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Nakamoto Games Is Recognized as a Role Model Blockchain Venture Across Thailand


Nakamoto Games has announced that the project has been hailed by the government of the Kingdom of Thailand and local universities as a prime example of how a successful blockchain startup should run. Details on how the project will be showcased in university lectures will be posted soon on the project’s official media channels.

About Nakamoto Games and Blockchain-Based Play-To-Earn Model

Nakamoto Games recently launched a testnet to showcase opportunities in the play-to-earn industry. With the growth of opportunities, applications, and tools in the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces, we have seen tremendous interest in bringing unmatched optionality and earning opportunities for gamers, and Nakamoto Games’ suite of excellent play-to-earn games aims to harness these benefits for its users and partners.

The goal is to provide gamers and developers around the world with the opportunity to enjoy – and earn – from blockchain-based games. Nakamoto Games is creating a performant platform that connects to a seamless Web3 wallet to hold native platform tokens ($NAKA) to allow players and developers to play, publish, and earn from games.

The first release from Nakamoto Games is a shooting-based play-to-earn game called Duck Hunter. With fluid game mechanics, positive incentives, and exceptional options throughout the game, Nakatomo Games is setting a new standard for games for the growing play-to-earn industry.

Project Design

Nakamoto Games is built around the $NAKA token. $NAKA functions as game fuel and can be used to perform in-game and on-platform actions such as making app purchases and making payments. The options for using $NAKA are limitless and developers can tie the use of $NAKA to any feature or function they wish, from accepting skin or powerup payments or redeeming gift items or releasing prizes or lucky draws.

Nakamoto Games also has a prize pool feature in which a portion of platform fees are burned (to ensure token stability and the deflationary structure of the $NAKA token) and another portion is placed in a prize pool for distribution to game-winners. Using $NAKA, ecosystem participants can also vote on platform proposals, thereby giving real players who are affected by platform design and decisions a say in platform governance.

Recognition and the Future

Nakamoto Games is honored to be praised and recognized by local universities and the government for the brilliant design, development, and features of the platform and the success that Nakamoto Games has enjoyed as a growing and promising entryway for millions to the play-to-earn ecosystem.

For the future, Nakamoto Games is prepping the launch of three new play-to-earn games, as well as the release in Q1 of the developer SDK to help promote the development of games and features on the platform.

In the meantime, as universities start to feature Nakamoto Games as a case study of a successful blockchain startup, the Nakamoto team is excited about working with educators, professors, and students and helping more people understand and participate in the growing play-to-earn blockchain gaming space.

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