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MetaWin Review: Anonymous Provably Fair Crypto Casino, Is it Legit?


MetaWin is an exciting new online casino that offers a truly innovative and anonymous gambling experience on the Ethereum blockchain.

As a fully decentralized platform, MetaWin allows you to gamble without ever creating an account or providing any personal information.

This cutting-edge approach delivers complete privacy while giving you access to a great selection of games, generous competitions, and opportunities to win valuable NFTs.

Here’s our full review …

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Quick Verdict: MetaWin is a crypto casino that delivers anonymous & provably fair gambling by allowing users to connect a Ethereum wallet to access slots, table games, live dealers & more.

Quick Facts


Decentralized casino operating on the Ethereum blockchain

Player Experience
Completely anonymous, no account creation or personal details required

Deposits and withdrawals via cryptocurrency wallets like MetaMask (Only Ethereum accepted)

Game Variety
Slots, table games, live dealer games, blockchain competitions, NFT prizes

Game Providers
Games from regulated providers like Pragmatic Play to ensure fairness

Unique Features
Smart contract-based competitions with transparent randomized winners on the blockchain. Opportunities to win valuable NFTs.

Anonymity, instant payouts, no minimum deposits, innovative blockchain integration

Casino Games


MetaWin offers authentic European roulette experiences with a house edge of just 2.7%. Place your bets on numbers, colors, odds/evens and more as the ball spins around the wheel. The classy European format has just a single zero to contend with.



Test your blackjack skills at MetaWin’s tables powered by Pragmatic Play. Several variants are available including Classic Blackjack, Double Exposure, and Azure Blackjack with unique rule tweaks. Payouts can reach 3:2 on natural blackjacks.



This skill-based game involves dropping a plinko disc down a pyramid of pegs. Make precision drops to increase your chances of the disc landing in higher paying slots at the bottom for bigger prizes.



The classic casino game of baccarat offers some of the best odds at MetaWin. Back the Player or Banker hand as cards are dealt, with ties resulting in a push. Player bets pay 1:1 while Banker bets have a slightly higher 0.95:1 payout.


Live Casino

For a truly immersive experience, MetaWin lets you join real human dealers streamed in HD quality. Enjoy live baccarat, roulette, blackjack and more game show experiences like Mega Wheel directly from studio floors.

Live Casino

Other Products


These are essentially blockchain-based lotteries with prize pools funded by ticket purchases. However, the results are determined transparently by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain rather than a traditional lottery draw.

Each competition has a set number of tickets available for purchase at different price tiers. For example, you might be able to get 50 entries for 0.012 ETH or go bigger with 2,000 entries for 0.36 ETH.

The smart contracts then randomly select the winning tickets/wallets in a fully auditable and verifiable manner thanks to the transparency of the blockchain ledger.


Current competitions offer prize pools ranging from a couple of ETH up to jackpots worth thousands of dollars. And best of all, MetaWin provides every player with one free ticket just for joining the Telegram community!

By harnessing blockchain technology, MetaWin competitions guarantee true randomness and fairness that is open for verification by anyone. It adds an exciting crypto twist to lottery-style games.

NFT Prizes

In addition to ETH prizes, some MetaWin competitions let you win valuable NFT collectibles from popular collections like Beanz and Killabears that trade on marketplaces like OpenSea.

There’s even the ability to gain entries into these special NFT competitions by holding certain requisite NFTs from the collection. It’s an innovative way to engage existing NFT fans and collectors.

With NFTs being all the rage, scoring rare and valuable pieces through MetaWin’s smart competitions adds an element of gamification that blends perfectly with crypto gambling.

Welcome Bonuses

While most online casinos offer a standard deposit match bonus, MetaWin takes a different approach that’s tailored to its innovative blockchain competitions. Here’s how it works:

As soon as you connect your crypto wallet to MetaWin, you’ll automatically receive 1 free ticket entry to the current big prize competition running at the time.

For example, the most recent competition had a prize pool of 5 ETH (over $9,000 at current prices!). Just by signing up, you get a free lottery ticket for a chance to win that huge prize.

But MetaWin doesn’t stop there. You can then purchase additional entries at discounted rates to increase your odds significantly:

50 additional entries for 0.012 ETH
165 additional entries for 0.036 ETH
780 additional entries for 0.156 ETH
2,000 additional entries for 0.36 ETH

As you can see, the more entries you purchase, the bigger the discount per entry. So maximizing your investment can pay off massively if you hit that smart contract jackpot.

With each new competition cycle, the prize pools reset with new opportunities to win big payouts or rare NFTs just for joining.

How to Signup

Rather than a traditional account registration process, MetaWin just requires you to connect a cryptocurrency wallet to get started. Here are the steps:

Visit the MetaWin website on your desktop or mobile device.
Click the “Connect Wallet” button at the top.
Choose which crypto wallet you want to use – MetaWin supports MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and over 300 other wallets through WalletConnect.
For MetaMask, just approve the connection request in the wallet window that pops up.
For WalletConnect, you’ll be shown a QR code to scan with your mobile wallet app.
That’s it! Your wallet is now connected to MetaWin.

How to Sign Up

No personal information, email addresses or cumbersome sign-ups required. Simply connect an Ethereum wallet and you’re ready to play.

The connected wallet acts as your secure MetaWin account. Deposits and withdrawals happen instantly by transferring ETH to/from your wallet address. You can also participate in competitions and purchase entries directly from your wallet balance.

It’s a seamless and 100% anonymous process thanks to MetaWin’s decentralized blockchain platform. Sign up literally takes seconds while providing top-notch privacy and security.

Payment Methods

MetaWin makes it easy to deposit and withdraw using cryptocurrencies. Here are the deposit and withdrawal options:

Deposit Options

MetaMask Wallet
Coinbase Wallet
WalletConnect (Over 300+ Ethereum wallets supported)

To deposit, simply connect your preferred Ethereum wallet to the MetaWin platform. Once connected, you can instantly transfer ETH from your wallet balance into your MetaWin account with just a few clicks.

Deposit Options

Withdrawal Options

Withdraw directly to your connected MetaMask Wallet
Withdraw directly to your connected Coinbase Wallet
Withdraw to any other Ethereum wallet address

For withdrawals, enter the ETH amount you wish to cash out and provide the destination wallet address you’d like to receive the funds. MetaWin will instantly transfer the ETH on-chain from their side, giving you access to your winnings securely and anonymously.

All transactions occur on the Ethereum blockchain, providing transparency while upholding MetaWin’s core values of anonymity, security and efficiency. While currently only ETH is accepted, the platform may add support for other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in the future.

Is MetaWin Casino Legit?

Decentralized and Anonymous

MetaWin operates as a fully decentralized casino on the Ethereum blockchain
Allows completely anonymous gambling without account registration or KYC
Players simply connect an Ethereum wallet like MetaMask to get started

Transparent and Provably Fair

Casino games are provided by regulated developer Pragmatic Play
Competition outcomes are determined transparently by Ethereum smart contracts
All transactions are recorded publicly and permanently on the blockchain

Secure Cryptocurrency Integration

MetaWin only accepts Ethereum (ETH) for deposits and withdrawals
Transactions occur directly between the player’s crypto wallet and MetaWin
Utilizes industry-standard encryption and security protocols

Player Protections

No personal or financial information is ever required or stored
Players control and custody their own funds in private wallets
Blockchain-based competitions guarantee true randomness and fairness

Innovative Experience

First-of-its-kind anonymous, Web3 cryptocurrency gambling platform
Unique opportunities to win big ETH prizes through blockchain competitions
Ability to win rare NFTs from popular collections like Beanz and Killabears

While operating outside of traditional gambling regulations, MetaWin delivers a provably fair, secure, and transparently verifiable casino experience through its pioneering use of Ethereum blockchain technology.

With games from reputable developers, anonymous wallets, instant payouts, and innovative features like smart contract competitions, MetaWin offers a legitimate way to gamble online with cryptocurrencies.

Is MetaWin Casino Safe to Use?

Blockchain-Based Security

All transactions and gaming activity occur on the secure Ethereum blockchain
Players retain full custody of their funds in private crypto wallets
No sensitive personal or financial information is ever required or stored

Anonymous and Private

No account registration, personal details, or KYC verification needed
MetaWin does not collect, store or have access to any identifying user data
Players can gamble completely anonymously just by connecting a wallet

Verified Fair Gaming

Casino games are provided by regulated developer Pragmatic Play
Outcomes of blockchain competitions are determined by auditable smart contracts
True randomness and fairness is cryptographically ensured on the blockchain

Established Partners

MetaMask and Coinbase are trusted wallets integrated for secure deposits/withdrawals
Pragmatic Play is a leading casino games provider with a solid reputation

Secure Transactions

Only Ethereum (ETH) is accepted, utilizing military-grade encryption
Funds are transferred directly between the player’s wallet and MetaWin
No third-parties have access to transaction information

While operating outside of traditional gambling licensing, MetaWin is built from the ground up with security in mind through its blockchain-native architecture.

With anonymous wallets, fair gaming, and encryption, players can safely enjoy MetaWin’s innovative crypto gambling experience without risking their funds or privacy.

Design & Usability

MetaWin has a clean and modern website design that makes it easy to navigate the platform’s different sections like slots, table games, live casino, and competitions. The minimalist user interface puts the focus squarely on the games and features, creating an uncluttered experience.

That said, the website can feel a bit bare-bones at times due to its stripped-back, decentralized nature. There aren’t a ton of flashy graphics or extraneous visual elements, which some users may see as a pro or con depending on their preferences.

Metawin Homepage

The use of WebGL and live animations does give the game lobbies a more dynamic feel, while still maintaining performance nicely across devices. You’ll see things like the roulette wheel spinning in the background as you browse game options.

Usability is well thought out, with handy filter and sorting options that let you quickly find the type of game you’re looking for, whether that’s Megaways slots, specific table games like baccarat, or titles from certain providers. The favorites system is also convenient for keeping your preferred games organized.

For a Web3 crypto platform, MetaWin has achieved a great balance between an easy-to-use interface and giving users all the benefits of blockchain like transparency and verifiability.

Members Area

MetaWin takes a unique approach to its “members area” by leveraging blockchain technology and crypto wallets. Rather than a traditional account system, your Ethereum wallet essentially becomes your MetaWin account when you connect it to the platform.

Once your wallet like MetaMask is securely linked, you’ll have access to MetaWin’s full suite of games, competitions, and features. Your wallet address serves as your identifier, with all transactions, winnings, tickets, and NFT prizes directly deposited to your wallet’s balance.

The members area experience is quite stripped back compared to conventional online casinos. There are no bloated account sections or pages full of personal details and payment info. Everything is kept anonymous through your encrypted wallet connection.

Members Area

However, you still get a handy dashboard view that lets you track your gameplay activity, competition entries, current wallet balance, and any NFTs you may have won. This members overview area provides all the essential data you need about your MetaWin gaming in a clean, easy-to-digest interface.

You can also quickly jump to the game lobbies, hop into competitions, purchase additional entries, or withdraw winnings straight from this main account area with just a couple clicks. It’s a lean experience free of clutter, putting the focus on gaming and prizes.

Mobile Offering

Rather than having dedicated iOS or Android apps, MetaWin has been optimized to work seamlessly on mobile web browsers across all devices and operating systems.

Simply navigate to the MetaWin website from your smartphone or tablet’s web browser and you’ll be automatically loaded into the mobile-friendly version of the platform.

The entire site has been designed responsively to provide an ideal user experience no matter the screen size or aspect ratio. All the games, features, and account areas translate perfectly to mobile layouts.

You’ll be able to easily browse game lobbies, with smart filtering and sorting options that make finding your preferred slots, tables, or live dealer games a breeze on mobile. Game launches are lightning fast with no bulky plugins required.

Mobile Offering

Connecting your crypto wallet like MetaMask is just as straightforward on mobile as desktop. Most mobile wallets can simply scan the provided QR code for effortless linking to MetaWin.

From there, you can make instant deposits, purchase competition entries, gamble, and cash out winnings all within your mobile browser. No downloads or installs needed – just MetaWin’s sleek mobile web interface.

The clean, stripped-back design philosophy helps deliver an incredibly smooth and lightweight user experience optimized for mobile data and connectivity.

Ease of Use

One of MetaWin’s biggest strengths is its sheer simplicity and ease of use. The entire platform has been designed around providing an effortless web3 gambling experience that leverages the advantages of blockchain technology.

Getting started takes just seconds. There’s no lengthy signup process or account registrations. All you need to do is connect your existing Ethereum wallet like MetaMask to the MetaWin website with a couple clicks. Your wallet acts as your secure, anonymous ID.

From there, the user experience is extremely intuitive. The clean website layout makes it easy to find and filter through the various game lobbies for slots, tables, live casino, and more. Descriptions and instructions are clear and straightforward.

Actually placing wagers is as simple as can be, with no convoluted payment flows. Since you’re betting with the ETH already loaded in your connected wallet, you can start playing games instantly. Winnings are automatically credited back to your wallet’s balance.

Purchasing entries for the innovative blockchain competitions works in the same seamless fashion. You can buy tickets directly from your wallet balance with just a few clicks.

Withdrawing is also hassle-free with no lengthy cashout periods. You can instantly transfer your ETH winnings from MetaWin directly back into your personal crypto wallet whenever desired.

Customer Support

Despite its streamlined, decentralized approach, MetaWin does not sacrifice quality customer service. Players have multiple channels to get timely assistance whenever needed.

Email Support

For general inquiries or more complex issues, you can email the MetaWin support team directly at support@metawin.com. They strive to respond to all emails within 24 hours during normal operating hours.

Customer Support

FAQ Section

MetaWin also provides a comprehensive FAQ hub covering common questions about the site’s features, security, games, and more. This is an excellent self-service resource for quickly finding answers to basic queries on your own.

While phone support is not provided, the email, live chat, and FAQ options should sufficiently cover most customer service needs that may arise during gameplay at this web3 crypto casino.


MetaWin is truly blazing a new trail in the world of online crypto gambling. This pioneering platform leverages blockchain technology to deliver an anonymous, secure, and provably fair gaming experience like no other.

From just connecting your Ethereum wallet, a world of possibilities opens up. You can enjoy slots, table games, live dealer tables, jackpots and more from trusted developers like Pragmatic Play. All while maintaining complete privacy by never having to provide any personal information.

MetaWin’s real innovation shines through its unique blockchain competitions and opportunities to win big ETH prizes and coveted NFTs through transparent smart contracts. The random, cryptographically-verifiable results of these events guarantee a level playing field.

Add in benefits like instant, fee-free payouts directly to your wallet and MetaWin provides a glimpse into the future of web3 gaming. An experience built on the fundamentals of anonymity, autonomy and decentralization.

Is it a perfect platform? Perhaps not quite yet. The game library is still growing and being limited to just Ethereum may turn some users away. But MetaWin is undoubtedly at the vanguard of blockchain gambling.

For those who have been patiently waiting for a way to enjoy casino games, enter thrilling competitions, and potentially win big all while taking advantage of crypto’s inherent privacy and security benefits – MetaWin delivers an unparalleled solution.

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Q: Is MetaWin licensed and regulated?

A: No, MetaWin operates outside of traditional gambling regulations and licensing jurisdictions. As a decentralized crypto casino, its operations are facilitated directly on the Ethereum blockchain in an anonymous manner.

Q: How do I get started playing at MetaWin?

A: Simply connect your Ethereum wallet like MetaMask to the MetaWin website. There is no account registration or personal details required. Your linked wallet serves as your secure, anonymous account.

Q: What cryptocurrencies does MetaWin accept?

A: Currently, MetaWin only supports Ethereum (ETH) for deposits, withdrawals and playing games. They may add support for other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in the future.

Q: How can I deposit and withdraw funds?

A: To deposit, you’ll transfer ETH directly from your connected crypto wallet’s balance into MetaWin. To withdraw winnings, you’ll transfer the ETH from your MetaWin account back into your personal wallet.

Q: Are the games at MetaWin fair and random?

A: Yes, the instant casino games are provided by regulated developer Pragmatic Play. MetaWin’s unique blockchain competitions also guarantee randomness and fairness through verifiable smart contracts executed on Ethereum.

Q: Can I access MetaWin from my mobile device?

A: Yes, the MetaWin platform is fully optimized to work seamlessly on mobile web browsers across all devices and operating systems. No app downloads are required.

Q: What types of games does MetaWin offer?

A: MetaWin provides slots, table games like blackjack and roulette, live dealer casino games, and innovative blockchain competitions where you can win ETH prizes and NFTs.

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