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Bitrue: Leading the Way in Crypto Investments


The goal of most investors is to maximize their capital by making smart investment choices. The advent of cryptocurrencies made this possible by creating digital assets that can serve as money and an investment vehicle.

However, the crypto sector has evolved in the past five years, and more use cases and applications have been introduced for cryptocurrencies. The most significant of them all is decentralized finance. DeFi has allowed anyone to access traditional financial services built using blockchain technology.

With this, investors can save their crypto assets for interest, stake them for long-term yields, and farm for new tokens. Bitrue is one of the platforms that offer a range of these services and is one of the reputable exchanges in the crypto world.

Explore the very best investment options on Bitrue

Bitrue was one of the pioneers of crypto investment services when it launched the Power Piggy in 2018. Power Piggy is like a crypto saving service where investors can save their assets in return for interests of up to 8.4% APR.

The success of Power Piggy paved the way for the development of crypto services tailored towards ensuring investors get the best result for their investments. Since then, Bitrue has expanded its services by launching two more investment features.

The first, called BTR Vote is a governance system where holders of the exchange’s token BTR get more utility for their asset. They can stake their coin in a voting process for new projects that want to get listed on the Bitrue exchange.

Once the project reaches a certain threshold of votes, it becomes listed on the exchange and those that voted for it then enter a 7-day staking phase. During this phase, they would be able to mine for the coin voted for. Several investors have taken advantage of BTR Vote and have earned up to 80% APR on new coins.

The second major investment service launched a few weeks ago is the yield farming hub. This unique service allows users to stake their crypto assets in staking pools for massive rewards. It is similar to the staking pools in DeFi protocols with a major caveat. Unlike in DeFi protocols, where investors have to worry about the risk of impermanent loss. With Bitrue’s yield farming hub, investors are covered as the exchange takes care of everything.

Furthermore, investors can also receive similar rewards of up to 60% APR on certain staking pools. Yield farming hub has become a popular investment service with tens of millions of dollars staked within its staking pools. In addition, Bitrue will be adding support of XRP and XLM, enabling users to receive double-digit interests on both assets.

XRP and XLM liquidity pools will offer 25% APR to investors that stake in them, making it the highest for both tokens in the crypto market. XLM and XRP are popular crypto assets, which is a popular move from Bitrue.

BTR: The yield token 

The investment projects offered by Bitrue are powered by its native token BTR, the dedicated yield token in existence. It allows users to access different financial services and maximize their returns.

BTR is also the governance token and enables users to leverage the earning opportunities on BTR Vote. So far, the token price has been performing well in the market, with more investors holding the token to ensure sustainable returns on their investments.

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