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VeChain Boosts Support for Ecosystem Builders with Juiced Up $100K Grant Scheme


Enterprise blockchain platform VeChain has unveiled an amped up follow-up to its initial developer grant program, increasing the possible funding amount five-fold to $100K. Dubbed Grant 2.0, the revitalized initiative also introduces new grant formats alongside superior support mechanisms for grant winners.


VeChain has upgraded its developer grant program, Grant 2.0, to offer more funding (up to $100k), new grant formats, and greater support.
The focus is now solely on funding sustainability-focused decentralized apps and ecosystems.
There is a more streamlined submission process to remove rigid requirements and speed things up.
Marketing, micro grants, and greater weighting for sustainability alignment have been introduced.
Sustainability grant recipients will get extra support like BCG mentor networks, VC opportunities, website/social media exposure.

It forms part of VeChain’s overarching drive to foster the migration of enterprises and individuals towards sustainable systems enabled by blockchain tech. And by addressing points of friction, boosting assistance for builders, and reconfiguring the focus on sustainability, Grant 2.0 seeks to further cultivate the decentralized ecosystems that will facilitate this transition.

Over $100K Funding per Project

Whereas the preceding grant scheme capped awards at $30K, the limit has now risen more than three-fold to make available up to $100K per project. For developers devoted to constructing sustainability-centered applications, this hike eliminates funding concerns hindering complex builds.

VeChain CEO Sunny Lu said enhanced grants are crucial to empowering developers creating sustainability-driving ecosystems and collective global impact. “Blockchain is the most effective way to incentivize sustainable activity by enterprises and individuals,” he explained. “Prioritizing developers through maximized funding and assistance reaffirms our commitment to this mission.”

Beyond heightened dollar amounts, the improvements also introduce marketing and micro grants for more modest community marketing pushes or minor tool integrations respectively.

Streamlined Submissions and Sustainability Weighting

By implementing a designated website for project proposals, VeChain has smoothed technical rigidities surrounding applications. This upgrade came in direct response to earlier participant feedback highlighting sticky submission procedures.

On top of process enhancements, the grading rubric has shifted more towards sustainability as well. Initiatives aligned with VeChain’s “X-to-Earn” vision for sustainability focused DApps will enjoy superiority throughout the review process.

Supports Ecosystem Builders with Global Backing

For builders crafting ecosystems that drive sustainability on the grant, assistance scales up dramatically too under Grant 2.0. Winners gain access to complementary aids like the BCG mentor network, pitching possibilities in front VC investors, and guaranteed real estate across VeChain’s channels.

Through coupling heightened funding amounts with fortified supports, the program seeks to establish long-running relationships with ecosystem developers. The desired outcome is fully-fledged decentralized apps changing behaviours, systems, and driving collective sustainability.

Grant 2.0 Cements VeChain’s Growing Reputation as Blockchain Climate Leader

With sustainability central to vision since inception, VeChain’s carbon management prowess has seen it emerge as an enterprise blockchain leader within the climate sphere. Its advanced carbon ecosystem and role in China’s emissions trading scheme won plaudits last year.

By placing Grant 2.0’s emphasis onto sustainability, VeChain solidifies its positioning at the intersection of climate and blockchain. And through the program’s funding might, the platform can ignite decentralised experiments tackling entrenched carbon intensive legacy models.

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