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Flickto public sale goes live on ADAX


Flickto, a blockchain project focused on building a community-based launchpad, has continued to foster the adoption of its native token FLICK. It recently announced the launch of its IDO on the popular decentralized launchpad ADAX. According to Flickto, the launch is huge and exposes the general public to its innovative token.

Details of Flickto’s IDO

The IDO on ADAX is the second public sale announced by Flickto and will take place over three days. The sale will see 330,0000,000 FLICK tokens sold to the community in the well-anticipated public sale. The IDO will run from the 11th to the 14th of January.

ADAX holders have already benefited the most from the IDO as they received priority access to purchase FLICK tokens. The priority round was oversubscribed with $50,000 raised from the token sale.

The public sale, which began on the 11th of January, gives investors the best chance to accumulate FLICK tokens at the best market price. The entire process is straightforward, and anyone holding ADA can create an account on a dedicated Flickto IDO launchpad and buy FLICK tokens.

Those that cannot participate in the IDO can earn FLICK tokens by staking their ADA in Flickto ISPO (Initial Staking Offer). In addition, VyFinance users can also stake their VyFi NFTs in the ISPO for additional rewards.

Flickto has pegged its token price at $0.009 during the public sale, and it has a hard-cap of $2,970,000.

Fostering the future of the media industry

Flickto provides a decentralized approach to the current media industry by placing decision making and funding in the hands of its community. It utilizes the Cardano, a highly scalable blockchain with fast transaction speeds and low gas fees for its architecture.

Creators and independent content producers can apply to be funded from Flickto’s community pool. Flickto’s community can vote for projects they want to fund by staking FLICK tokens. Projects that are successfully voted for receive funding, and each participant is incentivized from future distribution royalties from the media project.

Flickto also has a unique Flickonomics model that is the intersection between crypto, media and business. It is a unique branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption and transfer of wealth in media.

In addition, they can receive rewards in FLICK tokens when they stake their assets during the voting process. In addition, community members can stake their ADA tokens on the Flickto ISPO for guaranteed rewards.

Since its launch, more than 4 million ADA tokens have been staked in the ISPO pool by over 500 delegators. Flickto has also partnered with blockchain project VyFinance to add extra utility for users.

More developments are expected in the future

Flickto team consists of experienced personnel in the blockchain and finance industry. It is regulated in the UK, with a crypto-friendly landscape and robust data protection laws. The community-media blockchain project has a well-articulated roadmap and plans to launch a Beta App in Q1 2022.

To learn more about Flickto, visit the following links.

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