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Bit.Country: Launch Your Own Metaverse for Your Community


As the internet has brought the high speed of information exchange to us, and blockchain technology has been creating a new era for value and human connections.

In the wake of the explosion of this new technology, a lot of blockchain projects have been developed to meet the continuously growing demand. One of them is Bit.Country. Making the Metaverse accessible is what this new platform does, and it is sure to gain massive interest.

Bit.Country and blockchain technology are allowing people to explore their creativity like never before with NFTs and recently the birth of the Metaverse, which is a proposed expansion to existing internet technologies.

What Is Bit.Country?

Bit.Country is the platform for everyone to create metaverses and make opportunities to earn money with their Map, 3D world, games, economics, and governance.

In order to maximize the power of the platform, it is built on Metaverse.Network, which is a metaverse version of Etheruem with low gas fees. Metaverse.Network is developed by using Substrate developed by Parity on the Polkadot ecosystem.

The team behind Bit.Country would like to bring a new paradigm in Web3 for anyone. The platform allows community owners to create a perpetual world for their people as well as give eternity of their legacy and culture for nth generation.

While traditional social platforms are harvesting the value from the community’s time and only distributing profits to the creators but do not reward members, Bit.Country is developing for metaverse owners that offer members a variety of opportunities to take ownership and earn.

Users are also able to benefit directly from the development of the metaverses they are in.

In simple terms, Bit.Country empowers their users to architect their own metaverse and launch their own metaverse for their friends, family, or members. As a Bit.Country user, you can change your metaverse in numerous ways.

Launch Your Own Metaverse

Bit.Country allows anyone to launch their own metaverse.

Besides, Metaverse.Network not only allows developers to launch their Dapp but also use their metaverse on Bit.Country as an app store to showcase their products and services. As a result, users will bring more users based on a win-win model.

Currently, there’s no decentralized network allowing community owners to create their own metaverse for their fans with governance, assets, and token economy on the Web3.0 version.

However, Bit.Country allows you to create your own metaverse with land blocks that a community can own and socialize.

As NFTs have emerged as a salient feature in the blockchain technology as new functionality for ownership of and investment into digital assets, industries such as creative, sport, or online gaming are a move into NFTs and seeking the best ways to take advantage of this blockchain technology.

Although NFTs are bringing unprecedented financial potential to artists, musicians, and creatives across the world, there’s another burgeoning use case with a bigger potential than these industries combined. A new emerging wave of people is adopting NFTs as an investment in digital land and assets in video games.

There will be hundreds of metaverse communities being created and the rise of many influencers.

Fans often want to do more with the influencers they follow, however, they are often charged with high gas fees which are limiting the adoption and trade of digital assets like NFTs. Bit.Country, meanwhile, creates a space and legacy for fans who can play to earn and mine.

A user’s metaverse is also the home of his/her NFTs and NFTs can be used as if in the real world. Not only do metaverse creators, and members monetize from the community, but also their fans.

Bit.Country offers a new digital civilization on the continuum where communities truly have power. Users’ metaverse has access to engage and grow their community on Web3.0 along with an exhilarating visual experience.

On the other hand, developers are able to create new applications within the pre-built metaverse framework API or start new on the Ethereum-compatible blockchain of the platform.

Bit.Country Native Token (NUUM)

NUUM is not only the native coin on the entire platform, but also for the metaverse.network protocols. The coin is used to stake for security and a healthy platform.

The token is a universal currency for purchasing resources, gas fees for transactions, advertising, and promotions. Users can purchase virtual dApp from the store, trade on the marketplace, exchange other currencies, mint social tokens, or trade BIT.

The total of 1 Billion tokens are distributed as follow:

50% for public sale, crowd loan, and other promotional methods to the general public
25% for private backers and investors
20% for the founding team
5% for community growth such as grants and sponsorships

Vesting is as follow:

Founding group – 20% – 18 months lock, release over 24 months

Private investors Seed – 17.3% – 12 months lock, release over 24 months. In that, 50% is over 12 months after 1-year lock, then the rest 50% is over another 12 months

Private investors – 7.7% – To be allocated and vested
Ecosystem Programs – 5% – 18 months lock, release over 24 months
General public – 50% – To be allocated or vested
3 Years para chain lease – 30% (To be finalized)
Public sales – 8 % (30 days lock after TGE. After 30 days, the platform will distribute all the tokens users have purchased.)
Campaign Based Airdrop – 2%
Metaverse Foundation – 10%

The Bit.Country Continuum

The Continuum is a map of metaverses which the community members can completely determine its future shape.

New slots will be suggested by the on-chain algorithm. The parameters include the number of metaverses, land blocks, population, and activeness of the ecosystem. The location of the slot will be determined by NUUM holders.

A metaverse can auction for a spot on the Continuum. Once the spot is secured, the metaverse will have received other benefits together with the platform and community’s recognition.

In the future, the platform is going to introduce the Good Neighbor Protocol to allow a landowner to have a say about who can be your neighbor.

Land Economics

The total land blocks supplied is 100,000. The governance of the general council on the platform is able to determine future supply or inflation in the network.

The distribution of land block is released periodically through auctions and grants as follows:

Private: 10 %
Ecosystem Growth: 10%
Public NFT sales: 7%
Treasury: 73%

A metaverse map is made from land blocks. Also, a land block can have a maximum of 100 subdivided land units. A group of land units is going to form an estate.

Bit.Country: Better for Everyone

When compared with other competitors in the blockchain industry like SandBox or Decentralan, Bit.Country is able to launch its own metaverse which can be more powerful. In addition to developing their blockchain, Bit.Country token is also used for gas fees.

The platform is available on both the web and desktop with high fidelity and resolution. Recently, the team is working to launch Thunder.University which is Learn2Earn and Grow2Earn as their community education department.

Looking at the past internet success and the current digital transformation trend, we can see how blockchain-based platforms are going to be important in the future of global industries.

These platforms like Bit.Country have a transformative impact on the way people play, work, and earn, which is just like how the emergence of social media permanently transformed the way we operate today.

Bit.Country with their company culture, is a project that will create a long term vision to bring benefits to both users and the platform.

To learn more about Bit.Country, or get involved, please click here!

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