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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Hoarding Your Bitcoin


As the most dominant cryptocurrency, even some of the most pessimistic developments on Bitcoin hardly make a dent in its place in the world of digital assets.

While some institutions and countries see it solely as a speculative asset, there are also valid reasons for accumulating Bitcoin and placing them within diversified portfolios.

Here are five reasons to start hoarding your Bitcoin as soon as possible.

Limited Supply, Increased Demand

One important feature of bitcoin is scarcity. Bitcoin does have a maximum supply of a paltry 21 million coins after which no more can be mined, compared to most fiat currencies that are under continual inflationary pressure.

More institutional investors are attracted to its potential value as an inflation and geopolitical risk hedge. Demand for Bitcoin is expected to surge and eventually keep prices higher in the long term.

Bitcoin acts as an inflation protection shield. This scarcity enables it to beat the inflationary pressure thus being one of the best digital assets to hoard.

Technological Innovation

Beyond being a digital currency, Bitcoin is now considered a technological innovation. The underlying basis of blockchain technology is built on being secure, transparent, and immutable by design.

The lack of potentiality for the blockchain to be hacked, changed or manipulated makes Bitcoin hoarding one of the most secure ways of long term investment.

You must also understand how to buy Bitcoin from trusted crypto exchanges is important. A trusted source ensures security of your Bitcoins as only the owner is able to authorize a transaction using a unique digital signature.

Institutional Adoption

The institutional adaptation of Bitcoin over the last decade has been vast; big corporations, financial institutions, and asset managers took up Bitcoin in equal haste as part of their investment arrangements and balance sheets.

For instance, Tesla set aside $1.5 billion for Bitcoin, and now PayPal is about to start offering crypto services on its platform. That means this store of value in Bitcoin could well be adopted further by mainstream investors as institutional endorsement increases.

Hedging Against Economic Uncertainty

Throughout several economic uncertainties and market volatilities, Bitcoin has proven to be a very strong safe-haven asset.

Unlike traditional assets captured by the rulings of governments and central banks, Bitcoin works on a decentralized network immune to political interference.

With mounting concerns over inflation, debasement of currency, and increased action on the fiscal stimulus front, Bitcoin provides the means for portfolio diversification and a hedge against systemic risks of holding assets.

Long-Term Value Proposition

The price of bitcoin, although showing some short-term fluctuations and market volatility, continues to demonstrate that same old resilience of yore, maybe for the reason that it remains an asset with a long-term value proposition.

Released in 2009, Bitcoin has faced numerous tests, yet it stands stronger for it, with its resilience now particularly attracting the interest of new users, developers, and investors.

The long term perspective for Bitcoin is considered positive, with a community of supporters growing around, its likely adoption as a global reserve currency is inevitable. It therefore affords a very strong investment opportunity to those who are open to some potential rewards and risks.


Bitcoin’s popularity as a digital currency has increased, and this underlines the potential of it as a good investment choice.

The value of Bitcoin is seen to increase consistently over time, which appears as a very attractive proposition for potential investors with diversified portfolios.

However, the real versatility of Bitcoin is not just for investment; it is used for transaction purposes both online and in person, where even more retailers are starting to accept this mode of payment.

Bitcoin is a potential alternative that anyone seeking innovation in investment vehicles or the form of currency progressiveness needs to consider.

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