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Players Earn An Average $1,215 USDT With WonderHero in First Three Weeks


After only 3 weeks, the play-to-earn WonderHero grants players an income of over 1,200$, meaning players have earned a lot on the platform!

The Play-to-Earn Game Attracting Players Due to Significant Earnings

The rise of interest in NFT continues to strongly increase, especially in the play-to-earn game market where players can earn real money from what they get in the game. WonderHero, a play-to-earn mobile RPG game, has achieved its new milestone.

According to an announcement, the play-to-earn game has granted its players an average income of 1,215 USDT in the first 20 days. This has also proven the significant profitability of the game for its players.

In addition, that is also a substantial revenue stream amid crypto markets being affected by overarching bearish market conditions.

Those mentioned high earnings come from $WND, $HON, and NFT earnings. The average account token income is $3.27 USDT per day. It is also supplemented by the average NFT worth of every account which is currently at $1,150 USDT.

WonderHero is the first play-to-earn mobile game that is available on iOS and Android platforms where players can earn rare NFTs by collecting Heroes, Weapons, and equipment to enter RPG combat and sell them on a peer-to-peer marketplace.

A Great Way to Earn

All assets in the game are tokenized as NFTs and can be traded freely. In-game tokens and NFT are rewarded to players when they complete battles.

To date, it is recorded that over 1.4 million battles have been implemented by nearly 11,000 active users and players have made 200% ROI from the day they started playing.

These battles made 22.2 million $HON tokens and 129,000 $WND for players, with the average NFT sale at 51 USDT. The combined trading volume of those NFTs is $2.5 million USDT.

The highest demands are on Weapon and Hero Skin NFTs. The most-valuable Weapon NFT traded for $2,000 USDT while the most expensive Hero Skin NFT was $1,999 USDT. Meanwhile, equipment NFTs have the highest sale price is $400 USDT at the present.

In addition to its yield system, WonderHero offers many other ways for players to earn income while playing. The game offers unique guild features which allow users to lend their NFTs in a system that already has over 50 guilds using it.

Besides, the Guilds introduce scholarship opportunities for newcomers to help them easier access the WonderHero ecosystem. To date, there are 54 guilds and 3,248 scholars.

WonderHero Continues Developing

As the wave of people tend to play-to-earn games increased, WonderHero also has launched more features to gain chances of getting NFTs and tokens for players.

One of the big developments in the WonderHero PvP Arena which was introduced on February 28. It is highly anticipated.

The new feature lets players compete for ranking on the top leaderboard. There are five ranks which are from Black Iron to Legendary for them to achieve. Players are divided into groups of 30 every week to play and climb the rankings for attractive rewards.

Players who reach the highest rank in their group will advance to the next rank to compete in the following week. The top 100 players of each ranking and their Guild names will be made public through a leaderboard on the WonderHero website.

WonderHero has raised $1.845 million through several fundraising rounds before its launching on January 26. More and more people are looking to play to earn games to earn an online income.

The play-to-earn game also has partnered with gamers in regions that have a strong interest in play-to-earn gaming on mobile devices including the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Currently, The WonderHero game is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Check it out – and start earning!

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