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NAGA: Social Investing Platform Allows You to Copy the Strategies Of Popular Traders


Today, with the boom of cryptocurrencies in the finance industry, more and more people want to invest their funds online as well want to learn how to start trading with other traders.

One of the innovative fintech companies launched is NAGA which is developing a socially enhanced trading platform aiming which allows you to trade Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, Forex & ETFs.

The evolving crypto sector has been constantly developing and introducing new projects that bring traders alternative investment opportunities.

RISK WARNING: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 74.48% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

What Is NAGA?

NAGA is a Hamburg-based social investing platform offering access to professional trading tools for everyone around the world. Its community has reached more than 1 million worldwide users.

The platform provides the technology, resources, and assistance that are necessary for every trader to make their trading decisions. NAGA developed a lot of unique technology including its best well-known Autocopy feature which allows traders to copy each other.

Therefore, NAGA has created a unique social trading environment bringing a lot of benefits for the users.

Currently, more than 1500 assets are available on the platform for users to trade at 0% fees on crypto trading and real stock trading from 1€. In addition, the platform has designed web trader and mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices.

These also come along with professional support from a personal account manager.

Its name “Naga” means “Cobra Snake” in Sanskrit as well as it is the name of the hottest chili in the world.

Why NAGA Works in the Crypto Space

NAGA is designed to be the SUPER APP for Investing, Crypto, and Payments in the finance industry. Similar to a banking app, one NAGA account is able to be used for Investing, Crypto, and Payments.

NAGA app combines a full multi-asset trading platform including more than 1,500 assets available along with 600 real stocks for €0.99 per trade. In addition to being a mobile banking platform, NAGA is also a native cryptocurrency wallet and exchange.

In short, users can imagine that they can find any feature they need under one platform, one KYC, and one account. The NAGA platform is the combination of Crypto Exchange, Wallet, and Trading Platform for every trader.

NAGA Features

NAGA packs some great features into its platform. Here is a rundown of what NAGA clients can take advantage of.

NAGA Autocopy

As mentioned before, Autocopy is the best-known feature of NAGA. Autocopy tool was developed over 4 years and is the core feature of the platform as a unique way for traders to connect influencers and followers.

This is an easy-to-use tool that allows a new entrant to learn how to trade by spying on other professional investors, copying the strategies, or mirroring the actions of the best traders in the crypto space in real time. In addition, the tool also guarantees price execution without slippage and delays.

Everything that has the word “social” in it is blooming their popularity and user base growth. Therefore, more and more influencers or top traders turn to take advantage of the common social platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram to monetize their trading audience.

Realizing this trend, NAGA has focused on the creator economy. Creators are able to create content, execute transactions and run community accounts on which they are paid based on activity. Copiers pay €1 for each copied trade and around 35% is shared with the content creators.

The platform has tools such as a copy analytics dashboard that supports content creators to understand more their audience as well as creators can optimize their trading style.


NAGA Coin (NGC) is added to the NAGA trading platform as a utility coin to reduce the copy trading fees on the platform. The trading Platform also requires more coverage on the main features and offering it provides.

$NGC is the platform native cryptocurrency that aims to become the chosen coin for social finance. It powers the system including NAGA Trader, NAGA DeFi, and NAGA Social Betting, where users can copy trading by creating smart contracts at decreased fees, and much more.

The project allows content creators and traders to earn money from their trading strategies with NAGA. The coin will be paid instantly into their wallets by gaining copiers on their positions.

As such, it can open more room for adoption and popularization of the NAGA Coin and can create a new wave of newcomers to the DeFi trading space. NGC is a coin for social trading. NAGA users can take advantage of the investing network to send $NGC to over one million traders worldwide at ultra-low fees.

All NAGA global users can trade $NGC as CFD and also as real crypto with the NAGA Crypto wallet. $NGC will be tradeable without leverage (1:1) and the option of shorting it.

Audiences can also save 50% on all copy fees when copying other traders on NAGA. They were previously charged $1 per copied trade, but now they can only pay ~1.1 NGC, which with the current real-time NGC/USD rate amounts to $0,50.

NAGA Coin was developed in partnership with NAGA Group AG, a German-based FinTech company that is the main partner for the project.


NAGA Pay includes a VISA debit card, an IBAN account, a brokerage account, a copy trading feature, and crypto-wallets. NAGA Pay app not only supports payments in the EEA and the UK but also is accepted by over 140 million merchants across the world because of the global recognition of VISA debit cards.

NAGA Pay is a single money app available in both IOS and Android devices allowing users to make bank transfers and send funds to friends for free within the app network. In addition, users can invest in stocks, ETFs, and crypto as well as copy the trades of other top investors with one tap.

NAGA Popular Investor

With this program, any trader will be able to share their trading strategies and portfolios with a global network of traders. When other traders copy the content of creators on the NAGA platform, the creators can get paid up to $100,000 monthly from the Popular Investors’ Fund.

NAGA Trader

This is the app that combines all the NAGA features including NAGA social neo-broker, NAGA crypto, NAGA neo-bank.

NAGA social neo-broker consists of over 1000 tradable assets, copy trading tools, self-learning personal feed, and web and mobile apps supported in 14 languages, among others.

NAGA neo-bank is a mobile banking app that is integrated into the social trading network, crypto and exchange wallet as well as IBAN and VISA debit card issuance.

NAGA crypto has launched a new NFT platform, therefore NAGA users can create and trade their works of art, music, and digital content. The wallet available on NAGA crypto will be used to make payments and store the NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

In addition to the existing projects that have been introduced, others such as NAGA DeFi and Social Betting are coming to introduce a social element to betting and on-chain trading.


Totally different from its competitors, the NAGA social investing platform is designed with newer, better, and cheaper offerings. It is an all-in-one platform for trading, crypto, payments, and social trading that allows crypto investors to seek more growth potential in making trades with cheap, and low fees.

To learn more about how to use NAGA, just click here!

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