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Whales go bullish on SAVA stock: where to buy the Cassava Sciences stock


The Cassava Sciences stock (NASDAQ: SAVA) has been very bullish over the past month. It has gained more than 58% in a span of 30 days and investors are still bullish on the stock.

Yesterday, a whale with a lot of money to spend took a noticeably bullish stance on the SAVA stock. Besides the whale, the majority of traders have opened call positions on the SAVA stock compared to put options hinting at how optimistic investors are about the stock.

To help stock investors who want to invest in the SAVA stock, Invezz has created a brief guide on where they can buy it.

To find out more, please continue reading.

Where to buy Cassava Sciences stock                     


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What is Cassava Sciences?

Cassava Sciences is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that develops drugs for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. It was previously known as Pain Therapeutics, Inc.

Its top therapeutic products include simufilam, which is a small molecule drug, and SavaDx, which is a blood-based diagnostic drug for detecting Alzheimer’s disease.

It is a publicly-traded company and it trades on Nasdaq, under the ticker SAVA. Nasdaq recently announced that it is starting to offer crypto custody via its new Digital Assets unit.

Should I buy the SAVA stock today?

If you are looking to take advantage of a stock whose price has largely gained over the past month, then the SAVA stock could be a good choice.

However, it is still not clear how far the current bull trend will go.

Cassava Sciences stock price prediction

Based on a forecast from several stock analysts, the SAVA stock is expected to continue rising in the coming days and possibly surge above $40 by the end of this week.

$SAVA social media trends

– I wouldn’t be surprised with a 80% gain tomorrow – shorts will fuel it and everyone knows this is a 100 dollar stock –

key indicator is a 40+ open.

— Joseph Bowen (@Jos_bowen) September 20, 2022

$SAVA Cassava Sciences was up over 28% today after a Freedom of Information request letter was issued. Also called in the watchlist prior to Monday when it was trading around $30. https://t.co/Po6sqyUPmj pic.twitter.com/3J0jyA5sDb

— TradingSecrets (@TradingSecrets7) September 20, 2022

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