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Gains: Brings New Access to Crypto Leverage With gTrade


The team behind Gains is committed to address the problem of poor trading experiences by new traders attracted by the growing popularity of decentralized leveraged trading platforms.

The main concern centers around leveraged trading platforms on one hand charging high fees on leveraged operations, and on the other failing to provide an accurate actual price of a crypto asset.

Because of this, users end up investing in derivatives based on the actual asset, which may be subject to scams.

There may not be firm regulations that cover the derivatives that are available on the open market, and experienced traders may not be able to tell a good product from a dodgy one.

So the Gains team of engineers developed gTrade, a different decentralized leverage trading platform.

The main difference is based on the fact that the user speculates on the real price point of several assets instead of utilizing perpetual contracts to generate a different price, like competitive platforms do.

The Gains Solution

By building the decentralized finance ecosystem of the future, Gains Network is working to build the future suite of DeFi products.

The team at Gains noticed only very few projects created value during the beginning of the DeFi revolution. It has decided to innovate by looking for new utilities for tokens and liquidity pools.

The result is the first decentralized leverage trading platform based on Polygon. By using Polygon, Gains will have smooth operation, and low costs.

It offers more efficient capital allocation than competitors’ platforms due to its unique design. gTrade is able to offer any assets, extremely low trading fees, and a wide range of leverage.

The concept of the decentralized leveraged platform is to allow people to open and close positions speculating on the future price and being rewarded if they are right. Overall, the platform offers great new tools, and loads of innovation.

The GNS Token

Each product is integrated with the GNS token, needed for these to work. Each product has a direct reaction to the tokenomics of the token. As the users grow, the value of GNS will follow.

With each operation performed, GNS is used and burned when the operation is closed, then the GNS is minted back to the platform. GNS has migrated from GFARM2 (1;1000 split) a fully community-distributed token.

Until now, it continues to migrate until all of it has been transferred. Each product gives you the possibility of obtaining passive profits.

To incentivize liquidity providers, the rewards come from the amount of use that is given to the platform, since they are essential for the proper functioning of the platform and thus ensure the best user experience.

The GNS NFT Experience

We all know how important the new NFT market is. With GNS, NFTs are divided into 5 different types which each one has a different set of benefits; and these are the fundamental pieces of the entire ecosystem.

NFTs are divided in five different classes with a total of 1500 NFTs:

500 Bronze
400 Silver
300 Golden
200 Platinum
100 Diamond

Uniqueness is Built In!

Gains is more than just another crypto exchange. Here are some of the unique advantages that Gains has created.

B2B; Whitelabel platforms referrals, the frontend of the platform can be run by anyone with their embedded referral and earn significant trading fees
It would not be wrong to state that a better trading experience comes along with liquidity efficiency (100x better than competitors).
The opportunity of offering the highest leverage without funding fees allowing traders to claim full profits on their trades.
Pairs share the same liquidity in GNS/DAI also in their DAI only liquidity layer, there is no other platform that shares the ability to list so many pairs.
DAI is used to open trades as well as to pay profits directly to their wallets. The custody of the fund is kept by them.

Because everything is simulated (the leverage is not borrowed) the platform is able to offer the highest leverage with no charging fees. Leverage without any borrowing is possible due to the team’s innovation to develop a new concept of leverage.

The platform uses the token GNS to open trades. Each position opening will burn GNS tokens from the total supply.

The original position minus the losses is minted back when the position closes while at loss. The original position plus profits is minted back when the position is closed while in profit.

Any owner is able to liquidate the trade and keep part of the initial position when the position enters the liquidation zone.

A Reliable Income Model

The main and only income comes from the fees on the platform’s product. Of each open trade the 0.02% is earned. From the fees, 87.5% are redistributed to the ecosystem and only 12.5% goes to the developing team behind.

Gain’s gTrade is the first leveraged trading solution that keeps traders safe from ‘scam wicks’ and prevents price manipulation as well as aggregated spot prices (bad liquidity).

gTrade also has the highest leverage available among DEXs and is capable of redistributing negative trading PnL through deflation among GNS token holders.

It is also the most liquidity-efficient fully synthetic leveraged trading platform among its peers, characterized by its unique ‘funding fee-less’ policy.

In a nutshell, Gains’ gTrade allows traders to create their own decentralized leveraged platform and gain profit by using this game-changer protocol. Traders can provide liquidity to a single pool within gTrade’s trading solution to earn fees from trades on all pairs.

Finally but not less important, very soon, within a month from now traders will be able to stake DAI to win DAI from trades made on all pairs.

Since its beginning, gTrade operates an average of US$20 million traded by over 100 users on a daily basis. The Gains team behind the gTrade platform will be increasing its offerings by adding classic financial options like stocks, forex and commodities.

Some of Gains’ Notable Achievements

The Gains network currently has more than a hundred operators using it on a daily basis. These users generate a daily volume of US$15M ($110m daily volume ATH). Gains counts with a $30M market cap ATH for the GNS token (currently $15m).

Gains network’s total value locked (TVL), representing the sum of all assets within the network, adds over $2.5 million, utilizing GNS within the DAI pool.

The gTrade team created their own specific on-demand oracle architecture officially chain link. Also, to be announced officially soon, Gains is agreeing on a partnership with Quickswap.

Gains contributed with the first whitelabel platform  to further support the decentralization of the website. By keeping its model decentralized, Gains ensures security for everyone.

Since its beginnings, 20% of the total supply of GNS was burnt by the trading platform. Gains managed to grow its social media community for about 2000 individuals on Telegram and around 3000 followers on Twitter.

The Gains platform has already undertaken five successful upgrades, which implies five CertiK audits over the trading smart contracts.

The team and the community of users have undergone a lot of feedback and improvements in a very short timespan. The platform has been running smoothly for more than 8 months by now on the Polygon mainnet, and the key milestones and achievements are met.

To learn more about Gains, and gTrade, please click here!

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