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Defiance Launches ETF To Track NFTs & Blockchain Firms


The Metaverse has been a hot topic in late 2021. It’s obvious that investment companies have plans to offer investors access to growth in the virtual world.

In a press release issued earlier this month, FinTech Asset Manager Defiance Investments announced the launch of the first NFT-focused Exchange-Trade Fund (ETF), in short – the NFTZ fund.

The NFT boom has led to the increase in NFT-oriented projects and an ambitious vision for the future of metaverse.

Defiance First’s ETF – Meta ETF

While the majority of interest is on the release of NFT’s collectibles, many teams are now focusing on expanding the use cases of the digital assets as well as building something stronger, something that can support the NFT ecosystem as a whole. Defiance Investments is on that mission.

The NFTZ aims to give investors and traders the ability to gain exposure within the potential world of NFTs, including the NFT marketplaces and their underlying technology. In addition, investors grant access to a broad range of securities.

In an interview with Insider, Sylvia Jablonski, co-founder and CIO of Defiance ETFs is bullish on the promising future of NFTs. “NFTs could be bigger than the internet,” she stated, “In October, all-time NFT trading volume surpassed $15 billion.”

The NFTZ is the combination of metaverse stocks and NFT funds, no matter what you label, the key purpose is to grant investors easier access to the NFT ecosystem. Defiance also calls the novel funding the Meta ETF, underlying the joint attributes to the metaverse.

Apart from making NFTs much approachable, another major highlight of this fund is the portfolio tracking ability towards NFTs and blockchain firms.

In other words, the team has developed a rules-based ETF that analyzes real-time statistics and performance of companies and projects evolving in the NFT area, blockchain, and cryptocurrency industries.

At the time of writing, the fund’s list of investments recorded major cryptocurrency firms such as Coinbase – leading crypto exchange platform, Silvergate Cash – fintech and cryptocurrency-focused bank, and Bitfarms – global Bitcoin self-mining firm.

The fund’s specific targets include crypto miners, crypto exchanges, and fintech.

NFTs are the focal point at the beginning, but the fund will not be limited to NFTs. It’s the metaverse.

The Metaverse, a digital world in which people can interact with one another, has been dubbed the next phase of the internet because of its potential for interactivity. Some believe that non-finite state machines (NFTs) and blockchain technology are the keys to unlocking it.

Metaverse ETF’s Launch In Canada

Metaverse ETF made its first move to Canada’s marketplace on Monday. As reported, two Toronto-based funds – Horizons ETF and Evolve ETF – officially went live.

The Horizons Global Metaverse Index targets the market niches that collectively refer to the metaverse, significantly Virtual Reality, companies that focus on building infrastructure for users to create and share content.

The list consists of popular names such as Meta (formerly Facebook, Snap, Adobe, Microsoft, and Oracle.

2021 has seen a significant increase in the popularity of NFTs, which are digital collectibles that are linked to the blockchain. Data from MejoresApuestas.com revealed that the total trading volume had surpassed $15 billion as of October.

Alongside the NFT craze, the arrivals of a multitude of crypto and Web3 ETFs are remarkable points this year, some have achieved initial success.

Mark Zukerberg and the transition from Facebook to Meta also play a significant role in driving high-profile interest.

Take Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETFs, the fund established with only a few million dollars. As time’s gone by, the fund has seen an increase in inflow by more than six-fold – equally $823.2 million in assets now.

Despite the fact that the concept of metaverse remains obscure to investors – many even have no trust in this novel idea – it’s undeniable that the innovation has the potential to grow.

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