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Calamari Network to be Released on Kusama: KMA Listed on KuCoin


Calamari Network, built on the Substrate framework, is running as a canary net on Manta Network. This is a big milestone for the Calamari Network, and will lead to faster progress for the project.

On November the 29th, KuCoin listed the Calamari token (KMA) and open the KMA/USDT trading pair!

The canary net is a test environment on the Kusama blockchain for projects that operate on Polkadot. Running on Kusama, several new and exciting features will be tested before its final release on the Polkadot chain.

Calamari is now the 7th real-world parachain on Kusama, and the only plug and play privacy preservation parachain to perform for the whole Kusama chain. The same will be done for Polkadot by Manta Network soon.

Privacy to transactions and swapping are guaranteed by the zkSNARKs private layer, built for the entire Kusama DeFi ecosystem.

This zkSNARKs private layer offers leverage for scalable privacy, and its Substrate framework delivers leverage for interoperability.

Also, two assets benefit from transactions and swapping, due to a private decentralized exchange (DEX), and a private payment option.

New Tools Are Here

As a part of this new launch, there are some tools that will also hit the markets with the network.

MariSwap: This feature will guarantee the privacy of the users´addresses while swapping parachain assets. Like a private AMM-based DEX. The Manta Network delivers the same service as Manta Pay in Polkadot, plus unique options like a private liquidity pool.
MariPay: Supports private transfers with Kusama parachain assets. This includes well known tokens that can be used in the Kusama chain. Other benefits are on-chain privacy through ZKP, and transactions of popular assets just like any stablecoin, or wrapped cryptocoins like BTC.

Who is Taking This to Market?

Based in Boston USA, the same team that developed Manta Network is responsible for creating Calamari Network.

Over 30 people experienced in various fields and from different backgrounds, working in both projects.

Privacy is still their main objective, while handling the challenges of developing high standard services, for more and more demanding users around the world.

What is the KMA token?

The KMA native utility token in the Calamari world.

Users are rewarded with KMA tokens through MariPay and MariSwap usage fees, rebates, and a redemption mechanism. Morestill, it has extended other functions and it’s also used for governance. A burn function for redemption is included.

The KMA token has a community-first driven philosophy. Parachain Loan Offering (PLO) users were rewarded with up to 30% of the project’s total supply. This mechanism helps Calamari Network secure a solid and widespread parachain.

There are no tokens being held for the team, and KMA tokens were not sold in a private sale.

There’s also a 10% bonus of KMA tokens for the first 500 supporters, a 5% bonus for the 501th to the 1,000th supporters, and a 2.5% bonus to referrers and referred supporters. Plus a significant 10,000 KMA reward for every 1 KSM.

Keep an Eye on The Calamari Network

Calamari Network goes fine on the entire Kusama DeFi world, and it also offers interoperability with other parachains.

It offers security in three different areas, by privatizing all tokens, private swaps on MariSwap, and private transactions on MariPay. The platform is also keeping its roadmap transparent and open for public viewing.

Its skilled teams of developers are stress testing all of the features, before its final release on the Manta Network on Polkadot, so that users will have a smooth and reliable experience.

There is bound to be more coming from the Calamari Network. It uses some of the best technology out there, and is developing rapidly.

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