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The Nilam Resources Controversy: CEO Resigns, Calls Bitcoin Acquisition a “Pump and Dump”


Nilam Resources, a micro-cap investment holding company, has found itself at the center of controversy following its announcement of plans to acquire 24,800 Bitcoin, worth approximately $1.7 billion. The news sent the company’s share price soaring by an astonishing 1,700%, reaching an all-time high of 33 cents on Tuesday, March 26, up from just 1.8 cents the previous week.


Nilam Resources, a micro-cap company, announced plans to acquire 24,800 Bitcoin worth $1.7 billion, causing its share price to surge by 1,700%.
OTC Markets Group has flagged Nilam Resources as a “public interest concern” and “Shell Risk,” issuing a “buyer beware” warning to investors.
Many in the crypto community doubt Nilam Resources’ ability to execute the ambitious plan, with some calling it a “marketing stunt” or a “pump and dump” scheme.
Former Nilam Resources CEO Ron McIntyre resigned, claiming the press release was issued without his review and that he lacked detailed knowledge of the deal.
The financial status of Nilam Resources and its partner Xyberdata raises questions about their ability to raise the necessary funds for the Bitcoin acquisition.

However, the meteoric rise in Nilam Resources’ stock price has been met with skepticism and concern from both the financial and cryptocurrency communities. OTC Markets Group, the firm that operates the OTC Pink platform for over-the-counter stock trading, has labeled Nilam Resources (NILA) as “Caveat Emptor,” a designation reserved for companies deemed worthy of a “buyer beware” warning.

This “public interest concern” may stem from various factors, including spam campaigns, questionable stock promotion, regulatory suspensions, or other disruptive corporate actions.

OTC Markets has also flagged Nilam Resources as a “Shell Risk,” suggesting that the company is likely a shell company based on its annual financial data and income-related metrics. This designation has only added to the growing concerns surrounding the legitimacy of Nilam Resources’ ambitious Bitcoin acquisition plan.

Nilam Resources Inc Stock Price

Many prominent figures within the cryptocurrency community have expressed doubts about Nilam Resources’ ability to follow through with the proposed acquisition. Bitcoin analyst and Adamant Research editor Tuur Demeester initially shared the announcement on X (formerly Twitter) but later removed his tweet after a commenter pointed out that it appeared to be a “stunt from a dying penny stock.”

I removed my tweet about that gold explorer buying 24k BTC, after a commenter pointed out that it’s indeed a stunt from a dying penny stock (market cap of $5M). Perhaps it’s a harbinger of what will come, but this, indeed, is _not_ huge news.

(press release:… pic.twitter.com/Vd4p4Dpm6d

— Tuur Demeester (@TuurDemeester) March 25, 2024

Similarly, crypto YouTuber and Web3 company co-founder Quinten Francois accused the filing of being a “marketing stunt,” a tactic common among failing small-cap stocks.

Dylan LeClair, director of market intelligence at digital asset fund UTXO Management, also shared his reservations, noting that while a letter of intent is one thing, executing the plan is another matter entirely.

He suggested that the announcement was likely a PR stunt and would ultimately fail due to a lack of genuine demand for the equity sale.

The controversy surrounding Nilam Resources has been further compounded by the resignation of its former CEO, Ron McIntyre.

In a stunning revelation, McIntyre claimed that the press release announcing the Bitcoin acquisition was issued without his review and that he lacked detailed knowledge of the deal.

When asked about his decision to resign, McIntyre pointed to the stock’s chart, describing it as a “classic pump and dump” scheme. He also warned of a potential FINRA investigation into Nilam Resources.

Questions have also been raised about the financial status of Nilam Resources and its partner in the acquisition, Mauritius-based company Xyberdata. Corporate snapshots project Nilam Resources’ earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) at a mere $2 million.

Meanwhile, Xyberdata’s unaudited financial statements reveal approximately $70 million in shareholder funds, with only $1.5 million in cash on hand. These figures fall significantly short of the estimated $1.2 billion required to acquire the 24,800 Bitcoin, casting further doubt on the feasibility of the proposed deal.

As the controversy surrounding Nilam Resources continues to unfold, investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike are left to navigate the murky waters of what appears to be a highly questionable investment opportunity.

The stark warnings issued by OTC Markets Group, coupled with the skepticism expressed by industry experts and the shocking revelations from the company’s former CEO, paint a troubling picture of a potential “pump and dump” scheme designed to exploit unsuspecting investors.

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