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Bitget Wallet Introduces BWB Token and Airdrop Program


Bitget Wallet, a leading Web3 wallet in Asia, has announced the launch of its official ecosystem token, BWB, along with an innovative airdrop points program. The total supply of BWB tokens is set at 1 billion, with 5% allocated for community airdrops.


Bitget Wallet launches ecosystem token BWB with an airdrop points program
BWB has a total supply of 1 billion tokens, with 5% allocated for community airdrops
Bitget Wallet is the largest Web3 wallet in Asia and among the top five globally, with over 19 million users
Bitget Wallet offers a comprehensive range of features, including asset management, swap trading, and DApp browsing
Bitget Wallet aims to bring a billion users into Web3 and accelerate its journey towards community-driven governance

These airdrops will be distributed as BWB points, which users can exchange for actual BWB tokens in the future.

The airdrop campaign is divided into two parts: the “Initial Airdrop” for existing users and the “Task Airdrop” for users who complete specific activities.

Bitget Wallet has grown rapidly over the past five years, capitalizing on the rise of DeFi and the mainstreaming of Web3. It now boasts over 19 million users globally, making it the largest Web3 wallet in Asia and one of the top five globally.

The wallet’s growth was further boosted by a $15 million Series A financing round led by Dragonfly and a significant acquisition by Bitget, a top ten global centralized exchange, at a valuation of $300 million.

Bitget Wallet has refined the standards for Web3 wallet products, offering features such as a full-chain perspective, seamless cross-chain transactions, and an NFT marketplace.

The wallet has evolved into a comprehensive platform that includes a DEX aggregator, NFT marketplace, market analytics tool, Launchpad platform, inscription portal, and a Web3 task platform.

Bitget Wallet’s success is attributed to its ability to unveil the latest assets and investment opportunities, enabling users to maximize their earnings through innovative product features and strategic operations.

The wallet supports more than 100 major blockchains and numerous EVM-compatible networks, facilitating a seamless Web3 experience for users.

Bitget Swap, the wallet’s built-in swap feature, supports multi-chain transactions across more than 40 networks and aggregates data from hundreds of DEXs and cross-chain bridges.

Security is a top priority for Bitget Wallet, which has established the GetShield security system to safeguard every transaction and interaction.

The launch of BWB marks a new beginning for Bitget Wallet as it enters a new phase focused on introducing more innovative products and expanding its ecosystem. Bitget Wallet aims to bring a billion users into Web3, uncovering new assets and opportunities, and accelerating its journey towards a more community-driven governance model.

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