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Hong Kong Firms Plan First Bitcoin ETF to Capture Crypto Investment Demand


Hong Kong-based asset management firm Value Partners has forged a strategic alliance with digital asset investment specialists VSFG to construct access bridges between virtual currencies and conventional finance.

As a first objective crystallizing from the collaborative memo of understanding, the pair will pool their complimentary competencies to architect a spot bitcoin exchange traded fund customized for the Hong Kong market.


Hong Kong asset manager Value Partners is partnering with virtual asset manager VSFG.
They aim to bring innovative virtual asset investment solutions to retail and institutional investors.
As a first initiative, they plan to collaborate on launching a spot bitcoin ETF in Hong Kong.
The bitcoin ETF aims to provide exposure to bitcoin while benefiting from the convenience and efficiency of the ETF structure.
This leverages Value Partners’ ETF expertise and VSFG’s experience as Hong Kong’s first regulated virtual asset manager.

By fusing Value Partners’ three-decade track record in asset management with VSFG’s pioneering role as the city’s inaugural licensed virtual asset manager, the union targets retail and institutional exposure to digital currency investments via familiar ETF wrappers.

“We have made the strategic move to embark on this partnership with VSFG, a pioneering virtual asset manager in Hong Kong,” explained Value Partners CEO June Wong. “The plan to launch a spot bitcoin ETF marks our first collaborative initiative, offering Hong Kong investors exposure to the world’s largest digital asset, all while enjoying the convenience and efficiency of the ETF vehicle.”

First Bitcoin ETF Seeking First Mover Advantage

Subject to necessary regulatory approval, the prospective spot bitcoin fund would directly echo the cryptocurrency’s going price movements rather than through derivatives as in some offshore products.

By securing Hong Kong’s maiden compliant pureplay bitcoin investment ETF, should they receive the green light, Value Partners and VSFG envisage commanding front runner status within the territory.

“Through our combined efforts with Value Partners on the development of a spot bitcoin ETF, we aim to support Hong Kong to become an international virtual assets centre,” said VSFG Chairman Lawrence Chu.

For Value Partners, introducing professionally managed virtual asset choices coheres with its wider mandate of funneling digital investment formulations to its client register. And a spot bitcoin fund neatly conjoins its ETF product manufacturing strengths with surging client demand for crypto offerings.

Meanwhile VSFG outpaced local contemporaries in becoming the first SFC approved digital asset manager back in 2020. This hard won regulatory oversight should streamline navigating approbation processes for the collaborative bitcoin ETF.

By pooling their contrasting competencies both entities can sculpt an easy access bitcoin fund meeting all appropriate compliance checkpoints to satisfy investor risk policies, whether institutions or individuals.

And if they clinch the maiden Hong Kong listed spot bitcoin ETF slot, first mover dominance beckons at the profitable junction of conventional asset management and crytpo assets.

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