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A Brief Q&A with Dreamr CEO Christopher Adams


We sat down with the CEO and co-founder of Dreamr, Christopher Adams, to discuss their vision for the future of Dreamr. Dreamr is a next-generation social platform for giving creative individuals, artists, and startups access to like-minded communities and funding.

CEO and co-founder of Dreamr, Christopher Adams

Although the Dreamr platform and community are relatively new, the team has already established a governance token, a set of NFTs, and a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

Hi Chris, nice to meet you. First, can you tell us a little about who you are and your role at Dreamr?

 Hey guys! Nice to meet you as well. My name is Chris Adams, and I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Dreamr Inc. At Dreamr, we believe in the infinite potential of the human spirit, and we are creating a technology platform that provides the tools and resources for people to pursue their dreams.

My role is being simultaneously the visionary and the operator. We are still in the startup stage, so I need to wear different hats as necessary to ensure Dreamr stays true to our mission. My role requires knowledge of various sectors that all weave together to create our ecosystem and guide our incredible team in the right direction. So from coding to UI design, branding, editing, etc. I am involved every step of the way. I believe culture is a critical element to a decentralized startup, so I make sure everyone involved is true to what we are building and, as necessary, separate ourselves from the wrong groups who seek to siphon away our resources for personal gain.

What is the purpose and vision of Dreamr?

 Dreamr is a platform where people can chase their wildest dreams by leveraging the DeFi tools integrated directly into the platform and their network of like-minded connections to overcome the eventual financial roadblocks that come with chasing big dreams.

We believe in the infinite potential of the human spirit. Our mission is to build technology and provide resources that make the concept of “chasing a dream” feel possible to everyone, no matter their current circumstances. We believe everyone has a fundamental right to express and create the desires in our heart – our “dreams.”

Dreamr aims to remove the difficulties of community building and funding roadblocks from creative visionaries. Our team envisions a world wherein entrepreneurs and creators can quickly build a network of people that resonate with their dream. Once established, users can leverage the resulting community to build teams, crowdsource funding, and give early adopters access to perks, rewards, and opportunities.

Our team (Dreamr) sees challenges with current social media, crowdfunding, and marketplace platforms that give rise to impediments for people pursuing their dreams. Dreamr aims to solve this by creating a single integrated digital ecosystem of online networking and financial tools.

Who benefits from the Dreamr ecosystem?

Dreamr is for anyone and everyone. Everybody has a dream! Life’s responsibilities have caused people to put that dream on the back burner; they don’t talk about it anymore and might be intimidated to share it openly. What has been missing is a safe and encouraging space to dream online.

While sharing these thoughts openly on other platforms is possible, fear of judgment and negativity often stops people from expressing themselves and their dreams. A dream starts as a small and fragile idea and deserves nurturing and support. People looking to manifest their dream now have a place to share their vision and build a supportive community.

Right now, it takes five platforms to build a community, crowdfund, build a team, and integrate economic transactions. Dreamr aims to knit together the ingredients that make up a dreamer’s toolkit for success, no matter their dream.

What is $DMR, and what perks does it offer on Dreamr?

Dreamr has an associated cryptocurrency that fuels the ecosystem, and that token is called the Dreamr Platform Token $DMR. We’ve come a long way with developing DMR. We are giving out 33% of the supply to the community through in-app rewards for chasing your dreams. We’re getting ready to deploy dreamr wallets to allow staking and P2P transfers inside the app using layer-2 solution Polygon.

DMR’s leading utility is as a platform governance token, which means decisions that influence the roadmap and direction of the platform (such as roadmap and policies) are put up for token holders to vote on. Holders get access to Dreamr+, which will provide benefits such as a badge on their profile, more spending power in the marketplace, and increased influence effects when supporting other users. As we continue to build out the dreamr decentralized ecosystem, DMR will be at its heart, so there is a lot more value to come for token holders in the future.

What is the status of Dreamr’s funding and DMR tokens status on cryptocurrency markets?

The $DMR token by Dreamr Labs Ltd. is currently trading on Bittrex Global, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges globally. Development of the subsequent phases of our ecosystem has begun. I know the Dreamr Labs team will quickly expand access to DMR markets with decentralized exchange listings coming soon.

How would an entrepreneur use Dreamr to fund their dreams or businesses?

One of the most prominent features of Dreamr is the ability for Entrepreneurs to build an engaged community around their idea quickly. Users can declare a dream, then put it into the world with Dream Connect. They can use the same feature to discover like-minded dreamers in an enjoyable social media experience, with connections resulting in conversations.

After a network of sufficient size has been established and the owner holds a threshold of DMR tokens, the user can open a crowdfunding campaign to bring the idea to life.

The crowdfunding platform and marketplace functionality are built directly on top of the Ethereum blockchain, the leading smart-contract blockchain globally. This integration allows skilled creators to set the terms of this offering. Alternatively, entrepreneurs can monetize their skills, merchandise, or assets on the Dreamr peer-to-peer marketplace. The P2P marketplace will include services (such as programming or graphic design), creating and selling NFTs, and more.

We chose Ethereum because it is a mature blockchain that is truly decentralized, providing transparency for transactions and no processing fees. We’re planning on launching the Dreamr marketplace in Q2 of 2022.

How many users does Dreamr currently have?

 Our wonderful community stands at just over 90,000 at the moment, with more signing up every day. Our users strive to make their dreams into reality by growing their network of like-minded individuals who can help accelerate their goals. Just declaring their dreams aloud brings them one step closer to manifesting them into reality.

What is the Dream Machine?

 The Dream Machine is one of the three arms of the Dreamr ecosystem. It’s a non-profit organization with a mission of making 1,000,000 dreams come true and overseeing give-back initiatives to the community and the world. Making dreams come true and producing quality content around those stories has generated incredible media coverage and resulted in hundreds of millions of views across social media. Part of the success of The Dream Machine has been because of the partnerships it has established. Brands such as The Y, Hasbro, and celebrities like Steve Harvey have contributed to The Dream Machine and the dream tour.

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