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BlockDAG – 2024 Crypto Gem Announced Vesting Period, Crushing Chainlink & Ethereum ETF with $22M Presale


Certain cryptocurrencies struggle to succeed in the fast-paced cryptocurrency market, where trends quickly come and go. Franklin Templeton’s EZET, a new Ether ETF listed on DTCC, is now under review by the SEC and catching Ethereum holders’ attention. Meanwhile, Chainlink is facing a tough time with a recent 28.59% drop in value. 

Amid these market ups and downs, BlockDAG stands out for its stability. It successfully raised over 22 Million in its presale for $0.006 per coin and plans to support it with a robust $100 million liquidity fund with its strategic vesting period. Additionally, its moonshot keynote video is generating excitement among crypto enthusiasts. For investors navigating the often unpredictable crypto market, BlockDAG offers a reliable and secure option.

Ethereum ETF: A New Investment Frontier

Franklin Templeton introduced the Ether ETF (EZET), now listed on the DTCC, a crucial platform for U.S. securities. This listing signals that EZET is ready for trading, although it still awaits SEC approval.

In February, Franklin Templeton entered the race of Ethereum ETF with industry leaders like BlackRock and Fidelity. They aim to list it as “Franklin Ethereum ETF” on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. However, the SEC has postponed its decision on this application.

Unlike previously approved Bitcoin ETFs, the outlook for Ethereum-based ETFs remains uncertain. The financial community keenly observes these developments, recognising their potential to reshape the crypto investment sector.

Chainlink Investors Eye Fresh Prospects

Chainlink (LINK) investors face a challenging period as prices struggle. Since reaching over $20 in mid-March, LINK has experienced a steady decline. As of April 18th, it is $12.93—a 28.59% drop from March 27, 2024. This month has been particularly tough, with little sign of recovery. 

The initial price recovery offered brief hope, but the ongoing lack of positive momentum hints at potential further decreases. Consequently, many investors are exploring alternatives, with BlockDAG attracting attention due to its consistent rise. In this volatile market, staying informed and cautious remains crucial.

BlockDAG’s $22 Million Haul is Turning Heads in Crypto Circles

BlockDAG is becoming a top gem of 2024, as it has raised over $22 million during its presale and is attracting significant interest. Currently in its 10th batch, the price of BlockDAG coins has reached $0.006, with expectations of further increases as more batches roll out. This surge in interest stems from the recent release of the engaging Moonshot keynote video and the informative DAGpaper v2.

During its presale, BlockDAG sold 8.3 billion coins, showing strong confidence in the market. The strategy includes setting a vesting period and allocating a $100 million liquidity post-listing to stabilise the market and build a reputation for long-term growth and investor confidence. A strong $100 million liquidity backed by top market makers and exchanges also helps stabilise the coin and supports steady growth.

BlockDAG’s methodical strategies and advanced technology make it a smart investment in today’s volatile cryptocurrency market. With a focus on long-term success and market integrity, BlockDAG stands out as a promising option for new and seasoned investors looking for the next big opportunity in crypto.

Closing Thoughts

In the fluctuating cryptocurrency market, BlockDAG, Franklin Templeton’s EZET, and Chainlink each offer distinct opportunities and challenges. Unlike Franklin Templeton’s EZET, which is still pending SEC approval, and Chainlink, which has suffered a significant drop in value, BlockDAG has demonstrated remarkable stability. 

It has successfully raised $22 Million in its presale and aims for a substantial $100 million liquidity fund. The excitement surrounding its strategic plans and Moonshot keynote video further underscores its potential. BlockDAG offers a compelling and secure investment choice, becoming a top crypto gem in 2024 for all crypto lovers. 

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