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Authtrail Launches Community Round for Distribution of 30 Million AUT Tokens by Invitation-Only


The blockchain-based SaaS data integrity platform Authrail, has announced the creation of an invitation-only community, to benefit from acquiring AUT tokens at much lower prices.

AUT, the Authrail native tokens, will be available at market prices for the public that will later participate in the public Crowdsale. These events can be very exclusive, and hard to participate in.

Authrail, originally designed to add quality and integrity to enterprise data management, raised $ 3.6 mln from angel investors and various VCs in 2021.

This upcoming community will raise an additional $6 mln, by simply distributing u$ 30M AUT tokens to the whitelisted members.

Massive Interest in Authrail

Authrail is a market-ready data integrity platform, based in the Moonbeam ecosystem, that offers easy and inexpensive solutions to the always sensitive issue of data integrity.

Building up trust, optimizing their performances, and boosting their market reputations.

All of this is achieved by hashing and anchoring the data on the Moonbeam blockchain network, supported by the AUT utility token.

The Authrail ecosystem is also one of the first real-life cases, designed to run on Web3 at an enterprise level.

AUT Token

The AUT token´s value is again, directly linked to platform adoption, meaning that the more users and the more frequent usage, the higher its potential value goes.

This community will have early Access to the AUT token. Many investors seek early access to tokens to gain a price advantage.

Authrail will manage this event in two rounds:

Community Firstcomers Round: The first 1,000 contributions will start at u$ 1,000 and are capped at u$ 5,000 per user.
Community Round: First-serve basis, first-come. Contributions will start at u$1,000 with no upper cap.

AUT tokens will be available at u$ 0.2 per AUT. Hardly half the Price of their market Price in the public round.

The maximum supply of AUT is of 150 M. During this Authrail Community Round a total of 30 M AUT will be made available.

There will be a twelve months vesting schedule for the AUTs, with a three months Cliff. An equal vesting in months 4-12.

Only the Community members listed in the Authrail Whitelist can benefit from this Community Round. Applicants have to register on their sign-up page.

Unfortunately, this offer is not available to residents in the United States, Canada, Singapore, the People’s Republic of China, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the People’s Republic of Crimea Region of Ukraine.

Authrail is Growing Fast

Authrail is meant to connect the blockchain technology, and the always valuable enterprise data. The platform enables cheaper and faster blockchain transactions, by anchoring data in bundles to its Moonbeam network.

Unlike many of the legacy networks, Moonbeam offers fast transactions, as well as low costs.

Dealing with complex code snippets, paying high fees and waiting is a thing of the other solutions in the market.

Authrail runs fast, simple and cheap. It offers a user- friendly interface and an intuitive integration to simplify the transition.

Without compromising capacity or security, users can check on any of their product data history, or take a complete overview.

A new competitive edge is at hand for companies that can now show fast relevant and verified data.

Managers, employees, end-users, auditors and/or regulators can easily access trustable information about the company.

As more and more businesses are operating totally online, these tools will help companies keep valuable data safe. Without safe data systems, the results for both businesses and clients could be dire.

Helping digitized organizations to increase their productivity and making data management faster and more transparent, at low prices is Authrail´s goal.

To learn more about this offer from Authrail – please click here!

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