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Smartlink Cements Development Partnership With The CEA


Smartlink, the company that is developing a deep toolset for the decentralized economy, just created a strategic partnership with the CEA. As one of the most innovative research institutions globally, the CEA already has working relationships with Tezos’ Tenderbake, Alstom, Vinci technologies, and Engie.

At Smartlink, its innovative approach has attracted a staff of 35 people, and its ideas about Web3 are making it stand out from the pack. Now it has the opportunity to work with the CEA, which Reuters called, “The World’s Most Innovative Research Institution.”

Web3 is offering both developers, and industry amazing new potential. One area that Smartlink has put its resources into is Escrow Smart Contracts. From this base, the company has grown into other areas, some of which hold incredible promise.

Smartlink and The CEA Team Up

Smartlink and the CEA are working to identify the ideal structure for Escrow Smart Contracts, which is likely the first stage of a new development cycle that pushes the technology even further to widespread commercialization.

One of the goals is for Escrow Smart Contracts to work for both digital and physical products. According to Smartlink, the physical side of the equation will be harder to handle. It isn’t difficult to see why, in a fully digital space, oversight is simple. When it comes to escrow, smart contracts, and physical goods, the bar is much higher.

On the digital side, Smartlink already has the Smartlink Locker, which allows users to vest Tezos tokens with a few parameters that make the platform very useful. Tezos, unlike other popular blockchains, is very cheap and fast, which makes Smartlink’s platform extremely scalable.

Overall the partnership between Smartlink and the CEA bodes well for both groups, as well as Web3 development overall.

Growing Great Tools

Smartlink is also working on rolling out the second implementation of its Escrow Smart Contracts for digital products. With this platform, people and companies can work on a one-to-one basis with each other, and use Tezos tokens, as well as other valuable digital assets. Among these assets are NFTs, which makes this platform extremely attractive to the new wave of NFT owners.

There is clearly a movement towards greater decentralization, and Smartlink has some neat ideas in this space. Of course, P2P trading with a range of digital assets is great, but the group is also working on a decentralized oracle system it calls a DON. In greater detail, a DON is a Decentralized Oracle Network.

With a DON, users can obtain oracle information without a platform that is centralized. While semi-centralized oracle systems like Chainlink are wonderful, there is likely room in the marketplace for a decentralized option that serves the same purpose, and may be cheaper to use.

Building Web3 For Everyone

At its core, Smartlink is all about making trust happen for anyone who wants to enter the Web3 economy globally. There have been loads of issues with the first generations of blockchain platforms, and Smartlink is working to learn from the past to build a better future.

With Tezos as its central token, Smartlink has opted to use a blockchain that provides major advantages over Bitcoin and Ethereum. Even when Ethereum moves over to a PoS system, it still may struggle to match the efficiency of Tezos.

At the same time, Smartlink is working to make the UI as easy to use as possible. Many of the people who are rushing into NFTs aren’t tech-heads, and any UI that makes it hard to trade will isolate itself into the marketplace.

For anyone that is interested in Yield Farming, Smartlink recently launched a farm on Vortex. Smartlink has a lot going on, and if you want to learn more about what it has coming to the markets, please click here to learn more!

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