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Top 4 FTSE 100 exposed to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis


The FTSE 100 crashed by more than 2% on Monday as the fallout of the Russian invasion of Ukraine continued. The index is trading at £7,396, which is lower than the year-to-date high of £7,700. Here are some of the top FTSE 100 stocks with exposure to the Russian crisis.

Rolls-Royce Holdings

Rolls-Royce Holdings (LON: RR) is a giant British corporation that manufactures products for airlines and governments. The firm makes most of its money selling and servicing aircraft engines to companies like IAG and Lufthansa. Its presence in Russia is a bit limited considering that it makes just 2% of its revenue in the country.

However, the company is set to suffer because of titanium, an important component in aircraft engines. The company buys most of its titanium from Russia. Other leading producers of the metal are China, Japan, and Kazakhstan. 

Therefore, there is a likelihood that the Rolls-Royce share price will continue falling as the crisis escalates. Another challenge is that airlines could see a challenge as they emerge from the pandemic.


Evraz (LON: EVR) is a leading company that is mostly owned by Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea. It is a vertically-integrated mining and steel manufacturing company that published strong results last week. The firm said that its total revenue rose to z10.6 billion in 2021 as demand for steel and aluminum jumped. Its profit jumped to z3.1 billion while its free cash flow rose to $2.2 billion.

Evraz share price collapsed by more than 20% as investors reacted to the latest Russian sanctions. While Abramovic has not been sanctioned, the company will find it difficult doing business and raising capital because of its Russian presence.


BP (LON: BP) is a leading British company that focuses on oil and gas and other petrochemicals. The company’s stock price crashed by more than 2% on Monday morning. This happened after the company announced that it will dispose of its $20 billion stake in Rosneft, one of the leading companies in Russia.

The stock dropped because of how lucrative the business is to BP. It typically brings in more than $2 billion in profits every year.


Polymetal (LON: POLY) is a leading company that provides precious metals like gold and silver. It also mines copper, one of the most useful industrial metals in the world. The company’s stock price crashed by more than 50% on Monday as worries of its business remained. This is mostly because all of its locations are currently in Russia.

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