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Revolut Introduces Stand-Alone Crypto Exchange for Experienced Traders


Revolut, a global fintech company with over 40 million customers worldwide, has announced the launch of Revolut X, a stand-alone cryptocurrency exchange platform designed for experienced traders.

This new offering marks a significant step for Revolut in its journey to become the go-to financial app for both crypto beginners and professionals, providing them with a safe and accessible place to trade.


Revolut launches Revolut X, a stand-alone crypto trading platform for experienced traders.
Customers can trade more than 100 tokens with 0% maker and 0.09% taker fees.
Revolut X is available on desktop for all UK traders with a Revolut retail account.
Customers can seamlessly switch between fiat and crypto within the Revolut ecosystem.
Revolut X offers real-time trading, advanced analytics, and market monitoring tools.

The launch of Revolut X allows experienced crypto traders to buy and sell more than 100 tokens through a desktop version of the platform.

The exchange offers competitive flat fees of 0.00% for makers and 0.09% for takers, regardless of trade volumes. This fee structure is designed to attract professional traders looking for cost-effective trading options.

One of the key advantages of Revolut X is its seamless integration with Revolut’s existing ecosystem. Customers who already have a Revolut retail account can easily switch between fiat and crypto within the platform, without any fees, barriers, or limitations.

This feature simplifies the process of moving funds between traditional and digital assets, making it more convenient for traders to manage their portfolios.

In addition to low fees and seamless integration, Revolut X provides users with real-time trading and advanced analytics. These features are designed to keep crypto professionals informed about the latest market movements, helping them make more informed trading decisions.

The platform includes technical indicators and a full integration with TradingView charts, enabling various market monitoring tools such as dashboards of top-traded tokens, gainers, and top market cap coins.

Revolut’s commitment to the crypto industry is further demonstrated by its recent introduction of Revolut Ramp, which allows traders to purchase crypto directly in their wallets through a partnership with MetaMask.

This move, along with the launch of Revolut X, positions Revolut as a pioneer among traditional financial businesses entering the crypto sector.

As a company committed to being the safest place in the UK for crypto trading, Revolut X aims to set a new standard for crypto exchanges. The majority of funds are kept in cold storage, and customer support is provided 24/7 via encrypted chat.

Revolut’s risk monitoring tools work constantly to prevent account takeovers, while trusted custodians are selected after a thorough due diligence process. Additionally, Revolut actively contributes to the crypto literacy of its customers through its Learn module, which it proactively encourages customers to use.

Leonid Bashlykov, Head of Crypto Exchange Product at Revolut, expressed excitement about the introduction of this new crypto product, stating that it will change the game for experienced crypto traders by providing them with a safe and accessible trading platform.

He also emphasized Revolut’s customer-centric approach, understanding that competitive fees and easy on and off ramping are crucial factors for experienced traders when choosing a crypto platform.

The launch of Revolut X, along with the company’s recent partnership with MetaMask, further consolidates Revolut’s product offering in the world of Web3.

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