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Apeiron Game: Bybit to Host $APRS Launchpool Staking and Airdrop Event


Foonie Magus, the creators of the web3 god game Apeiron, have announced the launch of their core ecosystem token $APRS (Apeiros) on Bybit, a leading cryptocurrency exchange with a user base of 20 million.

This launch marks a significant milestone for Apeiron, which has seen impressive growth since its debut on Ronin in December, with daily active users increasing from 8,000 to 50,000, representing a 525% growth.


Apeiron’s core ecosystem token $APRS (Apeiros) has launched on Bybit, a top cryptocurrency exchange.
Apeiron is a web3 god game with over 50k daily active users, featuring NFT-centric gameplay.
$APRS will be used for expanding the Apeiron NFT ecosystem, breeding Planet NFTs, minting Apostles, and in-game purchases.
Bybit will host a Launchpool staking event and an Airdrop Extravaganza for $APRS.
Apeiron’s global mobile game launch, featuring PvE and story mode, is expected in Q2 2024.

Apeiron is a unique casual competitive hybrid mobile game that combines elements of god games and card-based combat. Players take on the role of a godly avatar, tasked with converting their planet’s Doods into followers, summoning miracles to shape their worlds, and engaging in battles against the forces of the Mad God Chaos. The game’s NFT-centric model adds an extra layer of strategic depth, allowing players to trade and invest in the world they help develop.

The $APRS token will serve as the core ecosystem token for Apeiron, primarily used for expanding the game’s NFT ecosystem.
Players will have the ability to breed new Planet NFTs and mint Apostles using the marketplace DAPP and $APRS.
These NFTs can be used for playing, renting, or selling, giving players greater control over their in-game assets.
The forthcoming Apeiron Top-up Store will allow players to exchange $APRS for Aperium, the in-game currency, which can be used for purchasing seasonal Battle Passes, additional inventory space, and training the DoodGPT NPC AI system.

Frank Cheng, CEO of Foonie Magus, emphasized the significance of Apeiron’s tokenomics, stating that it represents the next generation of Web3 gaming by building upon the concepts laid by Axie Infinity’s token breeding model.

This model correlates NFT value with their actual cost creation, and when combined with scholarship and rentals, it was a key factor in Axie’s success. Apeiron aims to refine this model further by implementing supply management and vigilant monitoring.

To celebrate the $APRS listing, Bybit will host a Launchpool staking event from March 26th to April 11th, allowing players to buy and stake $APRS to earn more tokens. In addition, Bybit and Apeiron are launching an Airdrop Extravaganza, where players can complete social media and referral tasks to earn more $APRS.

Apeiron’s Arena Open Beta is currently available on the Epic Game Store, with the global mobile game launch planned for Q2 2024. The mobile version will introduce a new PvE and story mode, further expanding the game’s universe and offering players a more immersive experience.

Apeiron’s success can be attributed to its innovative approach to web3 gaming, combining classic god game elements with NFT-based gameplay and a robust ecosystem.

The game has already generated one of the largest single-game seed fundings in web3, raising $24 million from investors including Hashed, IVC, Morningstar Ventures, Spartan Group, and DeFiance.

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