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Shar Pei: A Unique Meme Coin Aims to Overtake Shiba Inu in 2022


Meme coins have dominated the crypto space in the past year generating staggering results for investors. These coins, primarily based on internet memes and parody, have resulted in huge communities that primarily influence the popularity and adoption of the tokens.

Despite the growing popularity of meme coins, only a few have real use-cases. Shar Pei is one of the few meme coin projects that has shown its applications beyond the conventional and looks set to overtake Shiba Inu as the next big meme coin.

An innovative meme coin

Shar Pei is a meme coin that gets its inspiration from a popular Chinese breed of muscular dogs with wrinkly skin. The project launched in November 2021 and has developed an active community within a short period.

This is due to its unique value proposition geared towards sustainability and developing a community-driven ecosystem. One of the ways the team behind Shar Pei demonstrated this was with the fair launch of the meme coin. There was no pre-sale or token allocation towards team members, making it a truly decentralized meme coin.

In addition, 50% of the total token supply (100 billion) is locked in a liquidity vault for five years and inaccessible to the core team. This ensures that the token is not subject to price manipulation by whales and makes it an ideal long term investment for those willing to hold meme coins.

SHARPEI token holders can also take part in different activities that determine the project’s future. Since it acts as a governance token, holders can vote for proposals and significantly influence the creation of new projects within its ecosystem. As with most governance systems, users with more tokens have greater influence in decision making.

A big year ahead for Shar Pei

Shar Pei has made significant strides despite launching in the latter part of 2021. It completed its successful token launch on popular decentralized exchange PancakeSwap and is listed on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap.

Shar Pei currently has a market cap of more than $6 million with more than 5000 token holders since its launch. This trend compares favourable with successful meme coin projects like Shiba Inu and Baby Inu.

The team behind the meme coin are not resting on their laurels. Shar Pei has announced plans to release an NFT collection in Q1, 2022. The NFT collection called the “Shar Pei Charity NFT Collection” is expected to attract NFT enthusiasts and include rare NFT forms.

In addition, Shar Pei has begun developing its P2E metaverse that is expected to launch in the second half of 2022. This unique ecosystem will enable users to play immersive games and get rewarded for gaming. Shar Pei team has also revealed plans to list the token on several centralized and decentralized exchanges in the coming months.

These upcoming developments bode well and ensure that Shar Pei continues on its current path towards mainstream adoption. Visit the following links to learn more about Shar Pei. Website  Twitter

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