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The Novatar: New Blockchain-Based Avatar Project Offers 25K Aging NFTs


The Novatar is a new blockchain-based avatar project with, attention, 25K aging NFTs to represent users in a splendid new digital world.

Users can pick the NFT baby, get an adult with an unpredictable appearance, and all the more, other interesting characteristics, whether it’s a profession, style, or even sexual orientation.

According to the creators,  “today we can be whoever we want and The Novatar is here to become your new meta identity and the passing ticket into virtual life”.

Well, yes, everyone is aware of the great changes to come, awaiting us on the cusp of a new digital revolution, led by the tech giants of our time. Moreover, The Novatar represents a new splendid world of digital identity and metaverses.

25K Limited Collection Unique NFT Baby Avatars

The project contains a 25K limited collection of unique and one-of-a-kind NFT baby avatars, who are going to grow and identify your personality whenever you want. While those baby avatars have 9 basic genes, adults will develop 14 genes –  10 for basic and 4 as optional. Moreover, all the genes for baby avatars have 6 variations each and all the genes for adults – 11 variations each (except for the genes responsible for skin, hair, eyes, and eyebrows colors).

As the platform’s official description states, the gene “professions” (astronaut, doctor, gamer, blogger, developer) is not basic and thus it can either be developed or not. The probability that the “profession” gene will not appear at all is 88%. In case the Novatar has this gene, there are the following probabilities for each of the 5 selected professions: a developer – 4%, a doctor – 3%, a blogger – 3%, an astronaut – 1%, a gamer – 1%.

In this regard, it’s important to note there will be a rarity concept. The genes have their rarity and thus there can be found rarer types of Novatars. Accordingly, such assets will be more valuable and desirable.

Moreso, NFT avatars are in great demand and pricy today, however, the question arises: what is the usability and applicability of NFT avatars, or Novatars, in this case?

There are 2 major usability options for the Novatar owners: first, this can become users’ digital identity in social networks and metaverses. Everyone can find a Novatar which suits their virtual identity. Secondly, Novatars will be needed not only in social and virtual realities but also for real-life, such as various events open to the Novatars owners only.

According to the Novatars creators, they are going to organize at least 4 big events for the community members and project friends in the year of 2022.

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