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Popular Japanese Game GensoKishi is Reinventing itself by launching its own Metaverse x GameFi version


Think of Metaverse as an overlap of our physical world and digital world. In today’s world, joining your friends to play a game or chat on a console platform is just as social as having physical interactions with them. The Metaverse is a realm filled with limitless possibilities.

Imagine walking by a restaurant and looking at it with just a pair of goggles, and the menu pops up? Amazing right? In the Metaverse, you can create your own virtual universe, attend concerts, hang out with friends, host conferences, and spend money on in-game stuff. The idea that we can have real-life experiences with our friends when we are not together is what makes the Metaverse unique.

This same idea made GensoKishi, a Japanese-born game that 8 million users have played, awarded the title of the game of the year in 2012 at a Gold medal in Taiwan to launch a Metaverse x GameFi version of its game.

The meta world created by Gensokishi is built on 3D Mass Multiplayer Online technology. It intends to provide a new experience for players and a path to real-world cash benefits in one of the most promising areas of Web 3.0 and the crypto world economy.

The game will include all three kinds of blockchain gaming: “Free to Play” × ”Play to Earn” × “UGC to Earn” Gensokishi will introduce the concept of User Generated Content (UGC) as well as profit-generating awards in NFT forms.

With Gensokishi “play to earn” model, users will be able to collect unique items that can be sold on the digital marketplace. As players continue to make progress in the game, they will be able to sell and mint their own NFTs within the game and create natural settings, buildings,  and characters and share these adventures with their friends.

This is one of the most recent User Generated Content (UGC) features aimed to provide consumers a unique experience. The game will have the infrastructure to allow individuals and businesses to buy land in the Metaworld and freely change the metaverse environment.

In Gensokishi’s Metaworld, there will be two distinct tokens.: ROND and MV. The project’s major currency, MV, will be a utility token based on Polygon (MATIC) with an overall supply of two billion that will be used for staking and purchases. In contrast, the ROND will be employed in the economy of the game. However, because users will be able to swap the token on decentralized exchanges, it will have real-world value.

Metaworld’s MV currency will be offered on QuickSwap, PancakeSwap, and UniSwap by the end of December. Additional DEX listings, such as Curve, are planned for the first quarter of 2022.

In addition, important figures in the game industry participate in this project. Masaki Kato, former President of NHN PlayArt Corporation, who has created some of the world’s most famous titles, will participate as an advisor. Tokuhiko Uwabo, creator of Sega’s famous game Phantasy Star , is  also as advisor.

Gensokishi Online -META WORLD-  is  planning to release full game 2022 summer. Prior to that, an alpha test version will be released in May 2022 for users to verify functionality.

Gensokishi’s original work, Element Knights, is still available on the iOS and android app stores, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation 4, and the entry of such a high-quality game into the Blockchain industry will raise the bar even higher.

Gensokishi is a project that’s getting a lot of buzz around the world, and they’re running a Whitelist campaign for a total of $10,000 until December 19, 23:59 (GMT+8). The winner will be entitled to purchase MV tokens up to $100 at a private sale price. Even though it’s only $100, the winner will have a chance to make a big profit.

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