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It Runs Doom! Dogecoin (DOGE) Is Now a Perpetual Playground for Retro Gamers


One of the internet and hacking culture’s biggest phenomena has found a new home: Dogecoin. The original Doom was launched in 1993 and quickly became one of the most popular first-person shooters, long before the release of its source code in 1997. Since then, the game has been ported to devices as unexpected as ATMs, ultrasound scanners, calculators, and even toasters (kind of).

Twitter user “Mini Doge” announced on January 22nd that they had been able to port Doom into Dogecoin, meaning that anyone can now use the network to play the game. According to Mini Doge, the achievement is a reflection of the potential Dogecoin’s latest feature (Doginals) has to reshape the blockchain as a whole.

Ð is for Dogecoin!

Ð is for Doginals!

Ð is for DOOM on Dogecoin! ????

Now inscribed on Dogecoin blockchain forever!????

Play it now on-chain: https://t.co/Xhfqyktva5 or click on the “content” link for full screen with mouse support and mobile support!

This game redefined… https://t.co/ysChvCSyrb pic.twitter.com/GWxZKQUfEe

— Mini Doge (@minidogeart) January 22, 2024

Using Dogecoin to Store Data

Getting the original Doom to run on unconventional devices is now seen as a badge of honor by many, with entire sites dedicated to tracking these achievements and offering bounties. It is not surprising then that someone eventually got Doom to “run” on blockchain, with Dogecoin being their network of choice.

Requiring only 4.2 MB of storage, around the average size of an MP3 file, Doom was uploaded to the Dogecoin network as Shibescription 61832420. While the game actually runs locally in the user’s browser, all of the data it requires is loaded directly from the network. Despite the small size of the data, the game is fully playable and doesn’t lack any of the features or other elements of the original game.

Shibescriptions make use of the Doginal standard, which was introduced to the Doge network in February 2023 by Apezord. Doginals are similar to Bitcoin’s Ordinals, as they allow users to inscribe information onto its smallest units “shibes” whereas Bitcoin uses “satoshis”. Thousands of Shibescription have been created ever since as people started using them to store gifs, images, text, and more.

Today is a good day shibes!!https://t.co/ZH3SoBv0Hn

Explorer and indexer for doginals is live!

Look at all the shibescriptions out there

We go fast now wooooof!@dogecoin @mercyshibemba @ordswap @GoodShibe @BillyM2k @DOGEmonkeys

— apezord (@apezord) March 3, 2023

Doginals Vs. Ordinals: Does Doge Lead the Pack?

While Doge’s Doginals are the network’s equivalent to Bitcoin’s Ordinals, Doginals have proven to be more powerful in many ways. The Doge Labs team highlights the reduced costs, improved efficiency, room for experimentation, and accessibility. Doginals also make it much easier to store data, as Bitcoin’s Ordinals can store up to 400KB if created without the help of a miner while Doginals have no such limitations.

Bitcoin’s Ordinals have also been found to be a potential vulnerability for the network by the U.S. National Vulnerability Database. The vulnerability, which was deemed to be of medium severity, could facilitate the obfuscation of malicious code.

This difference in capacity makes Doginals much more accessible to users looking to create interactive content using blockchain as their storage. Combine this with the considerably lower fees and “less serious” nature of Dogecoin and a playground for experimentation will naturally emerge.

Dogecoin is No Longer a Joke

Originally envisioned and designed to be a satire of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin’s relevance in meme culture transformed it into something else a long time ago. Today, the cryptocurrency is #11 by market capitalization, surpassing names like Tron, Polkadot, and Polygon.

Dogecoin’s success has also been linked to prominent figures like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk, both of whom have shown their support and love for the currency in the past. When X (formerly known as Twitter) dedicated an official account for its payment feature, investors speculated on the addition of Dogecoin as a valid payment method, driving the coin’s price.

The fusion of blockchain technology with retro gaming on Dogecoin is just an example of how resilient the crypto community (and its trends) can be. Over a decade after its launch, Dogecoin remains an example of how a strong community can drive sustained growth and innovation in the blockchain space.

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