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Bitgert Coin’s Rapid Growth Post Bitcoin Halving: Key Drivers


Less than 24 hours after the quadrennial halving in Bitcoin’s ecosystem, a number of tokens and cryptocurrencies in the market have seen upward movements in their price action.

While other projects saw little or upward price movements, altcoins like Ethereum, Tron, and Bitgert enjoyed price swings of approximately 3.9%, 1.5%, and 4.7%, respectively, during this window. 

Experts have tried to investigate why this is the case for Ethereum, Tron, and Bitgert and what it could mean for their price action in the long term.

Today, we would like to share the thoughts of these market experts.

What Next for Ethereum?

The second-largest cryptocurrency in the market has been under a steady correction since late March. ETH’s price action since then has shown signs of a bullish reversal, indicating buyers will continue to accumulate Ethereum despite its dip in price.

Moreover, there is growing optimism in the market about the approval of Ethereum ETFs by May. Consequently, there has been a school of thought circulating the market; it is believed by a few experts that Ethereum will outperform BTC this cycle.

Bitgert’s Aggressive Accumulation Spurring Massive Pumps

Bitgert, a tech-based project in the market, has aggressively grown in accumulation since the start of the year. This increase in adoption has led to a consequent upward movement in Bitgert’s price trajectory. Let’s consider some of the reasons for Bitgert’s increased adoption.

Solving Network Congestion Issues 

Unlike Ethereum, which is notorious for its network congestion issues in the market, Bitgert offers its users a seamless and cost-effective transactional experience. Bitgert is able to achieve this thanks to its Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism. 

By solving a very disturbing problem in the market, such as network congestion issues, it is no surprise that Bitgert has gained traction within its ecosystem. Because, unlike most exchanges that often face network slowdowns during peak trading times, Bitgert offers users and developers a seamless and cost-effective transactional experience.

EVM Compatibility

Another reason for Bitgert’s improved adoption is its EVM compatibility feature. This feature makes it possible for developers to have a smooth experience when migrating or importing other EVM projects to its platform.

While Ethereum suffers from network congestion issues, it makes sense to migrate projects to an ecosystem that supports EVM and offers a premium transactional experience.

Bitgert’s rapidly growing adoption and its embrace by the crypto community will continue to direct its price trajectory upward even after the halving event.

Bitgert isn’t just one to watch, but one to invest in as well. Invest in Bitgert today.


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