% With $45 Billion Inflow

ETFSwap (ETFS), the biggest crypto token in its ICO presale stage, has been projected by top crypto analysts to rise by 40,000% in price upon launch into the crypto markets. This massive price projection of ETFSwap (ETFS) is bound to become a reality in the coming months as top crypto analysts highlight multiple factors that will scale the 1000x growth potential of the native token ETFS.

One significant growth factor of the ETFSwap (ETFS) decentralized platform will be the approval of the Ethereum (ETH) Spot ETF, which has been forecasted to drive a $45 billion inflow into the ETH ecosystem in its debut year. ETFSwap (ETFS), being a leader in the ETF economy, is strategically positioned to receive a large percent of the inflows as whales and smart money rotate large funds into ETF and tokenization-based crypto projects.

Apart from an Ethereum (ETH) spot ETF approval scaling ETFSwap’s growth potential, other factors such as its unique tokenization model, large investor and whale community, and high yield staking of assets are among the numerous factors that make ETFSwap a runner in the upcoming bull run.

ETFSwap (ETFS) prides itself on being a decentralized platform that leverages advanced blockchain technology to offer a unique and safe ecosystem for smart investors and users to trade various profitable cryptocurrencies and exchange-traded funds (ETF).  On the ETFSwap (ETFS) platform, traders and investors can leverage a $10 trillion traditional ETF economy by tokenizing real-world-assets while also enjoying the benefits of instant settlements of tokenized funds on the go.

The ETFSwap (ETFS) platform has been audited by CyberScope, a globally renowned security firm, which verifies its platform as safe and secure without security threats and vulnerabilities.

These platform features and many more, such as providing up to 50x leverage on listed ETFs, place ETFSwap (ETFS) above its competitors, making it the number 1 high-investment choice of whales, retail, and institutional players.


With an Ethereum spot ETF approval around the corner, ETFSwap (ETFS), which sells at an undervalued price of $0.00854 in its stage 1 of ICO presale, has been bought up fast by whales and smart investors as FOMO kicks in. ETFSwap (ETFS). Stage 2 of the ETFSwap presale is programmed to sell at $0.01831 in the coming weeks. This gives early investors in stage 1 a guaranteed 200% ROI.

Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime ETFSwap (ETFS) presale opportunity to join the elites and create generational wealth in the coming months. Take action now.

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