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Saga Network: Unveils Origins Publishing Arm, Airdrop & Mainnet Launch


Saga, a leading Layer-1 blockchain protocol and developer ecosystem in the Web3 space, has made a significant announcement during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2024.

The company unveiled its new game publishing division, Saga Origins, which aims to bring cutting-edge, high-quality games to the market. This landmark move makes Saga the first and only Layer-1 blockchain to establish a dedicated game publishing arm for developers to partner with for their project releases.


Saga announced its Saga Origins game publishing arm, becoming the first Layer-1 blockchain protocol to establish a dedicated game publishing division.
Saga Origins will offer full-service support to game developers, including partnerships with influencers, user acquisition campaigns, community building, and promotional support.
Saga recently completed its “The Three Kingdoms” airdrop campaign with partners Avalanche, Polygon, and Solana, rewarding players with $SAGA tokens for their participation.
The company also announced that it will launch its mainnet in April, enabling game makers on its platform to publish their games.
Saga has 335 Innovator projects building on its protocol, with 80% being games, and has established partnerships with Polygon, Avalanche, and Celestia.

Saga Origins is committed to providing a comprehensive and collaborative approach to help games reach a global mass market. Unlike the traditional model where developers secure grants solely for building and launching their games, Saga Origins offers additional beneficial support. This includes partnerships with influencers to generate awareness, sponsored user acquisition campaigns, community building, and promotional support.

Saga Mainnet. April 2024. pic.twitter.com/eqfpybExUb

— Saga ⛋ (@Sagaxyz__) March 20, 2024

The company has already demonstrated its commitment to rewarding players and fostering community engagement through its ongoing play-to-airdrop campaigns.

In these events, Saga collaborates with game studios and guilds to organize tournaments where players can earn highly sought-after $SAGA tokens for their participation.

The most recent example of this was the successful “The Three Kingdoms” airdrop campaign in January, which involved partners such as Avalanche, Polygon, and Solana.

Saga’s co-founder and CEO, Rebecca Liao, emphasized the company’s dedication to supporting game developers in the Web3 space. “Saga Origins is our love letter to the developers building games in Web3.

While the onus of bringing users to the platforms often falls on the game developers, we want to buck that convention and use our platform to bring users to the games instead,” Liao stated. She further added that Saga Origins will enable developers to create provocative, expansive, and uncompromising titles that will revolutionize the way people view game experiences.

The unveiling of Saga Origins took place during the Saga Multiverse Reveal event at GDC 2024. Liao delivered a keynote speech focusing on the Saga Multiverse, which is powered by both generative AI and blockchain technology, as well as the newly introduced Saga Origins. The event was attended by industry executives, game developers, and strategic partners, who engaged in discussions about the future of Web3 gaming.

Attendees were also treated to first looks and demos of games currently in development on the Saga chain, such as Rogue Nation, a fast-paced modern rogue-like game, and Another World, a metaverse game that supports crossover IP and community engagement.

In addition to the Saga Origins announcement, the company revealed that its mainnet launch is scheduled for April.

This highly anticipated event marks the culmination of more than two years of dedicated work by the Saga core team to provide the most performant and cost-effective infrastructure possible for Web3 developers. The mainnet launch will bring together Web3 gaming in an extensive campaign designed to benefit the entire Saga community.

Saga’s position as a leading Layer-1 protocol is further bolstered by the fact that there are 335 Innovator projects and counting building on its protocol, with an impressive 80% of them being games.

The company has also established key partnerships with prominent Web3 projects such as Polygon, Avalanche, and Celestia, cementing its status as a leader in Web3 development.

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