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Arker – The Legend of Ohm: A Korean Style Play-to-Earn Turn-Based Game


Arker is a game that places you within the role of controlling a hero along with his pet in order to regain control of the dominion of Ohm.

But know this, you’ll not fight alone! You’ll have the chance to be a part of a clan to attain your goal but it’ll not be easy! The enemy will always try to defeat you and your clan. This game let’s you play in a great environment – and earn rewards.

Skills, runes, equipment, characters, pets and incredible PVP / PVE content will make your stay in Ohm unforgettable.

Arker is inspired by the mythical games of Korea fast-play and can not only be a fun game but it’ll allow you to share moments with other friends and acquire great rewards.

Get Into The Game With Arker

The Arker model is built on “play to earn” from the start you may be able to obtain items which can be sold within the marketplace which will cause you to obtain financial rewards.

Players can win rewards by:

Fighting against other players will allow you to earn FoA tokens
Playing PVE you’ll be able to get rewards or items which will be traded within the marketplace
Performing daily missions
Competing within the guild war
Holding special events

The game currently has 2 battle modes:

Battle – Normal PVP: To play during this mode it is necessary to buy a ticket that includes a value of a group amount of FoA tokens. Other users with another ticket can join your battle and fight. Winner receives FoA tokens, gold and knowledge as rewards. Losers receive experience and gold.
Showdown – Fight the image of your character to understand experience within the sport.

Here are some great features that are coming soon:

PVE – Destined to urge runes which are able to be applied to the characters to boost their base stats. There may also be the possibility of receiving summoning scrolls or skins still as FoA tokens.
Guild War – Establishes warfare in Ohm’s kingdom. For this to happen, 10 players will form a guild and fight against another one. Within the guild war the winner who accumulates the simplest total score will get a wonderful reward in tokens.

Getting You Started!

Arker is simple to play. Here is how you can start playing with the platform.


To bring the hero to battle, the player must prepare them by equipping their character with a helmet, armor, weapon, boots and eight abilities, which, as a whole, cannot exceed a price of fifty wisdom.


The matchmaking system will choose the foremost suitable player among the available ones that the difference between the degree of both heroes is the minimum possible.

To do this, the system will initially look for a rival with a maximum difference of up to three levels. If impractical, the search range is extended to a difference of six levels. If a rival isn’t yet achieved, the hero will fight against a balanced bot for his opponent.


Once in combat, the system will randomly select four of their eight equipped abilities for each hero. it’ll even be randomly selected which player starts first.

The hero chosen to attack first will have 30 seconds to choose on one of their four abilities, also as an amount of energy to use along with that ability.

Once selected, the other player goes to be notified of which ability the opponent will use, but not what amount of energy is to be used.

Thus, the player must think what ability and amount of energy to beat his opponent’s attack, again with a 30 seconds limit to decide on.

Once both have chosen, the hero who has used a more powerful ability, taking into account the energy used together will do the damage to the other hero.

The next turn, the other player will start the round. In this way, the battle will end when a hero has exhausted all his life or both players have used their four

End of the game and rewards:

At the highest of the game both players will get rewarded with experience and gold. The winning player will receive, additionally to greater experience and gold, 95% of the arkers who had punt the game.

The gold will allow the player to urge “skins boxes”. With ARKERs, the player should buy arks which will contain six items.

Four of these are normal, the fifth will have a 50% chance of being normal, 40% of being rare and 10% of being extraordinary, and also the sixth will have a 70% chance of being rare and 30% of being extraordinary.

All items are tradable within the Arker Marketplace!

Players will have daily missions available to urge FoA tokens completely freed from charge.

To do this, they have to log in daily and play a game against AI (free). This may allow you to induce daily reward tokens. Additionally, if the player performs 10 human / human PVP games, they’re going to get additional tokens.

Classes of Characters:

Berserker, Alchemist, Izarian… Discover the unique characteristics of each class likewise because the most effective combination of abilities or objects for each class.


A hero is powerful, but a clan is much stronger. Found or join a clan and fight together to induce the control of Ohm’s city to attain access to the ARKER mines.


The most precious mineral that exists; desired as a coin by some and as a source of energy by others. Some have died trying to know it, others just have adapted to its existence.


Find the right balance between the various abilities that exist and permit your hero to win even the foremost difficult battles.


Buy and/or sell abilities or objects within the market with other players and procure a good few ARKER fragments in trade.

Game Modes:

Find an opponent for a skirmish and earn a reputation or a duel in exchange for ARKER; or go it alone in history mode (coming soon).

Pets, Items, and talents

Items are equipable objects which will give your hero an additional amount of life or energy during battle.

The thing is equipped as a helmet, armor, weapon or boots, and may be exclusive for one class or a minimum level. additionally, the item equipped as a weapon will give an energetic ability that will be utilized by the hero once per combat.

Abilities are the attacks that your hero can perform during a battle.

Each ability includes a cost of wisdom, that the player can give his hero eight abilities with a maximum wisdom in total. Once in a battle, four of the skills previously given to the hero are randomly selected.

Pets can accompany you during the sport which is able to offer you benefits in your battles. Each pet will have their own special ability.

Arker is Here for Gamers

Arker looks like a lot of fun. It is very easy to navigate the menus and to fight. Adjusting the energy bar before each attack gives a sense of mystery to the match.

You never know if it is enough energy to win the round. Kept me on the edge of my seat. I was very engaged with the game and with the incentive of P2E to back it up. That’s more of a reason to play.

If you want to start playing right now – just click here!

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