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EverdreamSoft: In a Prime Position to Drive Blockchain Gaming Growth


EverdreamSoft is becoming an absolute leader in the field of blockchain gaming. It creates cutting edge gaming technology to meet players needs, and gives the power back to the community.

Founded in 2010 by Shaban Shaame as a game studio, now EverdreamSoft can look to the success of their digital collectibles in the game Spells of Genesis as a sign of things to come.

The revolutionary concept of true ownership of the digital assets that the player uses, and the capability of trading inside the game, or out in many blockchains as well, is breaking new ground.

With EverdreamSoft, user generated content is key. EverdreamSoft Crystal Suite allows the user to explore, create, share and manage ¨Orbs¨, allowing players to increase their benefiting opportunities.

These tools empower players in a way that centralized gaming never did!

A unique Green Homer Pepe was sold for an astonishing U$39,000.- Designing and selling your own avatars is another way to create resources.

EverdreamSoft also pioneered, among others, to create the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA).

Other remarkable past achievements of the Switzerland based company are Moonga, Nº1 RPG in Japan, and one of the first mobile games on the App Store.

Minted in 2015, considered the predecessor of NFTs by many. One of the first ICOs which raised over 900 BTC (U$ 300k then). Spells of Genesis in 2017, the first mobile game using blockchain assets.

Its ¨Blockchainization¨ feature, which allows players to move in-game assets to blockchains, in 2018.

It was also the Winner of Klaytn hackathon (Korean blockchain by Kakao) in 2019, which speaks to the innovative spirit of the company. Let’s take a look at some of its products.

Crystal Spark

Crystal Spark is a group of open source software for customer products (game or other), to integrate with blockchains.

Its General blockchain integration module allows users to use blockchain technology, and connect to others.

The Specific Crystal Suite integration module, offers connection and communication with other Crystal Suite products, like Cs Cannon, CS Account, CS Notary, CS API, and CS Canonizer.

These products enable the user to unify data, integrate tokens and assets, manage ECDSA Bitcoin and Ethereum signatures to authenticate, add metadata, PHP library mapping blockchain tokens onto assets, and create a mini local datagraph.

Users can also update from a remote datagraph, get transactions and balances of addresses and collections, list the collections, and perform cross-chain transactions, using only one syntax and vocabulary.

Orb Explorer

The Orb Explorer gives the users the capability of checking on their own NFTs across wallets and chains, purchasing locations, and keeping an eye on other NFTs collections on other chains, while gathering a lot of information on the NFTs they are looking for.

Spells of Genesis

Launched as the first blockchain based mobile game ever, thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, that gathered the not insignificant sum of U$ 300K back in 2015, Spells of Genesis combines the point and shoot arcade games visuals, with the trading card games (TCG) functionalities.

A strategy game in which the players have to collect, trade and combine cards to build up the strongest deck possible ,with which to fight enemies in a chain of ruthless battles.

Simplified though appealing and intuitive interfaces and the capacity of making the right choices, help to heighten the sense of excitement. A strong community of players and collectors, ranging from enthusiasts to crazy, support the never ending, always evolving challenge.

Spells of Genesis is compatible with Ethereum, Bitcoin and Klaytn blockchains.

Players are capable of using blockchain collectibles stored in their wallets, or to ¨blockchainize¨ in-game cards three times a month, turning them into standalone blockchain assets, tradeable outside the game for a more complete experience.

The Casa Tookan Wallet

Users can now manage digital assets like Spells of Genesis cards, Cryptokitties or others with no difficulties between the chains, with the first wallet with this capacity.

More innovative features are coming to facilitate the players first steps on blockchain, and to raise the experience. Digital assets are solid real, just as any other tangible good.

You will be the only legitimate owner and key holder of your digital property, and you´ll shelter it in one or more houses called ¨casas¨, that means house in spanish.

There will be two addresses, one for Ethereum platform and another for Bitcoin platform in the same one wallet, making it the first of its kind again.

A web browser will give you access to connect directly to different games, tools and services.


Delivered in 2015, BitCrystals (BCY) was conceived as a counterparty protocol to run on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Adapting the coin to the current multi-chain product strategy, took the team to mint a certain amount of BCY on Ethereum, and to burn some more on Bitcoin blockchains, as an ERC-20 token.

A cross-chain swap within Casa Tookan Wallet is possible in this platform, so that users can switch the chain they choose to keep their currency on. Easy and fast. No technical skills needed.

The Team Behind the Games

EverdreamSoft is different from its direct competitors in two main ways; long standing experience, with successful achievements in the crypto world since at least 2015, and the freedom of choice to play and trade on more than one blockchain.

The multi-layered team of developers at EverdreamSoft know what they’re doing, and are pioneering in competitive areas where many have failed.

A passionate game developer and self-confessed blockchain geek, Shaban Shaame founded EverdreamSoft in 2010 with the idea of using blockchain technology, to give players the feeling of true ownership and control of their digital assets.

Shaame, who is the current CEO of EDS graduated from the University of Geneva, where he studied Information Technology and Business. His first trading card game was Moonga, launched in 2009.

He launched the TCG Spells of Genesis in early 2017, to free and empower players to purchase and trade in-game cards, using either in-game currency, cryptocurrency, or both.

He is also a current member of the prestigious Satoshi Round Table, and a co-founder of the International Blockchain Game Alliance. Today, Shaame is workinging on the development of the Bitcrystals platform.

Markéta Korteová´s been adding management and marketing skills, with a practical experience in blockchain technology and tokenized assets, for over 5 years now. She´s also been promoting and coordinating the ICO 2015 (one of the first ever held) and the following.

Nicolas Sierro, the Product and Project Manager has been promoting the benefits of EDS´s features in conferences all over the world.

EverdreamSoft benefits from selling content – NFTs directly to end-users, creating blockchain tools (still in the development stage), and direct for-client work. This means companies that have their own blockchain technology but need to use ready made solutions.

EverdreamSoft is in The Right Place to Thrive

EverdreamSoft´s approach is to enhance the users´experience by simplifying and joining cross-blockchain information and trading, in an unified way with a common language.

Day after day more and more users are embracing this trend of playing games while making money. Spells of Genesis through Crystal Park, Orb Explorer, BitCrystal and Casa Tookan, are making the experience richer, simpler and more affordable.

No wonder the community of players who like EverdreamSoft is growing so fast. To learn more about the games, please click right here!

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