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Moonbeam Network Launches: Now Live on Polkadot


The fully Ethereum compatible smart contract Moonbeam platform, has launched on Polkadot. The game is on, and the Moonriver fans are thrilled with the new range of possibilities.

The now first fully operational parachain on Polkadot, opens a door for more than 80 projects to deploy on Moonbeam. It is all happening right now.

After the success of the usage and the DApp deployments of its sister ecosystem Moonriver on the Kusama network, expectations are really high. It promises to be a great way to develop new blockchain systems.

Moonbeam is Ready to GO

The launching process was divided in consecutives stages, to guarantee a smooth take-off. Over three weeks, beginning on Dec 17, new functionalities were gradually introduced and carefully verified.

First, the block production and the decentralization were set, and checked to be running well. Then, the team proceeded to remove the super user key (Sudo), and to enable the balance transfers and the EVM.

Once everything was properly checked, they increased the active set of collators to 48.

Now, users are allowed to start staking with collaborators, get their crowdloan rewards, and participate as active network members on the on-chain governance system, all through the balance transfers.

Well Funded and Making Progress

The Moonbeam Foundation carried out a crowdloan campaign that raised over 35M DOT, the Polkadot native token, ($944 million), to support its launch and release.

Over 200,000 supporters around the world heard the call, breaking two world records; the highest amount of DOT received by any parachain, and the largest number of contributors ever. That’s how high expectations are.

With all the features that Moonbeam offers, it is easy to see why.

A total of 45 million GLMR tokens (a 30% of the crowdloan rewards) has been distributed proportionally to contributions, among the participants.

The other 70% (105 million GLMR tokens) is vested linearly upon the 96 week lease period. Let’s not forget that the lease period started on Dec 17 2021, therefore, there are three weeks of vested GLMR tokens, for the contributors to claim already.

Also, there´s an additional 3,9 M+ GLMR or -2.6% of the pool available. The Moonbeam Foundation DApp clearly displays the distributed tokens, and offers a channel to claim any vested to date tokens as well.

The Tools to Develop Better Systems

These next weeks, are surely going to burst in a variety of infrastructure projects such as bridges, The Graph, Chainlink oracles, multisignature support and many more.

Users can now connect Moonbeam to MetaMask, to use their transferable GLMR tokens. Even if Moonriver users should have no problem in running on Moonbeam, here are some useful tutorials to sort out any differences, and deal with Moonbeam like a Pro.

Using the hashtag #MoonbeamLightsUp., anyone can join the Moonbeam community to celebrate the long awaited launch.

A Great Group

There’s a passionate Moonbeam team working very hard 24/7, to ensure the network´s security, decentralization and stability. With all the funding and support it has, Moonbeam will explode in utility.

You can follow Moonbeam on Twitter, and/or sign up for Moonbeam newsletter to get the latest users´opinions, updates, info and keeping a sharp eye on upcoming projects on the parachain.

No more waiting. Now it is time to get with Moonbeam, and make the blockchain world a better place. It is all about connections, which is what Moonbeam will make happen.

Building natively interoperable applications is now easy and quick as lightning. Developers are allowed to deployDApp frontends, and existing Solidity Smart contracts, with minimal changes to Moonbeam on Polkadot.

The realistic prospect of repeating and thrusting Moonriver´s success on Kusama, has already lightened up spirits all over the world, and the results are already showing. No one should miss this opportunity. 

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