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Engines Of Fury: Redefining The Philosophy Of Blockchain Gaming


Engines Of Fury, an emerging blockchain-based game seeks to usher in a new dimension of crypto gaming through its unique gameplay and incredible 3D visuals. It aims to highlight the significance of traditional gaming.

Play-to-earn and NFTs games have spurred blockchain gaming to rocketing levels, with future-oriented infrastructure propelling the nascent space to mainstream acceptance.

The sector has soared to unimaginable highs with new projects innovatively blending crypto trailblazers– DeFi and GameFi, to reimagine old-fashioned thrills of gaming for fun and winning prizes. The space offers gamers true digital ownership, NFTs, interoperability, safety, decentralized assets exchange, and a player-driven economy. However, most crypto games circulating the industry today are designed with compelling propositions which often confines players to boring gameplay. For this gaming sphere to explode, developers must create crypto games that are more fun to play –games that incentivize skills instead of grind.

Meet Engines Of Fury (EOF)

Engines of Fury is Wager Based 3D PVE/PVP Arena Battler where champions engage with each other in retro-futuristic arenas. The emerging game incorporates a user-centric gameplay-first model that puts players first. It is a 3D watered PVP/PVP gameplay with the mission to create an addictive and engaging game that would address key issues in crypto games ranging from repetitive gameplay to uninteresting art themes with mundane gaming experience.

The team of ardent game developers and industry-leading experts created an alluring game with enthralling 3D visuals, an incredible art style, lifelike animation to keep players immersed in the game, and an intuitive and unambiguous UI/UX. As a next-gen NFT play-to-earn game, seeking to redefine the philosophy of regular blockchain games, Engines of Fury is bringing to the space, distinctive gameplay similar to conventional games but a more sophisticated artistic layout that will meet and exceed users demand.

A Retro-Futuristic Ecosystem

Engines Of Fury is building a retro-futuristic gaming ecosystem with a slew of unique and highly entertaining gameplay modes.  In the retro-futuristic gaming ecosystem, players can find different intriguing arenas, champions, and bosses, and also take part in quests to unlock new and exciting abilities, titanium schematic (recipes) as well as battle in PVP and PVE modes. As a player, you can create and keep upgrading your hero through training, fighting in the arena, and buying or forging powerful weapons and armour in the form of NFTs.

Gamers can fight against the Engine Guardians, get recipes and access to the Engine to enable them to build powerful weapons for a more engaging gaming experience. Moreover, they can battle against other players in one-on-one duels or tournaments to win tokens, a variety of bonus rewards and complete certain quests to learn the mechanics of the game including new skills and in-game items.

The Wager Based 3D PVE/PVP Arena Battler  will gradually expand into a full-blown open world MMORPG over the next 3-4 years.. Together with players and the token holder’s community who will be able to influence its direction and make informed decisions through DAO governance models. The game is set to hit major milestones over the next couple of months.

In-Game Economics ($FURY)

The game economics revolves around the project’s token $FURY, which makes the gameplay even more brilliant. With the token, players can participate in one-on-one fights and tournaments by staking tokens before fights and winners will be charged a small percentage (2%) of their earnings as a “winners fee”. The token allows the purchase of armour/weapon NFTs from the EoF marketplace and other players. Users can buy arenas with the native token and receive a commission from players fighting in the arenas.

Funding of $4 Million for New Prospects

With support from Animoca Brands, LD Capital, DoublePeak Ventures, Metavest, Decubate, Kyros Ventures, DWeb3, Metrix Capital, SL2, Raptor, Mintable, Polychain Monsters, BTC12, UNIX guild, GGG Guild, Metagaming guild, infinity guild, PIF guild,  Earn guild, Cosmic guild, Rainmaker Guild among other venture capitalists, EOF is raising over $4 million for the successful launch of the browser and mobile versions of the game in coming months.

Overall, EOF is creating a game that players will enjoy even without knowing the whims and fancies of the crypto world. The goal is to accelerate mainstream adoption by bringing the average gamer into the blockchain space.

Social channels:

Website: https://www.eof.gg/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Enginesoffury
Telegram: https://t.me/EnginesOfFury
Medium: https://enginesoffury.medium.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/kAHQfWBgmY
Instagram: https://discord.gg/kAHQfWBgmY

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