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Where to buy Twitter stock as it rises on Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter shares


The price of the Twitter stock has been on the rise since Friday when Elon Musk opened a discussion on whether another social media platform should be developed citing a lack of transparency and freedom of speech on Twitter.

The bullish trend gathered momentum yesterday after Musk went ahead to buy a majority of Twitter shares making him the largest shareholder in Twitter. The general public has a lot of expectations following the recent developments with the majority expecting Elon to introduce Dogecoin tips on Twitter.

To help stock investors who want to buy Twitter stock, Invezz has created a brief article on what it is and where to buy it.

To find out more, please continue reading.

Where to buy Twitter Stock


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What is Twitter stock?

Twitter stock is the stock of Twitter and it trades on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol NYSE: TWTR.

Twitter is an American social network company that runs the Twitter microblogging and social networking platform. It was co-founded by Jack Dorsey who was the CEO till November 29, 2021.

Jack Dorsey is also the founder and CEO of Square, which is a digital payments company.

Twitter users post ad interact with messages (Tweets) on various issues.

Should I buy the Twitter stock today?

If you want to invest in a social media platform, then buying Twitter stock could be a good choice.

However, it is unclear how Elon Musk shall change Twitter’s conduct and how those actions shall impact Twitter’s revenue and share price.

Twitter stock price prediction

The majority of stock analysts expect Twitter stock price shall continue to rally into the near future following Elon Musk’s purchase of a majority of Twitter shares. They forecast that it shall hit $55 by the end of April if it continues on the same trajectory.

$TWTR stock social media coverage

Not only do we need Trump back in the White House we need him back on Twitter giving us hourly updates! Also good for Twitter stock price! And free speech! @elonmusk

— Randy Quaid (@RandyRRQuaid) April 4, 2022

Elon Musk is taking a 9% stake in Twitter. Stock currently on its way to Pluto, up 25% in the pre-market.

— Joe Concha (@JoeConchaTV) April 4, 2022

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