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Applied U.V. To Install Airocide at AFRMIS in Thailand


Applied U.V., Inc. (NASDAQ:AUVIis a pathogen elimination tech firm that uses the power of narrow-range U.V. rays for catalytic bioconversion tech designed to purify the air and automatically, thoroughly, and safely destroy pathogens. In addition, it announced that its Thailand-based partner would be installing Airocide at AFRIMS. 

The Airocide installations will help create both cleaner and safer environments for the facility’s staff and visitors. In addition, the U.S. Army’s WRAIR (Walter Reed Army Institute of Research) uses this facility for biomedical research. 

Operational highlights 

AFRIMIS’ has managed to come up with ground-breaking research when it comes to military medication. The company mainly concentrates on diseases linked to infectious pathogens. 

AFRIMIS has both U.S. Army Command and Royal Thai Army components with strong American influence coming from special foreign activities brought about by WRAIR. WRAIR has led the race when it comes to solving problems and threats to soldier lethality and readiness since 1983.

WRAIR’s broad research capabilities at the company’s Washington-based labs are designed to provide soldiers with some of the very best medical support and protection after, during and before their deployment. It’s able to make this happen because it strives to address both the emerging and longstanding threats. 

Covid 19 and the new strain

With the fight against Covid still ongoing and the recent appearance of the new Covid-linked Omicron strain, AFRIMS is set to make Airocide installations designed to control airborne diseases and help protect the sensitive areas in the facility. 

The installation of these units demonstrates the commitment the medical community in Thailand has to both provide and look for the best sanitizing and air purification tech that can be used to protect both their staff and visitors. 

How did top management feel?

Applied U.V.’s Founder and President, Max Munn, said:

The installation of our Airocide® units at such a prestigious biomedical facility represents another significant milestone in our strategy to significantly grow our international commercial distribution capabilities and enter new markets. 

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