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The Rise of Bitgert Coin: How It’s Reshaping the Crypto Landscape


With the growing list of altcoins in the crypto market, it is easy to get lost in the market noise without discovering any real solution to blockchain common challenges. In all of this noise, Bitgert is forging ahead with the introduction of innovative features that are putting it ahead of these other noise makers. But before we get too carried away with the innovations of Bitgert, let’s look at the root of all the current challenges we see today with cryptocurrencies and using the blockchain.

Without mincing words, blockchain stands as one of the most important innovations introduced in recent times. This is because of the opportunity it offers to solve the bottleneck that the traditional financial system was becoming already. It reduces transaction queues by removing middlemen and making everything run smoothly digitally. With the rise of the internet, this became a lot easier to engage.

However, with the rising population of blockchain users, we start seeing issues almost similar to the traditional financial system. Oh! Not the introduction of middlemen, decentralization fixed that already. However, the problem of slower transaction speed, lower ROI, and higher transactions became important issues to check.

However, the introduction of Bitgert into the crypto scene is gradually reshaping the market and restoring the crypto market to the innovative development it was when it was first introduced.

Bitgert: Making Innovation Pay the Bills

Let’s start with something that interests an average crypto investor; return on investment. Bitgert is making investments worthwhile with innovative features that keep driving the price up. Many altcoin projects expect to grow the price of the coin by relying solely on speculation, but this backfires quickly once the hype starts going down. But Bitgert knows that speculation alone will not take the Bitgert BRISE to the top, so it ensures other real-world factors contribute positively to the price of the Bitgert coin.

Using real-world use cases as a focus, Bitgert can provide solutions to problems users face while transacting with crypto coins. This approach combined with the community speculative push is a strategy that is reshaping the way Bitgert coin is viewed and demanded.

A New Approach to Transactions with Bitgert BRISE

Bitgert is a coin ensuring that crypto transactions are fast, cheap, and secure. Without these 3 features, the crypto transaction is no different from the traditional banking transactions you used to know. First, Bitgert checks that transactions become faster hence the introduction of a consensus mechanism that reduces the time it takes to validate transactions.

Bitgert’s Proof of Authority consensus mechanism is currently working at a speed that validates over 100,000 transactions per second. With this fast transaction speed, it has finally reduced the queue of transactions which now makes all transactions a high priority reducing its gas fees and increasing its security.

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