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QuickNode Delivers Amazingly Fast Service for Solana Users


Speed is everything. Ethereum has become expensive and slow. With QuickNode, and Solana, the future is here. No one wants to wait for transactions to clear, or pay a load just to transfer value. Enter QuickNode.

Both QuickNode and Solana offer solutions to the blockchain world. There are two important aspects to QuickNode – low latency, and high speed.

In addition, as a platform that operates on Solana, QuickNode delivers low cost transactions. In other words, this is an Ethereum killing platform that makes blockchain better for anyone.

Blockchain isn’t an old technology. Bitcoin started the party, and Ethereum took it to the next level. Now Solana and QuickNode are making it work on a lasting basis. Think about it – why does a Visa Card work?

No one cares, and that is the point. We don’t have to think about it, or have specialist knowledge. You put the card in the slot – or use it online – and it works.


No latency.

Money is a commodity, but data handling is a service. The legacy systems are ok, but QuickNode blows them out of the water.

Latency is Everything

No one wants to wait for anything. If a system is expensive and slow, it will suffer. Let’s take a dive into the Metaverse. There is simply no room for platforms that can’t hack it.

If you don’t like the word latency – no worries. We can easily call it usability. Big Zuck thinks he has it nailed. Forget it. He has no clue. It is a hardware hustle. Taking notes from Rocka and Standard Oil.

The Metaverse is all about software, and openness.

Try to control NFTs. I don’t think the Yacht Club cares a lick for this nonsense. It has to work, and be accessible. We need to make it as easy as possible to enter the global financial system.

This is Global

Call it a mission statement. Call it what you like. It has to work – the masses aren’t going to deal with the issues that a platform like Ethereum has brought to the table. The ideas are amazing, but the workflow isn’t cutting it.

Solana is cheap and fast. QuickNode takes the inherent advantages of Solana and makes them work for any dev that wants to step up.

According to QuickNode,

“Ethereum has an average block added once every 13 seconds, so it is relatively easy to stay up to date on the latest transactions. But speed-focused chains like Solana add blocks every 4/10ths of a second, which means that every one second delay can result in a 2 to 3 block lag in transaction monitoring or accuracy. Some implications around the importance of block-height are more obvious: for example, for an arbitrage trader, having access to more up-to-date information has an obvious advantage over the competition. But even for a non-trading application, access to more recent block-height data has an advantage.”

Yeah son – we are taking about money too. Wall St is going to front run trades in the Metaverse, and they won’t back a platform that puts them at a disadvantage.

Get real.

The Future is Unfolding

The Metaverse is here, money is backing it, and the tech is everything. Software makes the Metaverse. QuickNode and Solana have it nailed. They will care about latency.

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