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Relictum Ecosystem: Is an Ecosystem a New Trend?


Today, to have significant competitive advantages, it is not enough just to copy your competitors’ strategies and win with lower prices; it requires business transformation and differentiation of goods and services, as well as the creation of a unique customer experience.

An ecosystem is a new business format based on the collaboration of companies along with the data exchange, which provides the emergence of new opportunities allowing you to enter the market with minimal costs and create effective combinations of resources and innovative proposals. This format provides several preferences to its members, since it combines many products of different profiles, satisfies a wide range of needs, and creates a full-fledged “habitat” for the community.

Ecosystems integrate mechanisms ensuring a seamless transition from service to service, and reducing barriers to joining structural elements, increasing the level of user comfort. Companies that create such an innovative environment stop focusing only on the product and build a single customer route, which significantly increases the level of user experience.

Is an ecosystem a new trend?

Today companies actively develop their digital platforms and are ready to offer their users almost a complete range of necessary services. According to the McKinsey research agency, within just a few years, more than a third of the world’s economic activity will be covered by digital platforms based on the ecosystem principle.

Businesses borrowed the definition of ecosystems from biology. This term was introduced in the 1930s by the British botanist Arthur Tansley. He used it to describe local communities of organisms that interact with each other and the environment, and to thrive, these organisms compete and cooperate, evolve together, and adapt to external shocks.

The ecosystem value on the example of Relictum

While most organizations focus on IT solutions exclusively for the use within their own company and interacting with partners in traditional paper form, more advanced organizations are integrating blockchain into their existing business processes, or better yet, creating new business models for inter-company interaction.

The company appeared as the latest blockchain technology for solving urgent problems: large block size, and energy consumption, scalability, transaction speed, organization of communication channels, 51% attack problem, key loss problem.

For any company or a startup, the user experience on its technology is incredibly important, and as the project develops, many modern products have been developed and presented to the world, which has formed a powerful ecosystem based on modern blockchain technology Relictum Pro.

Relictum Ecosystem is a digital blockchain platform with instant and free transactions and a developed DeFi infrastructure. The Relictum ecosystem includes decentralized products and applications that provide access to a wide range of financial products and DeFi:

Relictum Pro is a decentralized Blockchain 5.0 with instant and free transactions, available on any device.

Relictum Finance is a cryptobank with its own USDR stablecoin, 100% backed.

Relictum Pay is a payment cryptosystem providing a stable connection between fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

Relictum Lab is a new generation startup accelerator for finding new “unicorns”.

Relictum NFT is an NFT marketplace with its own unique NFT token protocol.

Relictum DEX is a decentralized exchange with over 500 crypto-currency pairs.

Relictum Bridge is a transfer of transactions between all blockchains through a unique bridge protocol.

Relictum Games is a global gaming crypto platform based on the Relictum blockchain.

Relictum Storage is decentralized storage with maximum protection for your data.

Relictum Chat is a private and highly secure chat with personal encryption of each conversation.

Relictum Wallet is a tool for storing crypto assets and making instant transactions with the Relictum ecosystem.

Thus, Relictum has built an ecosystem of great value through a combination of complementary and interacting products.

Today, these are not competing market units, but entire ecosystems with a great technological base. Such a form of association can offer the market complex and multicomponent products for various areas.

Just like in a successful team in an ecosystem, not only the development of each product is important, but the ability to foster the innovation of others. It is known that successful examples of creating an ecosystem appeared with expanding the value of the basic product and then supplementing it with the functionality or capabilities of a partner company.

Thus, the era of technology is promoting a simpler consumer experience and providing consumers with quality products within a single platform.

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