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Where to trade Bumble stock amid the free fall


The price of Bumble stock has been on the chopping board for quite some time where it had dropped by over 90% since it was publicly listed on NASDAQ.

There has not been any major news that can be attributed to the continued drop and investors are worried that the fall could continue for quite a long time.

To help stock investors interested in investing in Bumble stock, Invezz has created a brief article on what it is and where to buy it.

To find out more, please continue reading.

Best places to trade Bumble Stock


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What is Bumble stock?

Bumble stock is the stock of Bumble Inc., and it trades on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the symbol NASDAQ: BMBL.

Bumble Inc. is the company behind the Bumble online dating application that displays profiles of potential matches.

The Bumble app accommodates both heterosexual matches and same-sex matches. In heterosexual matches, only female users make the first contact while in same-sex matches, either the party can make the first contact.

Bumble is the second most popular dating up in the United States after the Tinder app.

Should I buy Bumble stock today?

The price of Bumble stock has been on a downward trend since it was publicly listed and it is not showing signs of turning bullish any time soon.

Bumble stock price prediction

Following the current bears, analysts speculate that the price of Bumble stock will continue dropping in the next few months.

$BMBL social media coverage

In a Nutshell™ $BMBL Owns & Operates 2 of the Worlds Largest Dating Apps; Bumble & Badoo. @Bumble Focuses on Female Empowerment, Respect &
Healthy Relationships. High Inside Ownership. Disrupting a Megatrend. 2020 Revenue +20%. +60% by End 1st Qtr 2021 • YoY Users +44%🌟LONG pic.twitter.com/GxgvNqPDBu

— STOCKS in a Nutshell™ (@LongTermBaggers) December 7, 2021

Bumble Looks Good for a Trading Bounce But Not for a Long-Term Relationship $BMBL https://t.co/nB0LHDfnGj pic.twitter.com/C3XLuOiSjB

— pauljtest (@randomdevtest13) December 15, 2021

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