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Big News: Bitgert Coin Set to Gain +400% in Price This Week!


The market fluctuations have taught every investor that there’s always a positive turn towards every disappointment. Volatility is a beautiful market attribute because it swings both sides. Only the smart ones of the crop would know how to sit back and play their cards well, utilizing each opportunity.

With the market settling in and the bill fast approaching, investors are back to looking at projects that would bring in massive potential for recovery following the decline. One crypto project that follows this narrative is the Bitgert project

This article will talk about factors driving the price of the Bitgert coin.

Bitgert BRISE: Empowering Digital Ownership

Bitgert is a cryptocurrency engineering organization that aims to transform how people interact with assets. Founded in July 2021 on the BNB chain, this project allowed users to participate and get rewarded with BNB coins. Now rebranded in December 2021, this EVM compatibility platform offers low transaction fees without detriment to scalability, security, and speed. 

Through various products such as the Bitgert exchange, Bitgert P2P marketplace, LocalBitgert, PayBrise, GEO Web3 Real estate Marketplace, and more, the ecosystem has created a comprehensive system that can cover all aspects of digital asset ownership. With all these products in place, Bitgert is now the fastest-growing platform in the crypto ecosystem, offering solutions that tackle modern blockchain issues. Employing a Proof of Authority Model is one feature that has wowed investors all through. Hosting over 100,000 transactions per second at a near-zero gas fee of $0.001 is no small feat. With this model, Bitgert has hosted over 25M transactions on its platform.

With its growing community of 600k members on social media platforms like X and Telegram, The Bitgert project has driven more adoptions and collaborations with various organizations such as Prism Net, ReseSocial, CryptoPia, WayNetwork, Uniton, The Ninth, and more. 

BRISE Coin: A token of Rewards and Earning Opportunities 

The native cryptocurrency of Bitgert BRISE is a network that has proven itself in the market despite recurring fluctuations. This Bitgert token allows investors to profit from staking and earning rewards in BUSD on BSC networks only. The token employs a tokenomics and buyback mechanism, which ensures the price stability of the coin.

The BRISE coin enables buyers and sellers to interact without a third party. Hence, transactions can be carried out quickly and securely.

The BRISE coin has shown enormous potential despite setbacks in the crypto market, which has captured attention.  Analysts and experts expect a projection of an increase of 400% in the coming week.

To learn more about Bitgert, visit https://bitgert.com.

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