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Game Of Silks & Arbitrum Team Up To Provide Layer-2 Solution For Horse Racing Metaverse


The first derivative Play-to-Earn metaverse Game of Silks announced its partnership with layer-2 protocol Artribum in efforts to deliver users better on-platform experience.

Under the partnership, Game of Silks will take advantage of scalability solutions and negate constraints affecting the Ethereum blockchain.

The collaboration aims to address one of the major issues with Ethereum blockchain – scalability, which has led to high gas fees, low transaction throughput and liquidity.

The main goal is to scale beyond these current technical constraints and provide better user experience for Silks’ metaverse.

Game of Silks Will be Faster

Creating better functionality is an essential move since developments on Ethereum today currently face numerous network limitations. While Ethereum offers top-notch network security and developer tools, it is plagued by slow speeds and high transaction fees.

Many of these problems are expected to be tackled once the network combines with the Beacon Chain. Unfortunately, the long-awaited Ethereum’s merge has been in delay for several months, forcing GameFi and Metaverse developers to explore other solutions.

Game of Silks sees Arbiotrum as a way to enhance liquidity and throughput. Arbitrum’s rollup (OPU) is a scaling solution that can perform many of the computations required for off-chain decentralized applications (dApps).

Furthermore, the layer-2 solution improve transaction throughput more highly compared to Ethereum. By performing calculations off-chain, Arbitrum’s fees are minimized, ranging between 10-100x cheaper.

Faster and Cheaper is Better

The ultimate purpose of every GameFi project, including Silks, is the user experience. This will be accomplished through the use of Arbitrum’s L2 technology.

Another significant feature of Arbitrum is its EVM compatibility, which will make it easier for developers to join the network. Notably, Arbitrum has the most liquidity of any Ethereum rollup solution to date. GameFi efforts such as Game of Silks rely on liquidity.

A.J. Warner, Chief Strategy Officer of Offchain Labs, the team behind Arbitrum said,

“We are thrilled to be working with the Game of Silks team to bring their horse racing themed metaverse to Arbitrum.”

The team at Game Silks is determined to acquire achievements through the partnership.

Game of Silks is a pioneering play-to-earn (P2E) game developed on the Ethereum blockchain. The game itself incorporates a rich metaverse known as Horse Racing Metaverse.

In this virtual world, players can buy avatars and participate in thrilling gameplay components. The gameplay of Silks is entirely based on the real world of thoroughbred horse racing. In addition to having fun in the game world, players can earn money through in-game activities.

Amazing Gameplay

Silks horses can be owned by players using non-fungible tokens.

Even more intriguing, each horse is linked to a real-life thoroughbred racehorse. This one-of-a-kind function is made possible by the utilization of large databases on aspects such as horse lineage, training progress, and racing performance.

Michael Lira, Head of Technology for Silks highlighted,

“We choose Arbitrum over other L2 solutions for its exponential method of increasing scalability and speed to the Ethereum network, without sacrificing security. We see this as extremely important to our users and allows us to add greater game utility and build a more expansive metaverse experience.”

Arbitrum is a layer-2 protocol that uses Optimistic Rollups technology to efficiently and compactly encapsulate smart contract execution data on Ethereum, enhancing transaction speed and lowering costs.

The platform functions as a network layer independent from the mainnet, reducing residual transactions on the ETH mainnet by simplifying smart contract validation using the Arbitrum Rollup protocol.

Arbitrum previously raised $2 million in funding headed by Tropical Racing to accelerate the development of the Silks ecosystem and metaverse. Arbitrum’s cooperation will provide Silks with numerous chances to improve the user experience.

With the interest in blockchain-based gaming on the upshot, the investments that Game of Silks is making could mean big growth down the line.

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